Holdem Manager 2 Review

Holdem Manager 2 Helps You Keep Track Of Your Opponents - So You Can Focus On The Action

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If you’re looking to take your poker game to the next level, Holdem Manager 2 is where you want to look! This program is by far the best on the market and will instantly give you an edge over your opponents from the moment you start using it.

What is Holdem Manager 2?

Hold'em Manager 2 is an award winning piece of software that provides you with every imaginable stat possible. It automatically imports every hand of poker you play online and converts it into easy to understand stats that you can use to improve your game and understand how other players react.

The program runs simultaneously with your poker room and displays real time stats on every player at your tables using a HUD (heads up display). It will also record all of your personal statistics so that you may go over hand histories, find leaks, and look for ways to improve.

The Holdem Manager HUD

The biggest benefit you get from using Holdem Manger is the heads up display that shows stats on your opponents while you play. The HUD can be personalized almost infinitely and will show all important stats that you need to make better decisions.

Once you start using the HUD, you will be able to see just how often a player raises pre-flop, 3 bets, continuation bets and much, much more. The stats are even broken down to what position a player makes each play from.

For example-The VPIP stat shows how often a player voluntarily puts money into the pot. This stat is displayed as a percentage and will also show what percent they raise or call from each position. A VPIP number may show as 22. This would mean the player calls or raises 22% of the time overall.

How to use the HUD?

Taking these numbers into account, you can make better decisions while you play. If you find that a player has a very high VPIP number, you can come to the conclusion that they are playing too many hands and have a much weaker range of starting hands.

You can also use the positional stats to see if a player is stealing your blinds if they have a high VPIP from this position. If they have a VPIP of 50 from the button, it’s guaranteed that they are stealing more often than not. Using these stats, you can adjust your play and punish any player you go up against.

There are literally hundreds of ways to use the HUD that will drastically improve how you play. Just imagine being able to see how every person at your table plays as soon as you sit down. That’s a huge advantage that any player would want.

Holdem Manager Database

Your database will include every hand of poker that you play while using Holdem Manager 2. The program imports hands and then breaks down every stat you can think of. These hands are shown in your reports tab which is where you will be spending most of your time.

From here, you can begin to identify places where you may be making costly mistakes. If you 3 bet too often, you can easily spot this leak and attempt to correct it. If you are losing money from a certain position, you can look to see why and fix the situation.

You can even see how much money you’ve won or lost with each specific hand. Find the hands that are costing you money and start to tweak your game so that you can increase your winnings. Winning money not only consists of winning pots, it also involves losing as little as possible with weak hands. If you can stop a leak that has cost you $1,000, you would theoretically be adding $1,000 to your overall winnings.

Again, there are so many ways that HM2 will help you to become a better poker player that not using it is causing you a dis-service.

Holdem Manager Add-Ons

Holdem Manager 2 also supports various add-ons that will improve the overall software and make for an even bigger advantage.

Table Ninja: This tool lets you play multiple tables with the greatest of ease. Using special hot keys, Table Ninja allows you to pre-program every aspect of your playing time and lets you focus on playing. It can register for games, auto buy in and even input a pre-set bet amount into the bet box for you. There are many ways that Table Ninja makes playing easier than ever that you need to see it to believe it.

Table Scanner:  This app searches the poker rooms you play at and finds the juiciest tables. Since playing at a table with bad players is just as important as how you play, Table Scanner will show you the best tables based on various stats. You can even join the table by clicking on it through the program.

Leak Buster: This app will help you to identify leaks by going through your database. It takes the hard work of sifting through thousands of hands out of the picture. Within seconds of running this app, Leak Buster will identify your leaks and even offer suggestions for how to fix them.

Note Caddy: This tool will take notes on players for you based on stats that are picked up through Hold Em Manager 2. If a player has bluffed the river a couple times, Note Caddy will recognize this and display the note inside your Holdem Manager 2 HUD.

Tilt Breaker: Tilt causes players to lose a ton of money. With Tilt Buster, you can deter tilt and set the program to instantly lock all tables. This means you won’t be able to play until you’re cooled off and focused. There are many other features that will basically stop you from ever losing money caused by tilt again.

Holdem Manager 2 comes in a variety of choices. You can purchase the small stakes version that covers up to NL50. Or you could buy the full version that covers all limits which is recommended. You can also get HM for Omaha if that’s your game of choice. Check out Holdem Manager 2 now and see how this tool can transform your poker profits!

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