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Biggest Poker Site On The Huge iPoker Network

Planet Mark’s Summary: What you'll love about Titan is that the majority of your opponents are recreational players who find the poker tables via the big sports betting brands who share the 'iPoker Network' - This makes the games fun, loose and (best of all) very profitable.

In addition to the soft games, you'll be well looked after at Titan. My calculations show that the combination of loyalty rewards and the new 'Titan Treasures' challenges make Titan the most generous site for smaller stakes players. The long list of promotions will also keep your bankroll topped up. 

So, you'll will benefit from plentiful fish in cash games (including the cool new 'Speed Holdem' and 6-Holdem), SNGs and especially in tournaments. You'll enjoy the best rewards and you'll have plenty of choice on top. If that were not enough reasons to check out the games, then how about my exclusive extra $20 for SNG Planet readers?

This deal is simple, you register with bonus code SNGPLANET make a deposit, and I will add $20, paid direct to your player account within 48 hours (usually sooner!), in addition to your 200% matched first deposit bonus.

A lot of players have been happily surprised to find out how easy the games on the iPoker Network are. Make sure you check out www.titanpoker.com with your own eyes, because you have the potential to take your poker profits to a new level there!



Titan Poker (iPoker Network) Review - In Detail


Titan Poker are the biggest site on a network of poker rooms known as the ‘iPoker Network’, which is collectively the 3rd largest site after industry giant PokerStars and 888 Poker. This network is made up of many brands which are better known for their sports-betting, such as Betfair, Paddy Power and William Hill. With so many 'gamblers' able to easily cross into the poker rooms, the iPoker Network is rightly considered far softer than networks which only host players more serious about their poker. You will find the games noticably more profitable at iPoker, and if you stick with the biggest site on the network - Titan Poker - you will enjoy rewards and loyalty bonuses which are industry leading too.

As we start the year, Titan have pioneered the move away from US Dollars as their game currency, instead moving to Euros (you can still deposit in your local currency, your balance will be coverted into Euros). This makes great sense. US players have no been allowed on this site since 2006, and the majority of their players come from Europe. 

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Titan Poker Review - Cash Games Spotlight

Cash games at Titan Poker are divided between 'European Tables' and 'World Tables', with Dollars, Pounds and Euros all used. Table sizes include 2 player, then 6 (the most popular size), 8-player and the 10 player Full-Ring games. Stakes start at just 1c / 2c blinds, going up to the high stakes games with stacks of many thousands. Titan have a huge bias towards to lower and mid-stakes games with massess of games up to 25c / 50c blinds and a big selection up to €2 / €4 - there are games higher than this, with the €5 / €10 tables getting busy during the evenings and at weekends.

Titan have now introduced new 'Speed Holdem' tables. This is a super-fast format which involves pooling players together and instantly re-combining them for each new hand as soon as the fold button is hit. Not only is this game a lot of fun, it means you can play a ton of hands (up to 4 times as many as normal tables). This is a fun format, which can also be very profitable - give it a try! If you use the new beta version of the Titan Poker software, you'll be able to play 'Six Holdem'. This is the same as normal NL Holdem in betting, the big difference is that the cards 2 through 5 have been removed from the deck - leading to bigger hands on average and a ton more action. 

Outside of NL Holdem there is a big selection of Omaha - with PLO High being the game of choice. Titan Poker also spread 7 and 5 card Stud and Razz games.

Once again, my key reason for recommending Titan Poker across SNG Planet are the profitable games, which are the result of a lot of inexperienced 'sports betting fans' who play on this network - I strongly recommend that you check out the games for yourself before playing anywhere else - the difference is clearly visible.

Latest Update: There is now a choice of deep and shallow stacked games - deep stacked tables have 100 big blind minimum buy-ins with ante, and shallow stack 20 to 50 big blind tables.

Titan Poker Review Cash Game Spotlight

Titan Poker Review - Tournaments Spotlight

Tournaments are a great reason to check out Titan Poker in 2022 - this is where the famously soft fields really come into their own. Games are focused on the lower to mid buy-ins, and now priced in Euros with the €1 to €20 range the most crowded. There are games above this, including the €75,000 guaranteed Sunday event and several €50+ games throughout the week. Variations include many rebuys and turbo structures too.

There are two things (in addition to the soft fields) which Titan Poker do very well with tournaments. First they have an excellent satellite qualifier system, which is used as the basis of qualifying for everything from the bigger online tournaments to some big televised events like the World Series or Aussie Millions.

