Which Poker Sites Accept Skrill Deposits? Your Guide to Skrill Online Poker Deposits in 2021

Skrill Online Poker Deposits Are Open To Non-US Players Worldwide.
The Lowdown On Poker Sites Accepting Skrill Here.


Skrill remains my own go-to wallet for poker deposits and still has the lowest fees of any of the better known / trusted eWallet services.


Below I have explained how to use this service, and list some of the best extra bonuses you can get at leading Skrill poker sites when you make your first Skrill deposit. Fees are creeping up since their merger with Neteller, though they are still at the lower end of the scale.

Update: Skrill has now pulled out of Canada, see my Canadian Deposit Methods article for info on how to get around the banking restrictions there. I am also hearing news that the Skrill site has been blocked by Russia, though it is not clear whether this is all ISPs - or just another of My Putin's threats!

Skrill Online Poker - An Overview

Just yesterday a colleague asked me to recommend a new electronic payments system for his poker deposits and withdrawals. I said Skrill without a second of hestiation - the combination of being easy, fast, having lower fees and coming with a MasterCard you can use to spend your account balance directly make this a no-brainer in 2021 for me! I use them for as many of my online poker transactions as possible.

You might also have heard the name 'MoneyBookers'. This is the same service. They started (back in 2001!) with this name, and have been slowly rebranding to Skrill. This switch-over is almost complete, though you will still see the occasional mention of the old one. This service is owned by the same people behind Neteller and the PaySafeCard voucher system. Their market share outside of the US is huge, not just as a poker deposit method - this is fast becoming a mainstream electronic payments system.

This article looks at the leading poker sites accepting Skrill deposits and provides simple instructions for making payments and withdrawing profits. Firstly I have outlined a quick overview of the steps required to set up your Skrill account. This is a simple one-off process, after which you are free to deposit and withdraw as often as you like. After that you will find my recs for Skrill poker sites (888 Poker win this time!). For readers that would like more detail, I have ended this page with a FAQ, which covers legal, safety and step-by-step instructions for making that Skrill poker deposit happen!

Planet Mark's Top Rec: A clear number #1 pick for me for Skrill deposits is 888 Poker. This site is super-soft, has smart software and plenty of player promos. You can try out the real money games before you make a deposit with tokens (the offer depends on your location, with up to $88 in some spots). If you like what you see (and I think you will), then the 100% deposit bonus is available any time down the line. Check out the best Skrill poker site by miles for youself at www.888poker.com now!

Skrill Poker Deposits - Simple Instructions On How To Set Up Your Account


  • First, log on to www.skrill.com and click the ‘register’ button, you will be asked to fill out all the usual details such as name / date of birth / address and then confirm.
  • You can use the system straight away, you simply upload some funds from your bank card into your account. I recommend taking the time to verify your address and bank card(s), as this increases the amount of cash you can deposit and withdraw. This is very easy, a letter will be sent within 10 days containing a code to verify your address. For your bank account Skrill will make a micro-deposit, you type in the reference number that comes with this.
  • Once verified your limits are increased dramatically – and with fees of less than 50c for small transactions you’ll be able to transfer cash into leading poker sites using Moneybookers – and withdraw those profits too. You can also send and receive money from other people with Skrill accounts.

It really is as simple and straight forward as that, while Skrill / MoneyBookers is not currently available in the USA, this method covers a huge number of countries across several continents - I strongly believe that the small effort in setting up an account will pay for itself many times over in terms of easy poker deposits and withdrawals from then on.

Which Leading Poker Sites Accept Skrill Deposits?

While you are making your first deposits, you can claim some cool free bonus cash at the best known sites around.

Skrill Poker Sites - 888 Poker - Up to $88 In Tokens To Try Out The Real Money Games (Depends on Your Location!)

Skrill deposits at 888Poker.com888 Poker are at the top of my list for good reasons. They not only have the longest list of deposit and withdrawal methods of any online poker site (it is huge!), they are also one of the fastest payers too. Combine this with cool software and the softest games you will find anywhere (largely thanks to cross over traffic from their big casino brand) and you will see why this site is growing fast in 2021 while many of their rivals are shrinking! 888 have grown to become the 2nd largest online poker site, and if you were to compare their games side-by-side with PokerStars - the only site which is bigger - you'll immediately see how 'recreational' the 888 games are.

