iPoker / Titan Jackpot Sit and Go Tournaments – Win 6 For A €35k+ Payday!

Titan Jackpot Sit N Goes Give You A Chance To Win €35k+
This Overview Will Show You Where And How.

Titan Poker Jackpot Sit and Goes ReviewAnother Update! Titan have just brought in 'Twister' Jackpot Sit N Goes, a brand new and very entertaining 3-handed game which lets you win up to 1000x your buy-in, I have added these below between the overview of the old-style Jackpot SNGs and the strategy guide. Another thing to note is that the original games are now priced in Euros (in line with the other games on iPoker). The prizes and progressive jackpots are as big as ever though! Twisters have now replaced the smallest of the old style jackpot sit n goes (the 'Dirty Dozen' games). 

Titan Poker have already paid out millions of dollars in prizes for their Jackpot SNG tournaments – prizes ranging from €2k up to €35k + progressives for those players who win 6 in a row at various buy-in levels. Small and mid-stakes players are claiming these huge jackpots every week - and you can easily become be the next winner! There are actually 5 different kinds of Titan Poker Jackpot Sit N Go Tournaments – this article will look at each in turn - after giving you an overview of how they work and why Titan is the key site for playing these games.

With these jackpot sit n go games a big favorite among recreational players, those readers with a little poker strategy knowledge should find them very profitable indeed...

How Do The Titan / iPoker Jackpot SNGs Work?

The idea is simple - yet effective. Win between 4 and 6 SNGs in a row (depending on which type you choose) and you are awarded the jackpot - from €2k up to €35k, or even more if this is not won for several weeks! There is also a consolation prize for finishing in the top 2 on 6 consecutive SNGs. The jackpot is built up from extra fees charged on top of the usual 10% SNG rake – again this is detailed in the individual game summaries below.

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Is The Chance Of A Jackpot Win Worth The Extra Fee?

This is a clear yes. One of the key reasons is the large number of recreational / inexperienced players that the Jackpot Sit N Goes attract. The softer level of opposition alone should mean that the extra fee is balanced by your increased profits – especially after reading our comprehensive SNG Strategy guide section here at Sit And Go Planet.

And Titan Poker In General… Worth A Look?

A big YES! Titan are the leading site on a network of poker rooms called the iPoker Network… they are currently the world's 2nd largest poker site. With an expanding international base and some huge promotions Titan have a constant stream of new players – making their tables the most profitable destination around.What you will find is a steady stream of brand new players coming from the big sports-betting sites which share the iPoker Network (for example Betfair and William Hill). These novices keep the tables wild and loose, which has the effect of loosening the other players too - as they try and get the stacks of the new guys.

Put it this way, any experienced and / or smart poker player should be able to rake in the $$ from Titan Poker – use our exclusive bonus code SNGPLANET for an improved 200% up to $2000 sign-up bonus and $20 in free cash (I'll ensure the cash gets paid directly to your account within 48 hours, min deposit $30+ for this extra cash!).

3 Types Of Jackpot SNG Games

Types of Ipoker Jackpot SNGS
Game Buy-In Players Wins
Maui €5 10 5 €10,000
Rio €20 6 6 €20,000
Fort Knox €40 6 6 €35,000

Titan Jackpot Sit N Goes - The ‘Dirty Dozen’ Jackpot SNG

Types of jackpot sit n go at ipokerNote - these have been discontinued.... seems that for the same buy-in players much prefer the new 'Twister' games...

The smallest available buy-in Jackpot Sit And Go is actually for a 2-table game, played in 6-max format. The Dirty Dozen starts with 12 players and has an entry fee of €2 (€1.64 + €0.34 in fees and jackpot contribution). Winning 4 of the Dirty Dozen Jackpot SNGs in a row will net you a welcome €2000 prize. This is in addition to the standard payout structure which pays the top 4 spots.

Titan Jackpot Sit N Goes - The ‘Maui’ Jackpot SNG

Next we have the Maui Jackpot SNG, this is a 10-handed single table tournament with a €5 entry (€4.20c + 80c for fee + jackpot contribution) . Anyone winning five Maui 1-table tournaments in a row will in a huge €10,000 jackpot which is progressive, going up each week until someone wins it. As a consolation prize coming in the first 2 places in 5 consecutive tournaments will net you a €150 bonus. 3 Spots are paid like in a normal Sit n Go.

