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Top Quality Articles Listed Below - These Cover Detailed Topics And Specific Games. With So Many Articles To Choose From My 'Overflow' Page Is Bigger And Better Than Some People's Entire Website's

Another page I have called an ‘overflow’, here at SNG Planet. What I want to clarify is that this in no way suggest that the articles here are inferior to the ones on the Poker Tournaments main page. Many are fantastic – only we needed to make the decision to only have a couple in each specific category, so as not to overwhelm visitors to the main.

What you will find here are tournament articles on a wide range of subjects, catering to different sites, different styles of game and – of course – different approaches which suit your individual approach to poker tournament play.

My advice to new and improving players is to soak up as much information as possible, make a BIG effort to find the softest fields – and then play positive and aggressive poker. You will make a lot more money over time in multi-table poker tournaments by always aiming for the first 3 places, and also avoid the frustration of playing for hours only to make the minimum cash!

Poker Tournament Articles – MTT Strategy Articles:

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Still Can not get enough? Here are some more sections of the site with even more great quality articles:

Satellite Qualifiers. Tickets to big online and live events are being won all the time, the qualifiers at online poker sites are extremely popular - and tend to attract a lot of recreational / amateur players... making the games nice and soft. My satellites section contains news of the latest hot satellites, plus strategy articles covering the main variations of these games including tournaments, double-shootout and SNG sats.

Online Poker Events. Several poker sites feature big tournament events with millions of dollars in guaranteed prize money. These include the 'World Championship Of Onlne Poker' (the biggest of them all) and some US friendly events including Merge's Poker Maximus. My events page has news of the latest and greatest online events!

This section focuses on some 'leaks' which come from undisciplined or inexperienced mental approaches to poker. The best known of these is Tilt, which involves playing when angry - for example after a bad beat. Downswings and 'leveling yourself' are also important things to consider... it is very easy for an otherwise solid winning player to put a big dent in their poker bankroll by not preparing mentally!

Poker Tilt – The Many Faces Of Poker Tilt — Tilting Is The No1 Cause Of Damaged Poker Bankrolls – Find Out About The Many Faces Of Poker Tilt Here.

Chance vs Skill – The Great Poker Luck Debate — The Great Luck vs Skill Debate In Poker Has Been Around Since The First Hands Were Dealt – We Examine The Arguments.

Dealing With Downswings – Part #1 — Dealing With Poker Downswings Can Separate The Long-Term Profitable Players From The Crowd.

Dealing With Downswings – Part #2 — Continues Looking At Poker Downswings – Focus On The Effects Of Downswings And Suggested Remedies

Poker Bad Beats – A Fact Of Poker Life? — Bad Beats Are A Fact Of Poker Life – What Matters Is How You Deal With Bad Beats As They Happen.

Levels Of Thinking In Poker Games — Out-Think Your Poker Opponents By Assessing Their Level Of Thinking – And Then Adapting Yours.


Sure, you can get better by playing a ton of hands, and by working on your game between sessions or learing from the experts via forums or training sites. This section takes things from a 'helicopter' perspective - giving you an overview of the roadblocks to improving your own game, and then giving you solutions! Many players (especially those who start of their poker careers on a good run!) think that raw talent and intelligence mean that the rules do not apply to them... this kind of thinking catches up with even the best player eventually, so make sure that you are fully prepared!

Poker Myths – The Micro Limits Are Impossible To Beat — Too Many Donks Calling And Getting Lucky? Your Approach To Poker May Be Fundamentally In Need Of Change!

3 Poker Skills Which Apply To YOU! — Many Players Think These 3 Poker Skills Are Nothing To Do With Them – Costing $$$ Over Time.

What Is ‘Fancy Play Syndrome’ And Why Is This A Bad Thing? — FPS – Or ‘Fancy Play Syndrome’ Is A Common Phenomenon At The Poker Tables – Get The FPS Lowdown Here.

Poker Playing Styles – TAG, LAG and Bad! — Commonly Used In Acronym Format Throughout The Poker World, But What Do LAG and TAG Play Involve?

5 Poker Meta-Game Mistakes – And How To Avoid Them — Step Aside From The Cards For A Second And You’ll Find Many Key Poker Skills That Can Make The Difference Between Profit And Losses – We Look At 5 Key Errors In Player’s Poker Meta-Game!

Profitable Poker Tournament Psychology– Getting Through The Dip —Tips For Spotting And Getting Through The Poker Tournament Dip Here.


Once you catch the poker-bug the lure of playing professionally can be enticing. These articles are for players thinking of making the leap - giving you practical advice on how to take the big step!

Improving Your Poker Game - How To Find Your Own Leaks — Finding Your Own Leaks Is A Great Way To Improve Your Poker Game – And Thus Profits.

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