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Sit N Go Tournament Android Apps Tested and Ranked

Android Sit N Go Apps TestedAfter spending the last week testing apps on the different international poker sites, I have to conclude that all of the sites have a lot of room for improvement in this area.

There are some great looking apps (888, PokerStars and Party), and some which are fast / easy to get around and play. What you’ll find is that the best looking ones are not the fastest or easiest. One exception here is PokerStars. Their app stands out as the only one you can multi-table on, and it looks great too. My caveat here is that you’ll find yourself against better educated players on that site.

Below you will find a summary table, which shows what is available for each of the apps we tested on a 7 Inch Android tablet. Underneath that is the Q&A used for the testing, which goes into a lot of detail on what games are available as well as how to operate each app.

At the end of this page you will find my overall verdict..

This page covers the international sites, I’m working on one for the US sites at the moment, which will cover the general apps, rather than be Sit N Go specific. One quick mention for iPoker / PlayTech – with the only option an unstable and clunky Flash game at Betfair, this network is getting left behind... it is time to wake up guys, poker is going mobile and the competition is already there!

Comparison Table - Sit N Go Android Apps

Poker Site SNG App Summary  
Android SNGs - PokerStars

Supports 4 tables at once, full game selection including tournaments. Smoothest app, with best navigation and game-play. Easily stands out from the other apps around.


VisitPokerStars Review


888 SNG App

Nicely designed app with good navigation and a lot of soft Sit N Go action. Laggy on startup and after breaks, though otherwise very smooth. 1 table at a time only. Try the games with $88 free bonus (terms apply).


Visit 888Poker Review


Party Poker Android SNGs

Party Poker have a great looking app, with a limited game selection (Holdem only, no MTTs). Most Sit N Go variants are running including MTT SNGs. 1 table at a time.


Visit PartyPoker Review


Full Tilt Android

Full Tilt have gone 'fast' with their Android app. Rush, and Hyper Turbo Sit N Goes. Also includes 'new to the game' tables. Solid app for quicker formats.


Visit Full Tilt Review


iPoker Android SNGs

One to avoid, only BetFair have anything on offer (A Flash version) and this only got as far as the select seat button and no further. Big miss from a big network.


Visit Betfair Review


OnGame Android SNGs

Another miss. This app would not load, only cash games and Strobe (Fast-Fold) offered, so no SNGs to review here anyway.


Visit RedKings Review


Details – Testing Sit N Go Tournaments on Android Tablets

PokerStars Sit N Go Android App

PokerStars AndroidThis was the stand-out app, in terms of choice, ability to multi-table, smoothness of the application itself and overall design. In fact, the competition has some catching up to do even to come close.

Download / Installation

Very fast, small button to initiate the download from their website – though smooth and easy once the process was underway.

Ease of Use / Navigation

Login very simple, big buttons and fields. Options button is hidden away in the top left corner, which is not obvious the first time you use the app. Choosing / filtering games is also very easy. There is a concept of the green zone highlighting your latest games, which just says ‘Show Games’. It was not clear what this was first time, though once you realize that it is your preferences, it is actually a useful idea.

They cut down to 3 game types, rather than the full menu you’ll find in the download version. This does continue off-screen with the other game types, though there is nothing to tell you that this is the case.

Game Types Offered

This is a huge plus for PokerStars app. They have all the games you will find in the main software. MTTs, Cash, Zoom, Sit N Goes and the niche game types are all offered. I was not able to find a separate filter for Satellite qualifiers, though that feels a little pedantic in the context.

Sit N Goes Offered

The full list of Sit N Goes is available. It is a huge list including turbos, hyper-turbos, Fifty50, Knockouts, heads up and short-handed and just about every game variation which you can think of. You can also find plenty of multi-table Sit N Go action. See my detailed article covering PokerStars Sit N Goes for more.

Playing the Games / Options

On all of the other apps tested, you can only play one table at a time – PokerStars let you play up to 4, using a mini-table which shows your hand and flashes when you need to act. Adding a new table is simple too, with the ability to add one of the same type with a couple of taps.

The tables are fast, and the button setup is easy too. You’ll get a pre-select list (fold, check, call), action buttons with a slider bar as well as pre-selected bet sizes (min, 3x, pot, max). The tables flip over to landscape mode when you start playing, and make great use of the space available.

You get additional options via the menu system – I recommend switching to a 4-color deck.

