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Update Start 2018: This page has gone out of date (things move fast). It is on my to-do list, and will get a big refresh over the next week or two!

Major Update Going Into 2017: Things keep moving for US players, and I have just completed a big rewrite of this article to reflect the latest changes. The key changes are that Carbon Poker have resolved their payment issues, though they are no longer accepting US players and shriking fast. Second is a brand new top pick, with the Winning Poker Network and America's Cardroom Poker. This is due to a combination of their 'Sit N Crush' progressive leaderboard scheme, free Tournament Bucks with your first deposit and the new Lottery Sit N Goes, which gives back a ton of money to Sit N Go fans when added together.. this site is taking the lead for tournaments, even though they are now in 3rd place for overall traffic behind the Chico Network and Bo**da. BetOnline Poker (on the Chico Network) are on a real heater at the moment in terms of new players - the majority are still in the cash games section of the site, though the SNGs are starting to get busier - this site is my US tip for 2017 and I do recommend you check them out soon.

Ok, update over... here is the main article:

This article covers the best poker sites for Sit N Go fans in the US. There are still some decent choices out there – though massively high volume / value in these games is only really possible for those prepaired to mix and match with the structures / buy-in levels and table sizes. For lower to mid-stakes players who can live without 12+ tabling, the good news is that there are plenty of options available in 2015!

Sit N Go Sites for is players in 2018Here are the top US networks by size:

1) Ignition (took over from Bovada).

2) Chico Network (BetOnline Poker)

3) Winning Poker Network (America's Cardroom Poker)

4) Merge (Carbon Poker - Closed)

5) Equity (Full Flush Poker - Gone)

6) Horizon (Intertops Poker, this network was called 'Revolution')

Out of these, the biggest site (whose name I am no longer allowed to mention on a poker site!) are the hardest to grind - they have anonymous games and a maximum of 4 cash game or Sit N Go tables at once (though you can play as many multi-table tournaments as you like). The Winning Network just became my new favorite, thanks to their weekly rakeback (handled internally via a weekly payment) and 'Sit N Crush' promo. Carbon are no longer the best alternative option, they have slipped into 4rd place after losing some player confidence following payment delays - hopefully they can resolve this soon and bounce back.Chico now include sports betting giant BetOnline, this network benefits from a lot of causal / cross-over traffic from the sportsbook, though the SNG volume has not yet matched their growing cash game traffic.

You will find details of each site below in the order I recommend them. Make sure you check out each site for yourself before you jump in - your opinion and mine might well differ!

Best US Friendly Sit N Go Sites - America's Cardroom (Winning Poker Network)

To say that the Winning Poker Network have been on a tear recently is an understatement - their combination of easy deposit and cashout methods (including Credit Cards), plus generous rewards which encourage higher volume players have seen them shoot up the traffic rankings to the point where they are just behind the Chico Network in 3rd spot - though more focused on the tournament / Sit N Go format than the other offshore US sites. 

With more players this network can now offer better promotions - which leads to still more players joining them, creating momentum. This even resulted in a series of $1 million guaranteed MTTs recently. 

There are plenty of standard variations of SNG available, including turbos, hypers and double-ups. You will also find on-demand games which are like a cross between a multi-table Sit N Go and a small tournament. There are some PLO and PLO8 games too. 

It is the loyalty deals which make this my top rec for US readers.

The first of these is the tiered 'Elite Benefits' loyalty scheme, which is among the best of any poker site (not just the offshore US ones)/  This makes a big difference to your profit, especially if you are a higher volume player.

Second is the best leaderboard concept to appear for Sit N Go fans for ages - in the form of the 'Sit N Crush' scheme. This pays out weekly depending on the volume of games you have played. The progressive element means that the more games that are played in total, the more cash goes into the pot to be paid out. This is not a portion of the player fees either - this is extra money added by the sites.

