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NetBet Poker Sit N Go Tournaments

If you are going to enjoy the biggest network of poker sites (iPoker), then it pays to make sure you are in the ‘top tier’ known as iPoker2. This has tables reserved for the big sports betting brands and larger sites – where the proportion of recreational / casual players is high compared to professionals and grinders. You’ll notice the difference between the Sit N Goes at NetBet and those at many other sites, and the difference can be a profitable one for players that understand poker strategy.

You’ll find a detailed review of the NetBet Sit N Go tournament in this review, ranging from the 1-table standard games through to the many interesting variations like Double-up, Twister and Jackpot SNG tournaments.

New players get €20 Euros added to their bankroll at NetBet, in addition to the already generous 200% welcome bonus. You get €10 right away, and another €10 after a week – a great way to check out the different Sit N Goes. You can claim this with bonus code FREE20 at








In Detail: NetBet Poker Sit n Go Tournaments

iPoker are still my first choice when it comes to Sit N Goes. Sure, there are more games at bigger sites like PokerStars – though those are (sometimes literally) filled with regulars / pro-grinders. For games as easy to beat as they were 5 years ago, you really should check out the recreational tables on the top tier ‘iPoker2’ network via NetBet.

NetBet Poker Sit N Goes – 1-Table Tournaments

The standard games come in turbo (4-minute blind increases) and standard (7 minutes) format. These are either 9 or 6 handed, and start you off with 1500 chips and 10/20 blinds. One thing you’ll notice right away is that the games are in Euros rather than Dollars. Since iPoker have not served US players since 2006, this makes a lot more sense.

Most of the action is between €2 and €10, though there are games going up to €100 kicking off sporadically. There is also a noticeable preference for the 9 handed tables at this site.

Variations on 1-Table Sit N Go Tournaments

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NetBet offer a lot of variations, with the Double-or-Nothing games being as popular as the standard format (though you will find a new more ‘grinders’ at those tables). These are 6 handed, allowing NetBet to pay half of the field.

You will find heads up shootout games, super-turbo speeds (for those who enjoy getting to push-fold as soon as possible), and Omaha variations too.

Three variations stand out when comparing NetBet to other sites:

Jackpot Sit N Goes

These are an iPoker favorite, and have made a lot of players rich over the years. The idea is that you win 5 or 6 in a row, and scoop a big jackpot. The table size and jackpot amount varies over 4 different levels. Note that the fee is higher for these games (that is how the Jackpots are created), though the recreational players who play this format make up for this very nicely.

  • Dirty Dozen Jackpot: 2 table games (6-max), win €2000 for  6 in a row €2 entry.
  • Maui Jackpot: 10 player 1-table games, win 5 in a row for €10000+ (progressive), €5 entry
  • Rio Jackpot: 6 player 1 table games, win 6 in a row for €20,000 (progressive), €20 entry
  • Fort Knox Jackpot: 10 player 1 table games, win 6 in a row for €35,000 (progressive) €40 entry

There are also runner-up prizes for a combination of 6 first and second places – you’’ll need to keep track and claim your prizes via email.

Steps SNGs

NetBet runs a system of Steps where you win entry to progressively higher buy-in tournaments. These entries can be exchanged for entries to multi-table tournaments – making them a great way to get entry into bigger prize pool events.

Twister Sit N Goes

iPoker had the ‘lottery’ Sit N Goes idea first, and these are still very entertaining games. These are 3 handed games, the ‘twist’ being that the prize is random and can be anywhere from 2x to 1000x your buy-in. A wheel spins before things start to determine your prize, and the games are super-turbo too. A really entertaining variation which is worth checking out.

NetBet Multi-Table Sit N Goes

Multi-Table Sit N Go tournaments are not the busiest games at NetBet. Thought there are games at the lower buy-in levels which are running regularly, and the usual speed and game variations. You can also find heads-up games, with more than one table.

Once again, if you enjoy this type of game it is worth checking out iPoker2 to see how favorably the opposition compare.

NetBet Poker Sit N Goes 2017

200% Match + €20 Free Cash With Bonus Code FREE20

NetBet Poker Sit N Goes – 5 Reasons to Choose NetBet

#1 – Extra Bonus Cash: You can try out the games with €20 in extra cash (deposit needed), giving your bankroll an instant boost on top of the 200% welcome match.

#2 – Soft Tables: iPoker is a huge network with a lot of sportsbetting brands as members, this means a lot of regular people at the tables, and not just ‘pro grinders’ – see the difference for yourself.

#3 – Twister / Jackpot Sit N Goes: These jackpots are being won daily (the smaller ones) and weekly (the €20k+ ones), just win 5 or 6 in a row and you could be in for a giant-sized prize.

#4 – Loyalty Rewards: NetBet are up there with the best with their tiered loyalty program, the more you play, the bigger your rewards and bonuses will get.

#5– Tournament Events: Not just for SNG fans, though the ‘iPOPs’ and tournament super-sales are definitely worth checking out.

NetBet Poker Sit n Goes – Summing it Up

Plenty of action at the lower buy-ins, the softest tables I am aware of and €20 extra cash with your first deposit (€10 now, €10 in 7 days) + the 200% welcome bonus… there is a lot to like about NetBet Poker.

Check out those soft Sit n Goes for yourself now at!

NetBet Poker Promotions

200% Match + €20 Free Cash With Bonus Code FREE20

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