Cashier Functionality

This is integrated into the Android app, you can deposit and withdraw.

PokerStars Sit N Go App – Summing Up

This is not an easy app to beat, combining the huge game selection with smoothest platform. Keep in mind that the software shows you who is playing on a mobile device (these players are more likely to be recreational, and so get targeted by the sharks more often). You can switch this off though.

I’m giving this my top rating, a solid 9/10, and recommending them for SNG Planet readers.

You can get 3 ‘first’ deposit bonuses to try out the games at PokerStars. First register an account, this is quick and easy, when asked where you heard about them, choose ‘Affiliate Marketing Code’ and enter PSP3108 in the box which appears. When you deposit, you can use bonus code STARS600 to claim 3x 100% bonuses, up to $600 in total.

Check out the PokerStars Android app for yourself now at


888 Poker Sit N Go Android App

This is a great looking app, and benefits from the very soft games at 888 Poker. It was marred by being on the slow side in places. You can try out this app for free with 888’s ‘$88 Free Bonus’ special deal, which I have covered after the review.

Download / Installation

Easy install, simply head to the website with your device and you really wont miss the big ‘Download’ button. Initial log in step a little slow.

Ease of Use / Navigation

There are two views to choose from, classic and app views. The default is the bespoke app layout, though I preferred the classic view. In the app layout you get only Cash or MTTs (others via menus) and with the classic SNGs are added as an option.

On the whole, this app looks great with the classic blue 888 design. Everything is clear and it is very easy to get around.

Game Types Offered

All of the categories of games can be played via the Android app here, however some of the choices within each category are limited. You’ll find Cash Games, Snap (fast-fold), MTTs and SNGs. Limitations include quirks like no pot-limit Holdem and no heads-up cash games. On the whole a good selection compared with other Android apps.

Sit N Goes Offered

There is a big range of buy-ins available (60c through to $400) and 2, 6 or 9 player table Sit N Goes. You’ll also be able to choose the 3 main speeds (normal, turbo, super-turbo). What you will not find are the double-or-nothing, Steps, Satellites or multi-table Sit N Goes. Keep in mind that this site is very recreational compared to many others, and the SNGs that you do find are likely to be noticeably softer than elsewhere!

888 Poker Android Tablet

Playing the Games / Options

You can only play 1 table at a time on the 888 Android App. Overall the quality of the tables / gameplay is excellent. There is an interesting pre-select button, in addition to the check-fold you can find call-check here. There is no ‘all in’ button on the betting options (instead you’ll get ½ pot, 3/4ths pot and pot). The bet slider is simple enough to use.

Cashier Functionality

This is integrated into the app, and very easy to use.

888 Poker Sit N Goes App – Summing it Up

There are some strange nuances (what is with that 90’s style music!) and some annoying lags when starting up or returning to the tables.

Setting those aside this is a smart app, which is easy to get around and has a selection of all the game types offered by 888. If you do not mind 1-tabling, then you’ll find the Sit N Goes easy to beat, and enough action that you will not have to wait long for a game to kick off.

Players from most countries can get $88 free bonus with no deposit to check out the games. You get $8 right away, then 10 more installments as you collect points. If you like what you see then you can claim your 100% welcome bonus at any time. I like 888 a lot at the moment, check out the soft games there for yourself at



Party Poker Sit N Go Android App

This app is brilliantly designed and offers the full range of Party Poker Sit n Goes. While  you’ll need to get used to the long lists of games, these can be listed in different ways to bring your favorites to the top.

Download / Installation

Very quick and easy, the website recognizes that you have entered with an Android device, and gives you the download option. As with most of the other apps, this was a quick and painless installation process.

Ease of Use / Navigation

Once you get the hang of using the back button inside the app to return to the previous screen, this is very easy to get around. The standard / speed poker button in the lobby view is a nice addition which cuts down the number of tables in the lists – though these are still quite long. The app is fast and easy to get around, it just feels more like they have taken the PC version and made it smaller, rather than thought about how to best navigate on tablets.

Games Available

There are no tournaments available on this app. You will find cash games in no-limit, pot-limit and Fixed Limit format, along with ‘FastForward’ (Party Poker’s fast-fold game).

Sit N Goes Available

These are only in No Limit Holdem Format, you will find many of the variations though. These include the standard games (2, 6, 9 players), turbos, Hyper Turbos, Double or Nothing, Coinflip, WPT Steps, and 18 / 36 player MTT SNGs too. This site is big enough to offer a reasonable volume of players at many buy-in levels.

