Poker Myths – The Micro Limits Are Impossible To Beat

Too Many Donks Calling And Getting Lucky?
Your Approach To Poker May Be Fundamentally In Need Of Change!

Many poker players legitimately complain that micro-limit poker does not respond to many of the strategy concepts they have learned in books, videos and websites. The problem here is that too many ‘clueless’ opponents call too many bets with weak holdings, play any 2 suited cards and generally do not fold.

We sympathize – Micro-limits can be frustrating. However, as this article will explain, complaints such as the ones above show a fundamental misunderstanding of some players as to what the game of poker is all about.

Here is the bottom line: Poker is not about fancy ‘moves’ or daring all-in river bluffs – it is about correctly adjusting your own strategy to exploit the weaknesses of your opponents.

What do I mean by this?

Every time your opponents at the micro limits play an easily dominated hand, chase unlikely draws against the odds or slowplay monsters that they should be value betting with, they are costing themselves money. The feeling that these games are ‘unbeatable’ comes from players who are not observing the errors of their opponents – but instead playing their cards in a ‘straightforward’ manner.

Some examples of profitable adjustments will clarify:

  • Everyone Calls Pre-Flop: Do you select starting hands which play better multi-way? Raise more with premium hands to thin the field to one or two opponents?
  • Everyone Chases Draws To The River: Do you charge the maximum when you suspect an opponent is drawing? Do you allow them to bluff when they miss?
  • Everyone Calls River Bets With Anything At All: Do you value bet more often? Do you still try and bluff when you miss and could save bets by checking behind?

This list could go on – but this article is a poker meta-game piece rather than a micro-limits lesson. The key point is simple yet effective, if you are not able to take a step back from your cards, accept those bad-beats and understand (really understand) that profit comes from adjusting to your opponent’s errors, then you are not ready to move up levels. In a game where your opponents are actively trying to exploit your mistakes you will lose your money very fast indeed.

For those willing to take a step back from their poker starting hand charts, try to see their opponents point of view – and to make the adjustments required to beat them – the micro-limits can be a very profitable place to play!

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