Here is how the $88 deal works, you'll get $8 in tokens and cash game buy-ins right away, no deposit or credit card info needed. As you collect points from the games you will get 10 more increments of $8, which is in the form of tokens for tournaments and cash games. If you choose to deposit at any time down the line then you can still get the 100% welcome bonus (the free offer does not affect this). There are variations on this for different countries, some Eastern Euro countries are not included, and others (for example the UK) have their own special deals.

Using Skrill is easy at 888. First install the software, then create your account, then hit the big 'Cashier' button and choose Skrill from the list. You will be prompted for your deposit amount and can then log-in to your account separately to confirm the transaction. The money will be immediately credited, and you get a 100% matched bonus on the amount to start you off on the right track!

I strongly recommend 888 Poker for many good reasons - the easy deposits and withdrawals is the icing on the cake - Click here to check out those easy games at www.888poker.com for yourself now!

Skrill Deposits at 888 Poker

Skrill Deposits At PokerStars - How You Can Claim Up To 3 Separate Welcome Bonuses

The number one online poker site by number of players accepting Moneybookers / Skrill deposits is PokerStars – at almost twice the size of their nearest rivals (888 Poker). They have an unsurpassed game selection, amazing software and famous tournaments including the acclaimed Sunday Million, PokerStars are a must-see for anyone even remotely serious about their online poker.

Here is a little insider tip you can combine with your Skrill deposit - you can actually claim 3 welcome bonuses at PokerStars, each a 100% match, these can be up to $600 in total. Great for players who want to check out the games for a few dollars before committing a larger chunk of their poker bankroll. You can also use the code THIRTY to get $30 in tournement tokens and Spin N Go buy-ins a small deposit.

Here is the process:

- Register your Stars account. Use Affiliate Marketing Code PSP3108 from the drop-down list.

- Deposit with Skrill, use Bonus Code STARS600 for up to 3 first deposit matches ($600 total) or THIRTY for the tokens deal.

Check out PokerStars now at www.pokerstars.com!

Skrill Poker Deposits At Titan Poker - $20 Extra Free Cash On Top Of Your 200% Match With Skrill Deposits + Bonus Code SNGPLANET

Titan Poker Skrill deposits are in real time – and available in a large number of countries too. This is the single biggest poker site on the amazing iPoker Network, are another great choice for soft (fishy) poker games, thanks to the cross over traffic from all the big high street sports betting outfits who share the network. This site is profitable for experienced players, and a safe place to learn away from the 'grinders' and serious players!

You'll get $20 extra free paid directly into your Titan Poker player account within 48 hours of making your first deposit (usually much sooner!) + a 200% welcome bonus + $10k prize pool tournament tokens and access to the super-cool 'Titan Treasures' reward scheme.

All you need to do is register your account with bonus code SNGPLANET, then make an instant Skrill deposit of $20 or more. Check out those crazy, easy to beat Titan Poker tables for yourself now!

skrill deposits at Titan Poker
200% Up To $2K + $20 Free With Bonus Code SNGPLANET

Detailed Frequently Asked Questions for Skrill Poker Sites

What Are The Pros and Cons of Skrill Compared to Other Poker Payment Methods?

Lots to cover with this question. Skrill is one of several services which are collectively known as ‘electronic wallets’ or ‘eWallets’. Others include PayPal, Neteller and WebMoney. While PayPal is the best known, this is not widely used for online poker.

Skrill has a long history with only poker sites, and is available in a lot of countries and at most of the main sites. The biggest benefit for me is the security. You log on separately, and will never need to give any bank details (or even your Skrill details) to an online poker site. I keep part of my poker bankroll in my Skrill account. This makes it easy to move money around (without having to think of my bank balance!) when there is a good offer at any site.

There are two downsides. First, there is a cost. Unlike PayPal, with Skrill you pay when you send money. This is a small fee, and should be covered by poker bonuses. Second, it will take time to set up and verify your account.