Second, Titan have themed promos such as 'SNG Master Chase' and the 'iPOPs' hybrid live / online events which offer tournament players some great guaranteed prizes and other incentives. These will change throughout the year - so I recommend you keep an eye on the Titan Poker website for the latest deals. Titan now have synchronized tournament breaks at 5-to the hour. This is great, as you get to break from the games now and again... when they used to break at all different times, playing more than one was difficult.

Latest Update: 3 New Tournament Formats: You can now play Speed Holdem tournaments (the pooled variation where you recombine with new players each hand until the 'regular' format final table). There are also re-entry tournaments (like rebuys, you can come back if you bust) and multiple entry tournaments where you play several entries at once, your stacks get combined if 2 or more entries hit the closing stages - though I have not been fortunate enough to experience this myself yet.

There have always been plenty of qualifier games at this site. These work on a 3-stage system, allowing smaller buy-in players to win tickets to the big online events and live poker tournaments including WPT tourneys and the Irish Open. The target tournaments change regularly, so make sure you keep an eye on the website for the latest ones.

Titan Poker Review - Sit N Go Tournaments Spotlight

Titan Poker Twister SNGTitan's Jackpot SNGs are massively popular - these give you a chance to win €35k+ for winning 5 or 6 SNGs in row (there are several levels to choose from). I am prepared to stick my neck on the line here and state that you will not find softer SNGs anywhere else online, including the standard 1 table games, Double or Nothing games and the Turbo / Omaha / Multi-table variations too.

I have created specific SNG-focused reviews for all the main sites - you can read my Titan Poker SNGs Review here.

Titan Poker Review - Playability And Poker Software

All of the sites on the iPoker Network run on the same software - which is provided by industry giant PlayTech. This is then branded with the individual site's colors. Overall this is a nice poker client, easy to get around and easy to play. I have a couple of minor issues - too many pop-up messages (for example when moving table or joining a game). On balance the software has come a long way over the last few years - it used to be the 'ugly duckling' of the poker world and is now a pretty good all round system!

You can now play at Titan on tablets via their instant-play browser games. This works as long as you stick with one table. Mobile phone compatible poker has finally caught up, though again one table is your limit, at least Titan has a starting point - lets hope this area improves as we go through 2022. 

Titan Poker Review - Bonuses, Incentives And Promotions

Here is a key reason for recommending Titan throughout the site - their generous bonuses. You get to start with my exclusive reader offer... then Titan take over and they will look after you extremely well.

As a SNG Planet reader your welcome bonus at Titan just got boosted. In addition to a huge 200% match on your first deposit up to $2000, I offer readers who are new to this site an extra $20 in free cash on top of your matched bonus. All you need to do is register with Titan Poker bonus code SNGPLANET, and I will ensure that the $20 cash is paid directly into your account within 48 hours (this is usually sooner). You'll get a generous package of tournament entry tokens too. Claim this at www.titanpoker.com now!

Incentives can be divided into 2 areas, the ongoing offers and the 1-off promotions and specials. You will benefit from both of these at Titan. Ongoing offers start with the excellent loyalty scheme. This pays cash bonuses and is based on how long you play at Titan, what level of games and the volume of play you put in. What I like about this scheme is that you do not need to be a high-roller to get the most out of it... smaller to mid stakes players get better and better rewards as time goes on. Other ongoing rewards include leaderboards for Tournaments and SNGs which award cash prizes.

Titan recently introduced an additional 'fun' element to their loyalty program in the form of Titan Treasures. This is aimed at recreational players and involves collecting coins for completing various challenges - you then swap them for bonuses. You'll find a list of challenges on the Titan Poker website.

When it comes to player promotions, what Titan are good at is creating themes which cover many different games. These range from 'Winter Edition' which includes cash 'races', tournaments and freerolls - through to iPoPs tournament contests with live finals and also some game specifics. The recent birthday celebration had enough coverage to keep all types of players happy. With up to 10 promos often overlapping and new ones all the time, I strongly recommend you keep an eye on the Titan Poker website to keep up with the latest and greatest benefits.

Titan Poker Review - Planet Mark's Summary And Overall Verdict

You have 2 key reasons to choose Titan - and in my opinion both of them would be good enough on its own. First the fish, as we all know, bad opponents mean more profits... and you will not find more profitable games than these anywhere else! Second the incentives - which are industry leading and boosted even further my my $20 cash (with bonus code SNGPLANET) on top of your 200% welcome bonus.

Titan get my top rating, and I strongly believe you will notice the how easy these games are when compared with some other sites - check out Titan Poker for yourself now because you'll love those fishy games!

Titan P

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