Online Poker Bluffing 5 Essential Tips for Successful Online Poker Bluffs

Bluffing In Poker Is Essential As Part Of A Well Balanced Online Poker Strategy,
Our 5 Bluffing Tips Will Ensure Your Bluffs Show A Profit Over Time !

Having a good Bluffing Strategy is an essential component successfully balanced online poker strategy. If you never bluff then opponents will soon realize that you have a ‘real’ hand whenever you bet - and so they may fold. Conversely if you always bluff opponents will be more likely to call with a good, but not great hand - costing you money.

Here we look article looks at 5 ways in which you can improve your profits by correctly bluffing in online poker tournaments or cash games

Online Poker Bluffing Tips #1: Bluff The Right Opponents

Some Online Poker Players are almost impossible to bluff, they will call you down to the river with very weak hands or even just Ace-High. These players are sometimes known as ‘Calling Stations’ - watch out for people who always call and make sure you do not bluff them with nothing! Conversely, some players are extremely timid - and will always fold if they missed the flop - these are ideal bluffing candidates... though if they re-raise you you had better fold all but the strongest poker starting hands!

Online Poker Bluffing Tips #2: Ensure You Bluff As Few Opponents As Possible

Bluffs will be more successful if you make sure that you bluff into as few opponents as possible. One person is the ideal number but set your maximum to 2... as more players get involved in a pot the chances that someone has a hand good enough to call you with increases dramatically - successful bluffers know to keep the number of opponents to a minimum.

Online Poker Tournament Bluffing Tips #3: Use Your Position To Improve Bluffing Success

It is much better to bluff when you are last to act. This gives you the advantage of seeing opponents act before you do, if they all check (thus demonstrating weakness) then a bluff-raise might take well down the pot. If someone who checked then re-raises you then you need to give up the bluff – but do not worry - there will be plenty more opportunities.

Online Poker Tournament Bluffing Tips #4: Use Your Chip Stack To Bluff

Tournament play, which includes Sit and Go Tournaments, give many extra opportunities to bluff. You can use peoples fear of busting out just before the money to pick up more chips. As 'The Bubble' approaches you can increase your bluffing frequency - if a short stack re-raises you then it is easy to fold – safe in the knowledge that they had a good hand.

Online Poker Tournament Bluffing Tips #5: Why Semi-Bluffing Is Best

Semi Bluffing works the same way as bluffing but with one major exception, you are bluffing with a hand that might improve to be the best hand those times you are called. For example on the flop you have a straight draw - now you can bluff raise representing a strong hand, you may win the pot right away - but if not then there are still 8 cards that could give you the best hand on the turn. Think of semi-bluffing as bluffing with insurance!!

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