One extra positive. You can order a MasterCard which links to your balance. This is available in most countries, though some Eastern Euro type places are excluded (too many fraudsters etc maybe?). This gives you direct ATM access to your funds, making it possible to access poker winnings without involving your bank at all.

Is Skrill a Legal Poker Deposit Option?

Yes, this is legal and regulated. Most legal questions come from the US, and Skrill is not used there. It is also not used in Canada. There are no legal issues there, though the close ties between the US and CA banking systems mean that many eWallets pulled out.

As long as the poker site you are playing at is legal, then you can legally use Skrill to send and receive money there.

What Are the Steps Needed to Make a Skrill Poker Deposit?

3 Steps in total (including the sign-ups).

First, you need to have an account at an online poker site which welcomes Skrill. I play at 888 Poker, and recommend that you join me. Compared to PokerStars the games are silly-soft! See www.888poker.com for the latest deals.

Second, you need a Skrill account. The initial signup part is easy (2 minutes easy). You will need to upload some funds from your bank. To get above a minimal transaction limit, you need to get verified and verify your bank with a micro-payment. Again, this is very easy and is a one-off task.


You are now ready for the depositing part:

Head to the cashier at your poker room (if they try to hide this area of their site, then you are in the wrong room!). Choose ‘Deposit’ and then look for the Skrill logo. When you click this, you end up at a screen like this one (taken from 888 Poker).

Here you add your Skrill e-mail, the amount you want to deposit (some sites will have pre-set amounts, others allow you to type this in), and any bonus code your site gave you.

When you hit that ‘Submit’ button, you are transferred to Skrill. An new window is used, and this should be secure before you continue. You then log in separately to Skrill, where you will see an invoice waiting for you from the poker site. All you need to do here is verify that everything is correct, and click the ‘Pay’ button.

You then get transferred back to your poker site. The usual online merchant message saying ‘If you are not transferred in 10 seconds, click here’ will appear.

This confirm screen is from my 888 Poker deposit, all sites will give you something along these lines.

Confirm Skrill Deposit

That is all there is to it. What is even better, you can deposit as often as you like once you are set up.

Note that I blurred out my e-mail, bankroll and confirmation numbers... I'm happy to share, but hey, got to have some privacy!

Can I Withdraw Using Skrill?

Yes, this eWallet works for withdrawals. In fact, this is one of the benefits of Skrill – as many payment options at online poker sites are one-way.

The process is simple. Head back to the cashier, hit ‘Withdraw’ and again look for Skrill. You need to type in your e-mail and the amount to withdraw. All poker sites take a day or two to manually approve withdrawals. Once approved and the payment sent, this will be in your account in a matter of minutes.

A couple of quick additions here. When you first withdraw you will often be asked to supply Id documents. Yes, this is a hassle. Keep in mind that by protecting themselves (and you!) from fraud, the poker sites are able to operate effectively… see it as your small part in keeping things clean. Second, if you did not deposit using Skrill to start off with, some sites will not allow withdrawals. This can be solved with a small deposit – though chat to the cashier staff first.

Skrill Secure Poker Deposit OptionIs Skrill Safe and Secure?

I use this system for the majority of my poker payments, and believe it to be up there with the most secure poker payment methods. The history speaks for itself. This system (which used to be called MoneyBookers) has been around for more than 15 years, and has been involved in exactly zero incidents or scandals.

The peace of mind of not having to keep your bank account on the poker sites, and no linking your bank to any of them directly is a welcome extra too.

Which Is The Best Skrill Poker Site?

For me, 888 Poker is an easy pick.

This site hits that balance between silly-soft games (especially compared to PokerStars) and a big choice. 888 are now the second biggest poker site.

They offer tokens to try out the real money games before you deposit in most countries. These change regularly, and you’ll find out what is on offer for you as soon as you check their website.

Topping it off, 888 Poker have apps (Android and iPhone), no-download games and download clients for both PCs and Mac owners.

Check out www.888poker.com right now - and get your Skrill gaming off to a great start!

Skrill Deposits at 888 Poker

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