America's Cardroom is the oldest site on this network and have 100% solid record when it comes to easy withdrawals and great service - check out their Sit N Goes - and see how much the latest Sit N Crush jackpot has got to now at!

best US Sit N Goes, top pick ACR

US Friendly Sit And Go Sites – BetOnline Poker

BetOnline were the success story of 2017 and look like they will really start to capitalize on this in 2018. This is an older and well trusted sports betting brand that operate out of Panama. They joined the Chico Network, and benefit from a lot of casual / recreational players that come over from the sports betting side.  

The Sit N Goes are only just getting going - though with steady growth in player numbers, the trend is definitely upwards. My favorite test is to check the $11 buy-in range and see how tight the games are and how many people understand the correct (ICM driven) bubble strategy. Bubbles are certainly profitable here, I would say less than half of players correctly use the math to make decisions. 

Bonuses are generous, with a 200% welcome match to get you started and plenty of (often unique / quirky) promos. There is not much action above $11 at the moment, though you will get all the standard variations to choose from. 

I fully expect to be moving BetOnline into the #1 slot at some point in early 2018 - check out for yourself and get a head-start with those super-soft games.

US Friendly Sit N Go Sites - Carbon Poker

Important Notice: The payment issues now seem to have been resolved - though the traffic for this network has been decimated. I am still recommending that players 'wait and see' what happens with this network before depositing.  

Carbon are the biggest site on the Merge Network, and the 4th biggest US friendly site overall. Carbon have very cool software (check those animated smileys which you can control), Carbon also have a massive 100% matched welcome bonus (max $1k) + $10 in Sit and Go coupons + free poker calculator with HUD and access to 1 month of pro poker training.

Most of the SNG action is at the $22 and below level, with evenings and weekends being your best bet for any bigger SNGs. There are plenty of choices available at the lower levels, including double or nothing, knockout bounty (the bounties are half of the buy-in) and super-turbo games - and of course the standard and turbo SNGs as the main offering. Games are heads-up, 6-handed and 9-handed (10 for Double-Ups). There are 2-table games and 20 table (180 player SNGs) also run. Finally satellite qualifiers can also be found in SNG format, with Steps SNGs now giving you the chance to win live tournament packages and seats to the $100k Sunday Major. 

There are a small number of grinders who are mixing and matching double-ups, super-turbos and standard format games to get the volume. The tierd rewards program with daily cashback up to 40% + leaderboard contests make it possible to more or less break even on the games and still get a decent hourly rate. You'll need to practice playing different speeds / formats / sizes all together though - it is very easy to make expensive mistakes playing in this way.

Recreational players will find the games fun and easy to beat. In my experience the level of play is poor - people understand the idea of push / fold, but make a lot of novice mistakes (pushing too tight, calling too wide at the bubble) which can be easily exploited. This site is my second choice thanks to the cool client, big choice of games and daily cashback through the rewards program. This is a long-standing and trusted site, and my money is on them making a big comback in 2015 to retake the 2nd spot in the rankings from the Winning Poker Network.

Carbon are a solid choice for US SNG Players - Click here to check them out for yourself! (link temporarily removed if Carbon spring back to life, I will start to recommend them again)

US Friendly Sit N Go Poker Sites – The Rest

It really is a small field to choose from as far as Sit N Goes are concerned. Revolution Network (Pure Poker) really dont have the volume, Equity Network (Full Flush) are on their way - though seem to be stuck just below the level which would make these games viable. BetOnline have super-soft Sit N Goes, which is why I recommend them for people learning this format as part of my free Blueprint SNG course., though only the occasional game above $11. Other than that we have the Bitcoin sites, who barely have any cash games - let alone Sit N Goes. 

Regulated sites in NJ could potentially be options for Sit And Go fans, and I'll be keeping an eye on developments there, and if the Bitcoin poker sites show any sign of life for their Sit N Goes you'll be the first to know.

Sit N Goes For US Players - Summing Up And My Top Pick!

If you really want the high volume without mixing the different sizes and formats, then you could try playing at Merge and WPN at the same time. I think that as we go through 2015, The Winning Network will get big enough to do this all in one place. With their top rated loyalty scheme + awesome Sit N Crush Promotion, I really can not choose any other site as my top pick for US based readers.

Check out for yourself today!

best US Sit N Goes, top pick ACR

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