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Which Is The Best Poker Tournament Leader Board?

Tournament Leader Boards at leading online poker sites offer a great range of rewards ranging from cash bonuses to seats at live events. Each poker room scores differently, as well as having different combinations of tournaments, field sizes and prize pools. This articles compares the best poker tournament leader boards at a range of sites, before summing up by picking the best of the bunch. Remember, not all sites are equal when comparing the skill and experience levels of the opponents you will face - choosing one of the smaller 'fishier' places to play can do a lot for your profits!!

Poker Tournament Leader Boards #1 – PokerStars

As the biggest online poker site, you would (correctly) expect Pokerstars to have the biggest leaderboard contest for regular MTT players. While they certainly blow away the competition on the raw numbers, we somehow need to factor in the massive field sizes in tournaments (time taken can be 10+ hours in popular games) and large number of players competing for the leader board money.

PokerStars tournament leader board features a weekly, monthly and yearly payout – and features some very generous prizes. What I like about this offering is that there are plenty enough tournaments to focus entirely on this site - you will also get a synchronized break at 5 minutes to the hour!

You collect tournament leader board points at Stars by finishing in the top 15% of the field, with points total earned depending on the buy-in and field size of each game, in addition to your final finishing position. Your best 10 tourney finishes then determine your weekly leaderboard position, top 20 in a month your monthly position and top 100 in a year make up your yearly position. Prizes are as follows:

Weekly:  Winner gets to play a $1000 heads-up match with a Stars Pro, if the pro wins then the prize is rolled over to the next week until won!

Monthly:  Top 200 finishers share $30,000 in cash ($5k for 1st) top 1000 finishers join a special leaderboard freeroll with an additional $20,000 in prizes.

Yearly: Top 3 get tickets to live events via the ‘PokerStars Passport’ promotion, 5 events for 1st, 3 events for 2nd and 2 for 3rd. Top 100 get to participate in an exclusive $100k freeroll tournament.

PokerStars have one of the most generous loyalty schemes around, so if you play a high volume of tournaments there you should already be benefiting from big rewards. There is also a separate SNG leaderboard known as 'Battle Of The Planets' which also has big prizes. If you have not yet discovered what makes Pokerstars the most popular then I strongly recommend check them out for yourself.

Us Affiliate Marketing Code PSP3108 (when you register) and Bonus Code STARS600 to claim your 100% to $600 welcome bonus over up to 3 deposits within 90 days. More information on the leaderboards can be found by clicking ‘tournaments’ then ‘leaderboards’ from the side menu. Visit PokerStars now, your best tournament entries will start to count right away.

Poker Tournament Leader Boards #2 – Party Poker

Party Poker have leaderboards for both Sit N Goes and for MTTs, and offer more than $40,000 each month in prizes. What I like about this site is that the brand name continues to attract first time players from all around the world - meaning that the games are very easy compared to those at other sites. The tournament leaderboard system works in parallel with the Party Loyalty scheme, which has a great system of giving you one bonus almost as soon as you have cleared the previous one!

Your position is calculated using the following formula: (√Buy-in/2 + √wins) this might look complicated, but really it levels the playing field between the stakes, you can either have a few big wins (including the weekly $200k guaranteed!) or lots of small ones - and still win some of the great weekly or monthly prizes. One notable extra is that there are lots of 'runner-up' type prizes in addition to the generous cash amounts, giving entry to that $200k Sunday Major as well as special free tournaments for leaderboard finalists.

Party continue to tick all the right boxes for me - and you can claim a 100% matched bonus on your first deposit while you check them out with bonus code SNGPLANET. Click now to see those easy tournaments for yourself at Party Poker!

Party Poker Bonus Code - SNGPLANET
Bonus Code = SNGPLANET

Poker Tournament Leader Boards #3 – Everest Poker

I am going to have to add a caveat to this entry - since Everest Poker have already announced their intention to join the iPoker Network. This means that their quarterly tournament leaderboard is in its last quarter in the current format at least... That format paid the top 30% of tournament finishers with points based on the buy-in of the game and finishing position. Should they carry the MTT leaderboard over to iPoker I will update this article once again!

Update: Everest have now moved to iPoker (a great move for them in my opinion!).

Poker Tournament Leaderboards - Honorable Mentions!

Titan Poker have regular tournament promotions which are leader board based, and are strong on their cash game and SNG rewards. It looks like 888 Poker also have something in the pipeline to reward their regular MTTers. None of the US sites currently have enough tournament action to make having a leaderboard possible, I hope to see this changing as we move into 2014!

Planet Mark's Verdict: Poker Tournament Leader Boards

Best Tournament Leader BoardsOne of the tougher ‘verdicts’ we have made, since there are pluses and minuses for each of the sites covered. At the end of the day we can not get away from PokerStars being on top – more tournaments, better prizes and a fat better player loyalty scheme than anywhere else… and the best poker tournament leaderboard too. This site are the world’s number one for many good reasons, you can also claim your 100% to $600 welcome bonus with affiliate marketing code PSP3108 (when you register) and bonus code STARS600 when you deposit - Check out PokerStars for yourself now to find out exactly why they are rated #1.

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