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A Complete Guide to SNGs at Titan Poker on the iPoker Network

Quick Summary: Titan Poker are famous for their soft games, which include the easiest SNG tournaments anywhere online. If you have not yet discovered the combined benefits of the huge iPoker Network and generous Titan Poker, then do so soon - you'll be in for a pleasant surprise! Many games at this site are now transitioning to Euros as the main currency, a refreshing change from US Dollars! You'll find the Sit N Goes still play in $, though I am sure it is only a matter of time.

This review outlines the different Sit N Go games available at Titan Poker. Starting with the 'Standard' 1-table games, and then going through the different variations - including the awesome Jackpot SNGs, which pay out €35k+ for winning 6 in a row! I'll finish this unique review with my summary and 5 reasons to consider this excellent site.

You will get a long list of benefits from Titan Poker - including a great loyalty program and a constant stream of promotions and specials. SNG Planet readers can also claim my unique new player bonus. This is a 200% match on your first deposit (max $2k) + $20 extra in cash, which I'll pay directly into your account within 48 hours. All you need to do is register with Titan Poker Bonus Code SNGPLANET and I'll do the rest!

These games really are the softest around. I recommend every reader sees them with their own eyes to fully appreciate how profitable SNG poker can be. Click to check out the excellent Titan Poker for yourself now!


Titan Poker Sit N Goes Review - In Detail
Your Guide To iPoker Network's Famously Soft Games!


Titan Poker are the 3rd biggest site online, and are a solid number #1 when it comes to how easy their games are to beat. This unique Sit and Go specific review covers 1-table and multi-table SNGs - including the fantastic Jackpot SNG tournaments + other variations. I'll with my usual summary and '5 Reasons to Play' section at the bottom.

If you have not yet discovered Titan Poker for yourself then a pleasant surprise is waiting for you - the famous iPoker fish are the kind of opponents that profitable poker players dream of playing against!

Titan Poker SNG Tournaments Guide - 1-Table Sit N Goes

Standard Sit n Go games at Titan come in 9 and 6 player format, start with 1500 chips and have a 50% / 30% / 20% payout structure (70% / 30% for 6-max). There are many variations and 2 main speeds, with the standard games having 7 minute blind levels, and turbo games featuring 4 minute levels (there are also super-turbos). Blinds start at 10 / 20 and no antes are included. You'll find double-up, knockout games, as well as 'flip' games.

Players with smaller bankrolls can start at the €1 and €2 levels at Titan Poker, though I recommend you move to the €5 games as fast as your bankroll allows, as it is hard to build a roll at these micro-limit games - €10 through €30 games are popular, and games are offered all the way to €5000 for the high rollers! 

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Variations On The Standard 1-Table Games

iPoker sit n go variationsThree cool variations are running. The first is Double-or-Nothing SNG tables (these include 4 and 6 handed games), which are hugely popular and available at a wide choice of buy-in levels, speeds and in Holdem or Omaha format. Second are the Jackpot SNGs which pay out big prizes for winning 5 or 6 in a row (covered below). What I like about these games is that you can exit at many stages and use your entry ticket to join a big buy-in multi-table tournament instead. Fourth are 'Twister SNGs', you can win up to 1000x of your buy-in by playing a Twister SNG. Knockout games are a more recent addition, you'll get around 50% of each players entry fee when you eliminate them from the games, with the rest going towards a normal prize pool.

I should also note that fixed limit holdem and Pot-Limit Omaha hi-lo games can be played. I should mention the 'flip' games too, these are all-in first hand variations, and essentially just a gamble. Ok if you are awarded entry as a prize or bonus from another game - though otherwise you should avoid these games. 

Titan Poker SNGs Review - The Awesome Jackpot Sit N Goes

There are actually 2 reasons for playing the Jackpot SNGs at Titan Poker - which recently switched from USD to Euro.

First is the chance of winning a huge prize, ranging from €2k to more than €35k for winning 5 or 6 in a row - depending on the game.

