Fixed Limit Holdem Tournaments 7 Tips to Improve Your Limit Holdem Tournament Play

Fixed Limit Holdem Is Alive And Kicking. This Article Looks At Tips
To Improve Your Fixed Limit Holdem Tournament Results.

With the proliferation of No-Limit Holdem it can seem that Online Fixed Limit Holdem Tournaments are increasinlgy rare. But wait – not only do most online poker rooms offer Limit Multi Player tournaments at a variety of buy-ins – these games are often well attended! This article looks at 7 ways to improve your Limit Holdem Tournament results - with our recommendation of where to find the best Fixed Limit Holdem poker tournaments at the end of the article.

Fixed Limit Holdem Tournament Tip #1 - Treat the Early Stages Like a Cash Game

Many players come into Limit Holdem Tournaments with the ‘double up or go home’ mentality during the early stages, or are just plain inexperienced enough to be 4-betting junk aces (for example). This can actually lead to early exits for the over aggressive players. You should play solid poker early just as you would in a cash game. Re-raise with premium hands, limp behind if your hand has some implied odds value and so on. The time for creativity is later!

Fixed Limit Holdem Tournament Tip #2 – Watch Your Opponents

Early in a Limit Holdem Tournament there will be many aggressive players, watch them carefully. The opponents you are looking for are the ones that like to open pots and then bet out – but do not go to showdown too often. Identifying these players can lead to many profitable stealing and re-stealing opportunities.

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Fixed Limit Holdem Tournament Tip #3 – Watch Your Stack Size

Evaluate your stack size in terms of how many hands you can play through to the end at the current levels. A rule of thumb here is that you can see a showdown with betting on each street with 3 and a half big bets. When you are able to play 3 to 4 hands before busting you need to be more selective with your starting hand requirements. With less than this you are going to be committed to play any pot you enter to the end – so be careful with those starting hands!

Fixed Limit Holdem Tournament Tip #4  - Short Stacks and Pot Odds

When you have a very small stack, with not enough chips for betting on each street, you should look carefully at showdown equity. A good but not great hand may have the correct odds to double or even triple up. This will be helped if your opponents continue to bet after you are all-in, knocking out hands that may have out drawn you on later streets.

Fixed Limit Holdem Tournament Tip #5 – Bluffing Opportunities

While it can be difficult to bluff in the early stages of a Limit Holdem Tournament the later stages involve plenty of opportunities. This can be especially effective on the turn betting round when the bet doubles. Remember to pick your opponents carefully, taking into account previous tendencies and stack sizes. Semi-bluffing (where you have outs to make the best hand when called) is more profitable over time.

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Fixed Limit Holdem Tournament Tip #6 – Big Stack Play in the Late Game

As a big stack in a Limit Holdem Tourney you are in a great position as the bet sizes increase. Use position and aggression in addition to good decisions after the flop and you will be able to pick up many pots from smaller stacked opponents who do not want to commit too many chips to reach a showdown.

Fixed Limit Holdem Tournament Tip #7 – Heads Up On The End

If you are fortunate enough to reach the heads up stage of a Limit Holdem Tournament then remember 3 things: Position, Position and Position! Raise most hands from the Small Blind (Button) but be more selective calling raises when you are the big blind. Being last to act after the flop will give you a huge advantage on the turn and river betting rounds when the big money starts to go into the pot.



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