Transitioning From Online To Live Poker Tournaments

Our Guide To Transitioning From Online To Live Poker Tournaments Can Help You Make A Successful Debut!

When live players come online they usually make a ton of mistakes that seem simple to a regular online player. This is because online tournaments have a very different dynamic to live poker tournaments and you must adapt correctly if you want to master both. This works both ways and online players have to change their game in order to be successful in a live game as the playing dynamics change. The changes are not too difficult but they have such impact that they can turn a player who is losing into one that is winning.

Reading other players

One of the obvious largest changes from online to live poker is you are face to face with your opponents. This is a huge advantage if you know how to read your opponents body language. Each read for a different opponent will be different but if you pay attention to their tendencies you can start to get accurate reads on when they are bluffing and when they have a big hand. Less experienced poker opponents will normally be the ones with the most obvious reads, a very common one is acting strong when they have a weak holding and acting weak when they have a strong holding. Look out for the way they bet, facial expressions and conversation. The good thing about being an online player is that you will already having reading betting patterns down to a tea which will give you an advantage once you learn to read body language.

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Keeping your poker face:

It may sounds simple but when you are sitting behind your computer screen you get use to doing whatever you like during hands. This habit can sometimes be hard to break and when you are in a pot in a live game you’re every move is being scrutinized. You need to learn to let all emotion drain out of your while playing live tournaments. A good way to work out if you have any tells is to play with experienced friends in a poker game and let them try to get read on you. Then run over them after you have finished and hopefully they will kind enough to correct you on any tells you might have. Just try to act exactly the same whether you are bluffing or have a great hand.


Online poker players often become reliant on statistic programs and other poker tools which help them get a good grasp for their opponent’s game. In live tournaments you have to learn to use your memory to recall significant hands. A good live poker player will be able to take mental notes on an opponent to do with his play and the hands he has been involved in. At first this might be a bit daunting but you can supplement your memory with a notepad if necessary. It is a skill that can be learnt and eventually you will master being able to mentally recall hands on opponents.


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