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Information On SNG Superstar Thomas Boekhoff – Boku87

Thomas "Boku87" Boekhoff caused a sensation in the online poker community after announcing an extremely ambitious prop bet. The bet involved Boku87 having to turn $100 into $10,000 playing SNG tournaments. Of course many thought this was nigh on impossible and some were willing to bet up to $3,000 that Boku87 wouldn’t make it. Within one day of the time limit left and a long period of running bad, Boku87 managed to crack the $10,000 mark. Since then Boku87 started yet another seemingly impossible challenge to turn $5 into $100,000 in which he was successful... again. With these two huge feats under his belt and the ability to simultaneously play 51 tables at a time (and still turn a profit), Boku87 has well and truly established himself as one of the greatest online players to have lived.


Boku87’s strategy is hugely dependant on his ability to play a phenomenal amount of volume. To adopt this strategy is to adopt chronic carpal tunnel syndrome. Jokes aside, Boku87 played 4,139 SNGs in March 2010 which equates to 133 games per day and that’s just the start of it. Boku87 can play and make a profit on 51 tables simultaneously. This results in almost a click a second and that’s without time taken to make decisions. On the face of it, Boku87 effectively becomes a robot. Incredibly he has been able to chat whilst playing 30+ tables and once commented ‘J high ftw lol’ after winning a 3 way pot all in pre flop with J high. Boku shows that low stakes poker really doesn’t mean low winnings, by putting in the volume with his robotic play he generates huge profits in short periods of time.

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Whilst it is widely accepted that Boku87 plays a fairly standard TAG (tight aggressive) game, he is understandably unwilling to disclose any details about strategy. When playing tens of SNGs at once, it wouldn’t take much for an opponent to exploit your strategy. In fact, this is largely the reason why Boku87 plays such low stakes as players are less likely to adapt and less likely to know who he is. It is suggested that Boku87’s strategy consists largely of playing a very tight game at early stages and then a perfectly pre flop shoving strategy when he starts to become short stacked. By doing this, all his decisions become fairly easy to make and tough spots rarely occur.

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