PartyPoker Android Tablet

Playing the Games / Options

With a modern and crisp feel, the table level is a big plus point for the Party Poker Android app. You’ll only be able to play 1 table at a time here. There are the standard pre-select buttons (fold, check, call) and a slider which comes up on the right which allows you to increment by 1BB or 1 chip and has a + / - on the sides for easy control.

Cashier Functionality

No, if you click the cashier button inside the app, it takes you to a secure web page to compete your transaction.

Party Poker Sit N Goes App – Summing it up

This app looks really good. While the game selection in general is limited, Sit n Goes actually do well – with most of the main variations available (at least for NL Holdem).

Most of the extra benefits at Party Poker come via ‘Missions’ these days, though you can still enjoy a healthy 100% to $500 welcome bonus with bonus code SNGPLANET – check out the Party Poker Android app now at

Full Tilt Poker Sit N Go Android App

Full Tilt has gone down a different route than other sites, focusing on the super-fast side of their SNG portfolio. Overall a great quality app, with the familiar Full Tilt look and feel.

Download / Installation

The app was easy to download by visiting the website with your Android device, I did have a problem with my password. On a hunch this was the special characters, I changed it using the PC version, and was then able to log in.

Ease of Use / Navigation

Very easy and simple to get around, if you go back to the lobby with a game active then a warning message lets you know you’ll be folded out if you leave the app. This app felt very fast and responsive.

Games Available

No tournaments are available on this app. The list is Cash Games, Rush Poker (fast-fold) or SNGs. There is plenty of choice of buy-in levels within these choices.

FullTilt Android Tablet

Sit N Goes Available

If you enjoy the fast and furious Sit n Goes, then this is the app for you. There are only super turno games, which range from 50c through to $115. The exception to this comes with the ‘New to the game’ Sit N Goes, which are $1 ‘turbo’ Sit N Goes.

You can also play the new Jackpot Sit N Goes. These are 3-handed and have randomly assigned prizes between 2x and 3000x your buy-in. You’ll start with 500 chips with very fast blind increases.

Playing the Games / Options

Very smooth play, you can pre-select ‘raise minimum’ here as well as fold / call. There are two sliders to help you fine tune your bet sizes. One on the left can be used to set the general size, and then one on the right for fine-tuning.

Cashier Functionality

Yes, this is integrated into the app.

Full Tilt Poker Sit n Go App – Summing it up

This app looks great, though unless you really like the super-turbo games, your choices are limited. You can only play 1 table at a time, though this would work well for the Lottery Jackpot Sit N Goes or for the Rush Poker games. It will be interesting to see how PokerStars (same owners as Full Tilt) move this brand forwards – there is already a distinction between their apps.

Check this app out for yourself at


iPoker / BetFair Sit N Go App

This is more of a holding place for when PlayTech wake up and see how far behind they are getting with mobile poker in general. After checking 8 of the biggest iPoker sites, the only one which had an app advertised was BetFair.

You’ll find a Flash based client, which works in your browser. Only cash games and speed poker games were offered.

I only got as far as the ‘Take Seat’ button, after which the mobile site became unresponsive.

I’ll be kind (since BetFair are pretty good in other ways) and say ‘work in progress’ for now.


OnGame / Red Kings Sit N Go App

Red Kings were one of the first mobile-friendly poker sites. I was able to download their app, though it would not start (almost new ASUS tablet with a reasonable spec was used for testing). This app offers Strobe Poker (fast fold) and cash games – if you can get it to work that is!


Planet Mark’s Verdict – PokerStars Crush the Competition

I’d love to be able to pick an up-and-coming site, or give you a revelation into a ‘hidden gem’ in the area of Android Sit N Goes.

However, the evidence is just too overwhelming.

PokerStars have the best app in all of the following categories:

  • Ability to Multi-Table (4 at once)
  • Choice of Games
  • Speed / Smoothness

They have the best selection of Sit N Goes too. If I really had to find something to balance the positives it would be that there are more ‘grinders’ here than at sites like 888 and Party.

Remember you can claim 3 ‘First’ deposit bonuses at PokerStars, with these two steps:

  • Register your account 
  • Deposit with bonus code STARS600 (good for 3 deposits up to $600 total, within 90 days)

Check out the PokerStars app for yourself now at


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