The second reason is that these games are super-soft, even by the already soft standards of iPoker / Titan Poker. This makes them profitable for skilled players even though the fee is higher (the extra fees become the jackpots). I have a special article dedicated to Jackpot SNGs here. A summary of the different games is below (note that the 'Dirty Dozen' games have now been retired):

  • Maui Jackpot SNGs: 10-players, €5 entry, win 5 in a row for a 10,000 jackpot (progressive, so can be more!)
  • Rio Jackpot SNGs: 6 players, €20 entry, win 6 in a row for a €20,000 jackpot (progressive)
  • Fort Knox Jackpot SNGs: 10 players €40 entry, win 6 in a row for a €35,000 jackpot (progressive)

With runners up prizes for 6 firsts + seconds and more players paid than in the standard SNG formats, you will enjoy these games - I recommend you see the terrible standard of play with your own eyes, you are in for a happy surprise!

Twister Jackpot Sit N Goes

A unique jackpot Sit n Go variation appeared at the start of 2014, with the entertaining Twister Sit N Goes. These allow you to win up to 1000 times your buy-in and are 3-handed super-turbo games. The 'twist' with these games is that you'll find a wheel of fortune type wheel spinning before each game starts, this stops anywhere between 2x and 1000x your buy-in - and that is the prize you are playing for. There are lower level games to choose from - and the standard of play is so soft that anyone with the basics of poker strategy should be able to crush them for a big profit.

Titan Poker / iPoker SNG Tournaments - Multi-Table Sit And Goes

A couple of variations on Multi-table SNGs are available. Sizes include 12 player (2*6-max), 18 players (3*6-max), and more recently the 16 player heads up shootout SNGs have been made available from only €1 buy-in.

While Multi-Table Sit N Goes are not the same big draw as the varied 1-table games - it is the soft standard of your opponent's play which makes this s good choice of site. While there are some multi-tabling grinders in the 1-table games, you will often get a 90%+ 'fun player' lineup in the multi table games. Heads-up matches are also running at Titan..

Titan Poker / iPoker SNGs - Summary And Planet Mark's 5 Reasons To Choose This Site For SNGs

Titan Poker Twister Sit and GoIt is the big sports-betting brands on the iPoker Network which keep the constant stream of new players coming over to the poker tables. When you combine this with the generous rewards and long record of looking after poker players at Titan Poker, then you have a great combination. This is an awesome site to build yourself a poker bankroll, and is also great for beginning players looking to learn the ropes without being devoured by too many sharks!

Here are my Top 5 Reasons To Choose SNGs on The iPoker Network

#1 - Soft Opponents: With so many fun players and gamblers compared to the 'pro-grinders' found at other sites the Sit N Go games at Titan Poker are visibly easier.

#2 - Generous Welcome Bonus: A 200% match on your first deposit up to €1.5k + $20 extra free cash with my Titan Poker bonus code SNGPLANET is not only one of the biggest sign-up bonuses around, it is also one of the fastest to clear!

#3 - Jackpot SNG Tournaments: Prizes of between €2k and €35k which are progressive - going up every week that nobody hits the 5 or 6 in a row needed to scoop the jackpots. These games are worth simply for the profits you will make from the many 'gamblers' who play them/

#4 - Twister Jackpot SNGs: These are the original 'lottery' Sit n Goes, which other sites have since copied. They are 3-handed super-turbo games, where the prize pool can be up to 2000 times your buy-in, or just 2x. Another game which is fast, entertaining and attracts a lot of recreational type players. 

#5 - Generous Rewards And Promotions: Titan Poker really do look after their players, I recommend you check out the loyalty rewards calculator on their website and see how much you can earn each month by dedicating your play to this site. Again you are in for a happy surprise!

Titan Poker are the sweet-spot for SNG Players. With enough volume to keep a lot of different games running + some of the softest (most profitable) games around. Click now to check out the awesome Titan Poker for yourself!

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