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Review of Ignition Poker Sit N Goes

Planet Mark’s Summary: There are many ways to become the single biggest US poker site overnight, though I will say that buying the Bovada Poker room is a new one on me! Ignition Poker runs the same software, same tournament and SNGs listing and most of the same promotions too.

There are a couple of unique factors here: First, the games are anonymous (you’ll play under a number and not your nickname). This helps prevent tracking tools, see below for details. Second, there are ‘triple up’ games, which are 9 handed and pay the top 3 – these are in addition to the usual double-up / turbo / ultra-turbo games.

Ignition Casino have a super-fast to clear $100 welcome bonus for US Players (this site is US only, at least for now). Plus even more for the casino games. I rate the SNGs as soft, though there are not as many games going here as at smaller rival US friendly site ACR. Claim your $10 and check out the games for yourself at the biggest US poker site – www.ignitioncasino.com


SNG Tournaments at Ignition Poker – A Complete Guide

Below you will find my detailed review of the Sit N Goes at Ignition Poker. First up, the standard 1-table games are covered. After that you’ll find information on the different variations available, and then a separate look at the (kind of limited!) multi-table SNGs and (not so limited!) satellite qualifier games. In line with all the other Sit and Go reviews, this page ends with my ‘5-reasons’ to choose the games at Ignition.

Ignition Casino Poker – 1 Table Sit N Goes

One thing that immediately stands out about the regular 1-table tournaments is the jump between the lower buy-in levels. The smallest games are $1+10c, there is then a big jump to $5.50c for the next level (then the more normal $10+$1, $20+2, $50+$5 called at $100+$8. You will find $3+30c games in triple-up format and $4+40c games in ‘beginner’ format – though for me a $2 or $3 game would bridge the gap nicely between $1 and $5.

There are the usual mix of 2, 6 and 9 handed games. If anything the 6-max appeared busier than at other sites – though the 9 handed are the most popular.

You’ll find standard, turbo and hyper-turbo (500 chips, 2 minute levels) setups. There are PLO and Omaha Hi-Lo Sit N Goes, though not too many running at any one time.

SNG Variations at Ignition Poker

SNG Variations at Ignition PokerThe standard variations are double-up and triple up. The turbo versions of these games have a reduced (50%) fee, though the standard versions do not. As I have said in my article comparing the double or nothing Sit N Goes, 10% is too big a fee for a double-up game – I recommend you give these a miss.

Triple-ups also have standard and turbo versions. I like this concept, 3 get paid a meaningful 3x the buy-in. These games have odd buy-is which overlap with the regular games ($3, $7, $15 and so on). I should note that there is an ‘all-in’ game listed too. This is an entertaining gambling game, though since no skill is involved, I do not personally count it as being poker.

You will find ‘Beginner Sit N Goes’ listed. These are not actually restricted to new players at all. Instead they pay more places with a flatter payout structure compared to the regular games. 4 players get paid in the 9-handed games, and 3 get paid in the 6-max.

Heads-up SNGs have smaller rake (again, 50% of the main game or 5% overall). These games have a higher max buy-in than the regular games, going all the way to $200, compared to $100 for the regulars and $150 for the triple-ups.

Multi-Table SNGs at Ignition Poker

This is a tiny selection compared to other sites – I’m noting them here for completeness more than anything else. The games are 3 table, 27 players and at the lower end of the buy-in scale.

Satellite Qualifiers at Ignition

At the moment the qualifiers are shared with Bovada, and read ‘quarter final’, ‘semi-final’ and so on this ties-in with the sports branding of that site, and it will be interesting to see whether Ignition continue with the theme.

The satellite qualifiers themselves are very good, these have many different buy-in levels and offer a chance to play in the bigger multi-table tournaments. Examples of target events include the weekly $100,000 guaranteed Sunday game and live event qualifiers too.

Ignition Poker Sit N Goes – 5 Reasons to Choose This Site

#1 – Easy Games: The ‘recreational player model’ keeps the games soft. Anonymous tables prevent people effectively using HUDs or 3rd party tracking services. Restrictions on multi-tabling keep the grinders away too!

#2 – Triple Ups: A nice concept which should also be less volatile than the regular 50% / 30% / 20% payout structures.

#3 – Satellites: These games are very soft (even compared to the regulars) and you can win seats in big buy-in multi-table tournaments with the tokens you’ll win.

#4 – Biggest US Site: With more players than all of the other US friendly sites combined, Ignition is a clear number one for traffic.

#5 – Super-fast Welcome Bonus: This clears in 4 easy chunks, with only 400 poker points needed to clear the whole bonus. For benchmarking those same points would earn you $2 in tournament entries outside of the bonus deal!

Check out the SNGs, and grab your $100 bonus over at Ignition Poker now – www.ignitioncasino.eu

Sit N Go Tournaments for US Players at Ignition Casino

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