Sit n Go Bonuses – A Tale of Two Bankrolls!

2 SNG Players, 1 Year and 2 Very Different Bankrolls At The End. Find Out Why Below!

Update: The numbers (and sites) may have changed, but the principle of this article remains exactly the same as when it was first written - being smart about bonuses not only gives you more cash immediately, it can boost you up the levels to where you are earning more too. With a good run of cards this can be the difference between giving up for many players and going on to have a successful career.

I now have a ton of extra resources on this subject, including a widget that compares the different loyalty points schemes at different sites (here) and my infamous fish-o-meter, which takes your preferred games, geo and bankroll and shows you where you will find the easiest games of all.You should also check my best Sit N Go bonuses article, which is the key place to compare the welcome bonuses, and this page, which shows you the short-term and one off deals - Good Luck At The Tables! Mark

(Original Article Below!)

Many newer poker players underestimate the effect of Online Poker Bonus offers on their initial bankroll. The tale of 2 SNG bankrolls below clearly demonstrates the positive effect of this – without further ado we hand you over to Bill and Bob!!! For detailed information on bonus clearance check out the Best SNG Bonuses article.

Bill and Bob do not know each other, if they did they would be surprised to know how similar they are. Both recently discovered online poker and found that Sit n Go tournaments were their chosen game. They each started with the same $250 bankroll over at PokerStars and both have (over time of course) almost identical results.

Taking advantage of the $50 sign-up bonus here is how things went for the 200 SNGs at the $5+50 Level that the guys played.

  • Bill – ROI – 20% * 300 SNGs = $330 Profit + $50 Bonus = Total Bankroll $630
  • Bob - ROI – 20% * 300 SNGs = $330 Profit + $50 Bonus = Total Bankroll $630

The same! But here is where the tale of the 2 bankrolls diverges… both of the guys feel confident enough in their ability to move up to the $10 SNG Level. Bill decides that he likes Poker Stars and Stays right there. Bob on the other hand decides that it is time to move his bankroll over to Full Tilt Poker and take advantage of their huge 100% up to $600 deposit bonus…

They now play a total of 1000 SNGs at the $10 level (to make sure that their results are ‘real’ and not just the result of variance!) here is how things look now.

  • Bill – 1000 SNGs @ $11 * 15% ROI = $1650 Profit, Total Bankroll Now $2280
  • Bob – 1000 SNGs @ $11 * 15% ROI + $600 Bonus = $2350 Profit, Bankroll Now = $2880

That is a significant difference – enough to mean that while Bill is still playing the $20 Level SNGs, Bob has moved up to the $33 SNGs… 1000 more played, Bob decides to give Mansion Poker a try and tackle their huge 100% up to $1000 sign up bonus.

  • Bill – 1000 SNGs @ $22 * 12% ROI = $2640 Profit, Bankroll Now = $4920
  • Bob – 1000 SNGs @ $33 * 10% ROI = $3300 Profit + $1000 Bonus, Bankroll now = $7180

Tale Of Two Poker Bankrolls

Bob now has a bankroll over $2000 higher than Bill, he is ready to start the higher level SNGs while Bill is still stuck in the middle limits. The story is nearing an end but let us have a look at one more set of 1000 SNGs – this time Bill is playing the $50 Level while Bob has made the move to the $100 SNGs.

  • Bill – 1000 SNGs @ $55 * 9% ROI = $4950 Profit.
  • Bob – 1000 SNGs @ $109 * 7% ROI = $7630 Profit.

After 1 year’s part-time play and 3300 SNGs each here is what the bankrolls will finish as:

Bill (Only Poker Stars) = End Bankroll $9870

Bob (Bonus Hunter!) = End Bankroll $14810

We will finish with a quick question. Do you think that putting in a little effort moving your bankroll around is worth it – Bob did, and he is almost $5,000 better off… Do not be like Bill, there are many payment methods available at all of the major sites that require the minimum of trouble… check out Full Tilt Poker today – get that SNG bankroll off to a flying start with the $600 new player sign up bonus using our special link!

For even more information on rooms and their bonuses check out our online poker room reviews and our acclaimed artilce about the best SNG bonuses.

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