Titan Jackpot Sit N Goes - The ‘Rio’ Jackpot SNG

Rio is another 6-handed Jackpot SNG, this time just a single table. The entry fee is €20 (€17.10c + €2.90c). Winning 6 in a row will award a huge €20,000 prize (again, increasing every week if not won)! Again there is a consolation price for 6 top 2 finishes – this time €200. Three places of the 6 are paid in these tournaments from the standard prize pool, with the 3rd position being just over 'money back' - I like this format, as it gives you another shot at winning the big payout if you suffer a bad beat at what would have been the bubble in a normal 6-max game.

Titan Jackpot Sit N Goes - The ‘Fort Knox’ Jackpot SNG

The largest prize pool of the Jackpot SNGs at Titan Poker is for the 6-handed Fort-Knox games. These have an entry fee of €40 (€34 + €6), these games ay 3 places of the 6 and give you the chance to net €35,000 (progressive until won) by winning six in a row. The top 2 six times in a row consolation prize is a generous €550.

Detailed Titan Poker Review Titan Poker Site Review

Titan Poker Screenshots - Click To Enlarge

Planet Mark's Verdict: Are iPoker / Titan Jackpot SNGs Worth The Extra Rake?

On one hand I believe that the industry standard SNG fees of 10% are already far too high. However, the Jackpot games do attract many ‘gamblers’ with very little strategy knowledge – giving players who understand SNG dynamics a significant and profitable edge. My opinion is that this extra profitability makes paying the extra worthwhile – when you then add in the chance of winning €2,000 up to €35,000 for playing your regular games, the Titan Jackpot SNGs are far too good an offer to pass up.

Add to this the improved 200% to $2000 Bonus with $20 in additional free cash (I will personally ensure this reaches your account within 48 hours) with bonus code SNGPLANET and you have a very profitable combination indeed. Click now to visit the awesome Titan Poker today!

iPoker Jackpot Sit N Go Tournaments Article - Twister

Twister Jackpot Sit N Goes - 3 Handed With Big Payouts

In addition to the regular Sit N Go games, there is now a new format called 'Twister Jackpot Sit N Goes'. These are fast and fun games which give you the chance to win 1000x your buy-in up to $10,000 (they are in US Dollars, even though the regular games just moved over to Euros...). 

These are 3-handed, starting with 500 chips and have 2 minute blind levels - meaning there is no time to hang around. You can choose a buy-in level from $1, $2, $5 and $10 - and then get to see a 'wheel of fortune' wheel which spins to show what prize pool you are playing for. Even the $1 games have a chance at hitting $1000, giving these games the potential to seriously boost your bankroll. You can play up to 6 games at once and expect them to average around 10 minutes each.

You should expect a lot of games where 3 people compete for 2x the buy-in (winner takes all) as this is how the jackpots are possible. I have already played 20+ games at different buy-in levels and have had $20 prize pools. I have not yet seen the same players twice, which shows that these games must be very popular already!

Strategy is a mix of heads-up play and Super / Hyper Turbo - you can find my detailed strategy guide for the Hypers here

Strategy For iPoker Jackpot Sit N Go Tournaments

Instead of reproducing my detailed Sit n Go Strategy guide here, I have focused on the differences with the Jackpot games. You are going to have to adjust for a few things:

  1. Opponents who do not know much about poker strategy, let alone the details of Sit N Go Bubble Math.
  2. The earlier bubble, with more people paid than in a standard game, the bubble math gets twisted a little! At the same time, your aim is to win, where in most 1-table tournaments you simply need to keep making ‘good’ decisions…
  3. Pressure – You could find yourself just a few players away from €10k or even €35k, you would not be human if you did not feel some pressure at this point.

iPoker Jackpot Sit N Go Strategy – Novice Opponents

Titan Jackpot

This is particularly relevant for the Dirty Dozen and Maui level games – though you will find new players in the Rio and Fort Knox games too.

