Poker Bomb Pots

How Bomb Pots Work in Poker - and Where to Play Bomb Pots Online

Poker Bomb PotsBomb Pots are growing in popularity in both casino poker rooms and in private games. These one-off hands can create a great deal of excitement. With a guaranteed chance of winning a much larger than usual pot for one of the players.

The idea is that everyone puts in some cash before the cards are dealt – with the action then starting on the flop. With up to 9 players in a hand, more than one person will often hit that board hard.

This guide starts by explaining exactly what a bomb pot is and how they work in practice. Next, double board variations of the bomb pot are explained, as well as which games bomb pots can be enjoyed at. Online bomb pots are then discussed before delving into strategy.

You can now enjoy bomb pots online. America’s Cardroom have special tables, where a bomb pot takes place at random… more on how to profit from these entertaining tables can be found below.

Play Bomb Pot Poker Online at America's Cardroom

Basics: How do Bomb Pots Work?

Bomb Pots happen when all of the players have agreed to post an ante bet before any cards are dealt. Typically, this bet is usually 4x or 5x the size of the big blind.

For example, if you are playing a $1/$2 game, each player will agree to post an ante of $10. In a usual 6 handed $1/$2 game, the only guaranteed chips in the middle are the small and big blind (for a total of $3). But with a bomb pot, you are suddenly looking at a pot of a minimum $60.

Bomb pots skip the pre-flop betting round completely.

Once the antes have been posted, players will receive their hole cards, then the flop will be revealed. It’s at this point that the betting begins.

With each player at the table still involved, there is a very good chance that one or more of the players will have a very strong hand. This usually ensures that a bomb pot will become much bigger than the initial antes. With so much money to win, a random two pair+ will often find itself all-in against a draw.

Since you know your opponents are keen to win this bloated pot – catching someone with a pure bluff could be super-rewarding.

Double Board Bomb Pot

Image Credit: Screenshot of the excellent Rounders Poker YouTube channel. 

Double Board Bomb Pot Variations

In some card rooms you will find a double board variation of the Bomb Pot. Instead of one flop, turn and river, you will find yourself playing two.

In this scenario, you might find that you have hit one board hard and the other not at all, adding an extra layer of strategy to your play. 50% of the pot is awarded to the player who wins on the first board, and 50% is awarded to the player who wins the second board. Of course, if one player manages to get all other players to fold, they will win both boards and scoop the entire pot.

If you hit the top board hard and have a draw (even a gutshot) on the bottom board – it could be time to bet big, pushing everyone else out before the turn and river.

Which Poker Games Feature Bomb Pots?

Bomb Pots are most popular when playing No Limit Hold’em. They are played in other poker variations, with bomb pots increasingly enjoyed at Pot Limit Omaha. With the four hole-cards you are dealt in PLO – the chances of multiple players hitting the flop shoot up. This game was made for the bomb pot!

Add in a double board to PLO bomb pots, and you have an explosive combination. Pot limit betting is sized-up by the initial (pre-flop) bets. Unless you are playing super deep-staked, getting those chips in before the river will not be an issue.

ACR Poker Bomb Pot Table

Where to Play Bomb Pots Online?

Online poker rooms have started to see the attractiveness of bomb pots. America’s Cardroom have added Bomb Pots into designated online cash games.

At this site, bomb pots are randomly played four times an hour. You won’t know exactly when they are coming, but you know they will. For example, you could seat yourself at a 2x bomb pot table. When the bomb pot arrives, each player will automatically post an ante of 2x the big blind. Bomb Pots are available at the following formats (including Hi-Lo versions of the games):

  • Texas Hold’em
  • Pot Limit Omaha
  • 7 Card Stud
  • 7 Day No Rathole (a variation of the game where you have to play with the same amount you left with)
  • Limit Hold’em

ACR Poker have a fantastic tournament selection and jackpot tables, in addition to their bomb pots.

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Poker Bomb Pots Strategy

In a bomb pot, you shouldn’t get too excited about those big hands such as AA or KK that might ordinarily be strong favourite to take a pot. In standard poker, you can raise pre-flop and be up against just one or maybe two opponents. In a bomb pot, no one is folded out pre-flop. Suddenly hands like two pairs are likely on even the driest of flops, making those big pairs tough to play. On a wet board with flush and straight draws, there is a good chance that you’ll simply have to ditch those big hands.

When playing bomb pots hands such as suited connectors or strong flush draws will gain value. Be aware that some of your weaker opponents will be in these hands with a mind to have a ‘gamble’. The bloated pot puts reason to one side, with a lot of recreational opponents fighting hard to win the pot.

Therefore, any fold equity you might have in a standard hand might be non-existent. That being the case, only bluff if you have a very solid read that someone is able to fold.

Bomb pots don’t have the same hand reading, bet sizing and GTO opportunities as deep stacked cash games. They are entertaining, bringing recreational gamblers to the tables and giving everyone a shot at winning a big pot. If that big pot does go to a fish that got lucky, you will have plenty of chances on non-bomb hands to win those chips.

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Play Bomb Pot Poker Online at America's Cardroom

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