Best Site For 6-Max SNG Tournaments

Where to Find the Best 6-Max Sit N Go Tournaments Online

Best site for 6-max sit and go tournaments onlineThere is a lot to like about 6-max (6-player) Sit N Goes. While you get a lot of nits in a full ring game waiting for premium hands, the faster pace of the blinds hitting you in 6-max forces a little more action. Since players have to play more hands, the opportunities for hand reading skills, bet sizing tells and stack size strategy are all magnified. If you are a good player, you will be able to find edges in 6-max games which are harder to exploit in 9-handed games.

One thing you can be very sure of is that not all 6-max Sit N Goes are the same.

This article compares the 6-max SNGs at the major sites, giving you an idea of what to expect in terms of availability, strength of opponents, buy-ins and rewards. As always, a lot of the choice will come down to your personal preferences and goals. After the run-through, I have given my personal pick.

Best Site for 6 Handed Sit N Goes 

Candidate #1 – 6 Handed SNG Games at PokerStars


As the biggest site, this is the obvious first site to examine. There are certainly more 6-max games and variations at PokerStars than elsewhere – though there are also more experienced opponents and ‘pro grinders’ than at other sites.

Buy-ins are stepped at $1, $3, $8 and $15 (and up) – and there is action at all of these levels. Standard and Turbo speeds are the most common, and you’ll be able to play Fifty50 (PokerStars’ double or nothing variant), bounty and even PLO games too.

The games are beatable, though you will have to fight for a slice of the profit with a lot of decent players. This means keeping list of your regular opponents (and their tendencies), and avoiding times when the games are full of regulars becomes important.

PokerStars offer good rewards through their VIP Club, and some of the biggest events and promotions you’ll find anywhere. New players can claim up to 3 ‘First Deposit’ bonuses there. Register with Marketing Code PSPssss, and then deposit with Bonus Code STARS600 for a 100% match up to $600. 

It can pay to keep an eye on the latest promos and specials too, see for more!

Best 6-Max SNGs Site – Candidate #2 – 888 Poker

Compared to PokerStars, the games are shockingly easy to beat at 888. The reason is that their bonus structure is suited to recreational and ‘fun’ type players, rather than the serious pros. Of course, the easy games do attract some pros – though in my experience not enough to make the games tough.

There are 6-max SNGs from 10c and up. In the European evenings the games fill quickly enough, though you will have to wait at the $10 and up levels (not too long, though if you are used to the ‘almost instant’ PokerStars games, then this can feel strange). You’ll find 3 speeds, with the turbo and super-turbo getting the most action. Its all no-limit holdem. 

Best 6-max SNGs 888 Screenshot

You’ll need to adjust your bubble play to crazier opponents in the 888 6-max games, though over time anyone with some SNG-specific strategy knowledge should be able to profit. This site is ideal for players who just want to play a couple of tables at a time.

There are plenty of promos at 888 – and brand new players can get up to $88 free to try out the games. This comes in 11x $8 increments, and does not require a deposit or credit card info. The 100% welcome bonus can still be taken at any time. Once you are in, the loyalty scheme will keep the bonuses and offers coming thick and fast. I also recommend you check out the 4-handed ‘Blast’ Sit N Goes at 888 (these are lottery games with randomly awarded prize pools).

Check out those super-soft 6-max SNGs at for yourself now!

Best 6-Max SNGs – Candidate #3 – The iPoker Network

Party Poker 6 Max SNGs

iPoker has the advantage of pooling the poker players from a lot of the biggest sports betting brands onto a common back-end. This means a steady stream of new and inexperienced players come to the poker tables every day. When combined, the network is the 3rd largest poker site online.

Over the years, a lot of players have realized that there are easy games on the iPoker Network, which means a fair amount of grinders and semi-pros are now also in the games. I’d place the games somewhere between the really soft sites (888, Party, Unibet) and the tougher games of PokerStars.

There are 6-max SNGs covering Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi-lo – and turbo / double-or nothing variations. You’ll find the action is at the €10 and under level (iPoker operate in Euros), though occasionally bigger games kick off. The software has improved a lot recently, though I try and avoid playing more than 3-4 tables at once there.

Titan Poker is the oldest poker brand on the iPoker Network – and also the best. SNG Planet readers can get an exclusive $20 extra free cash on top of your first deposit bonus of 200% up to $2k max. This will be paid to your player account within 48 hours (usually sooner!). Register with bonus code SNGPLANET to claim your extra cash.

Advantages of Titan include their ‘treasures’ loyalty scheme, iPOPS tournament events, leader-board offers and plenty of one-off promotions too.

Check out and see what a difference those sports betting type players make to the games.

Best 6-Max SNG Poker Site – Planet Mark's Pick!

As I said in the intro, this is one of those areas where your situation is the main factor. If you want to 8-table, then PokerStars would be your best bet (even then, avoiding regulars will be key).

My personal pick is the super-soft 888 Poker.

888 hit the sweet spot between having a decent volume of games, enough variations and buy-in level choices – and (most important) games which are easy to beat.

Add to this the tourney tokens, cash rewards and other ‘fun’ type promos (not forgetting the $88 free for brand new players) and you have a combination which is hard to ignore.

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