The key here is to understand that new players are going to play too many hands, overvalue one pair hands, make bad bets and calls and generally play in a way that seems quite frustrating to those of you with poker strategy knowledge.

You need to get it into your head that it is up to you to adjust.

It is not going to help you to complain in the chat box afterwards, you need to play the players who are there here and now, and that means making some adjustments of your own. Here are some to start with:

  • Take stabs at pots by all means, but stop trying to push bad players out of pots when you have air. You are not ‘representing’ anything if your opponent is too inexperienced to know what your bet means.
  • Value bet with lesser hand values than in a normal Sit N Go, you’ll get paid off more often.
  • Bet more when you are strong, remember that new players are just as likely to call a pot size bet as a half pot.
  • Note the slowplayers, those who limp aces and those who overvalue ace-rag – or play any two suited. If nothing else you will know that when these players raise, they do not have hands at the very top of their range.

I’m sure you get the idea, once you tune in to the game you will start to notices ‘better’ players raising to isolate the newer guys – this can give you opportunities to trap both of them for a big pot!

Jackpot Sit N Go Strategy – Early Bubble

Two things to note here. The first is just math, you need to recalculate the ICM for 4 playing places instead of 3. With a 5 player bubble there are always more opportunities for your opponents to go to war and gift you some prize pool equity.

Second is your desire to go for the win.

In a standard Sit N Go, the correct choice of action is the one which maximizes your prize pool equity (with very few exceptions, like players all-in next big blind). In these games you are trying to chalk up wins, as well as keeping your bankroll growing. This presents a dilemma which should take account of your personal attitude to risk and reward, as well as the prize pool equity. Your decision of how much long-term prize pool equity you give up in exchange for better chance of winning each game is your own. Here are my thoughts:

  • Make your decisions based on ICM for the first 2 (Dirty Dozen or Maui) or 3 (Rio/ Fort Knox) games. You are maximizing your bankroll this way and will win your fair share against the weaker opposition in these games.
  • After this you need to start ‘taking shots’ by playing more aggressively than the ICM math would indicate, you are giving up some profit here, how much you give up depends on how close you are to the jackpot. The closer you get the more you need to think about chip ev instead of prize pool equity. For example if taking a small negative prize pool equity shot would give you a significantly better chance of taking 1st place then this would be my choice. For example, if you are giving up a $5 'edge' (according to ICM) to give yourself a few percent bigger chance of winning that €2000 jackpot, then your decision is a good one. My personal choice is to choose with more aggressive shoves, after all, if you call then you are guaranteed a showdown - at least a shove has a reward all those times your opponents fold too.
  • This is a rough guideline, and I urge readers to think carefully about their own approach here. My thinking is that there is nothing worse then 'making the money' with 5 big blinds left against 3 bigger stacks when you need the win to continue your run!

Jackpot Sit N Go Strategy – Money Pressure

Be honest with yourself, when you sit down for that 5th or 6th game and are looking at a big jackpot ahead, it is going to be hard to keep your emotions from getting the better of you. Positive and aggressive poker is the key, and you are going to have to find a way to overcome any fears.

I like to speak the reasons for my actions out loud when the pressure hits. Simply admitting that I am feeling pressure from the money (usually in the later stages of multi-table tournaments) helps me to focus. You’ll need to find you own way to handle this, while keeping your eyes on the goal of that big Jackpot win!

Jackpot Sit n Goes At Titan Poker – Final Thoughts

Remember that you'll need to claim your win by e-mailing support@titanpoker.com with your player Id, you can keep a note of the starting tournament id and subsequent Ids to make things easier for them. You can also claim runner-up prizes for the top 2 spots in each game.

These are entertaining games, so make sure you have some fun along the way. Those jackpots are being won each and every week, and there is absolutely no reason why (with a little dedication) the next winner could not be you!

Remember to claim your $20 free cash + 200% matched welcome bonus with bonus code SNGPLANET while you check out the amazing Jackpot Sit N Goes at TitanPoker.com!

Jackpot SNGs - Titan Poker 2019
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