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Sit N Go Tournaments At 888 Poker – A Complete Guide

Quick Summary: You will find one key benefit to playing SNGs at 888 Poker  - your opponents! As many of these come from the bigger casino side of this well known brand, the games are full of gamblers… If you have a little poker strategy knowledge you can quite literally make a fortune at 888Poker.com!

Recent changes at 888.com have upgraded their software and their offerings. Not only will you find some of the easiest to beat games anywhere, you will find a lot of choice too. Including Turbo, Super-Turbo, Double-or-Nothing, PLO and even the unique 'Triple-up' 3-handed games.

I am recommending readers check this site out for themselves, words are easy – only you need to see the effect of all the casino gamblers with your own eyes to fully appreciate them!! If you would like to check out the games before you commit, then you can get a completely free $8 tourney / cash game tokens upfront, which does not affect your 100% to $400 welcome bonus if you like what you see.  

Awesome Update! For a limited time the upfront freeby has increased to $88, this is $8 right away, then 10 more $8 increments (tokens + cash game buy-ins) as you collect player points. Grab this excellent bonus offer while it lasts! Check out 888 Poker SNGs for yourself now – you are in for a very happy surprise!



Below is my detailed look at the Sit N Go Tournaments at 888 Poker. I'll start with some screen shots, then cover the 1-table SNG games. Next the multi-table SNG are discussed, before I give you my usual '5-reasons' then a summary of findings before signing off.


Before the 1-table games a quick word about the bonuses and promotions at 888.com. Readers should not assume the lower than normal sign-up bonus is in any way a bad sign. 888 group are actually excellent at providing regular promotions and give-away offers (gadgets and sports event tickets especially!). You will find the current (long) list of offers on their homepage.

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888 Poker Sit N Goes – 1-Table Sit N Goes

You will find the standard formats all available at 888, with 6-max and both 9 and 10 handed full-ring games. There is a quirk in the blind speeds setup, with some of the 'normal' speed games increasing the blinds every 10 hands as opposed to the 8 minute increases. Turbo games have 4 minute blinds, with super turbo 2 minutes and 500 chips (1500 chips is the standard elsewhere).

Buy-ins start at 55 cents, with $1, $2 and $3 levels before we reach the standard $5 and $10 jumps (all add fees, with 20% at the $1 level only (less for turbos)). 888 have now introduced $15 games, which is a nice addition since the jump from $10 to $20 can be a big one for many players.

You can find double-or-nothing games (these are great when you get some casino gamblers at your table!) and PLO SNGs are available too. Most of the action is at the $10 and under level – though the games offered go all the way to $1k. 888 does not have lottery SNGs or other jackpot games as yet.

Finishing off the 1-table offerings are a good number of satellite qualifiers – mostly for the bigger internal tournaments. These are in 'steps' format, with step 1 at just 1c, then 10c, $1, $5, $30 and $120 - if you win a step 6 you'll get entry into one of the bigger MTT super-satellites, which are between $525 and $1050. 

888 Poker Sit N Go Tournaments – Multi-Table SNGs + Specials

Like many of the mid-sized poker sites, Multi-table SNGs are soft to the point of being silly when they do run… unfortunately away from the lower buy-ins this is not as often as you might wish. If anything it seems like the multi-table Sit and Goes have declined in popularity recently at all sites.

You can also find 20 player 4-handed nitro games and a number of 2 table games at the $10 and below level also run. These are great games, it is just a shame there are not a few more of them.

Just one special to mention, the poker cam tables. This is not something I make a big deal of here at SNG Planet, since I believe readers are more interested in improving their game. If you'd like to try poker when on camera then this is the site to try it at!

888.com Poker Sit And Goes – Planet Mark's Summary And 5 Reasons To Play

888 Poker Sit N Goes 2017 888Poker.com are a top choice, recreational players who enjoy the occasional game (and profit) are particularly loyal to this brand - they have excellent software, regular bonuses and have enough games to keep all of their players happy - without being taken over by those small stakes 'pro-grinders' who can reduce the profits and enjoyment at the tables

5 Great Reasons To Play SNGs At 888 Poker

#1 - Casino Gamblers: You have to see the tables for yourself to really appreciate the difference all that traffic from the casino makes to the games… adding 1 or 2 players to each game that have no idea about bubble strategy (or often, any sort of poker strategy) makes a noticable difference to your bankroll over time.

#2 - Really Good Software: This has been a focus of 888 for some time and improves with every visit. Even if you do not like 3D effect tables and webcams, the smooth gameplay and smart graphics are always welcome.

#3 - Extra Sign-up Bonus! You never know, that $88 free bonus upfront might be all you need to build a bankroll, there are no strings, and this freeby does not affect your ability to get the deposit bonus if you like what you see - you'll get 100% up to $400 when you deposit.

#4 - Steps Qualifiers: These are great games, and a big draw for recreational opponents. If you ever dreamt of getting to the World Series or other big live poker events, then this is the site to do it.

#5 - Promotion Heaven: These keep changing, so I'll just give you a flavor here and let you find the latest on the 888 website. Reloads, Loyalty rewards, depositors tournaments, gadget give aways, satellites to big (and not so big) events, guaranteed tournaments and… well, a list of others as long as your arm. I should add to this the recent updates to the 'challenges' based loyalty program is worth a line of its own (only I am restricted to 5 reasons!). 

888 Poker have a big recommendation from me, every time I go back to play there to update an article or review I end up sticking around – and for the right reasons too.

Don't forget, for a limited time 888 Poker are offering you $88 free upfront - and you can still claim the normal welcome bonus if you decide to stay - grab this offer now before it is too late!

Check out 888 Poker for yourself now!

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