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Which Online Poker Sites Accept EcoCard

EcoCard Poker DepositsIt is about time we saw a serious contender appear from the large number of eWallets now available. What I like about EcoPayz is that they have several different options, ranging from a regular electronic wallet account, though to physical or virtual cards. If you prefer, you can load up your card with pre-paid vouchers which can be bought anonymously. This enables you to get a fully functional credit card without involving your bank in any way.

This page explains the EcoCard and wider EcoPayz accounts and how they work first of all below. After that I have highlighted the steps for using this at the leading sites. At the end of the page are two special deals (one for $20 extra and the other more than $80 extra) which you can pick up right now with your EcoCard poker deposits.

Just to note that this method is not available for US players, I have covered the deposit methods which are in this article in a lot of details.

Overview of How EcoCard and EcoPayz Work

The way to visualize this deposit method is to think of EcoPayz as the company, whose products are the ecoAccount (eWallet, very much like PayPal or Skrill) and the Card as either a physical or virtual extension of this.

My Rec for Easy EcoCard / EcoPayz Deposits - 888 Poker: 888 have the longest list of payment options of any poker room - as well as the smoothest deposits and no-fuss cashouts. That would be reason to recommend them on its own - though add the super-soft games and generous promos and 888 become my easy EcoPayz rec. You can get $88 free play (£20 for the UK) in the real money games before you even make a deposit, then a 100% match at any point if you like what you find. 888 Poker are the fastest growing site at the moment, and for good reasons. Check out now, and find out why for youself!

Benefits of choosing the eWallet include creating a buffer between your personal banking details and any online merchants (including poker sites or casinos) that you choose to use. Instead of sharing your main card details online, you only share your EcoAccount details, and so your liability should the merchant or gambling site get hacked is only the amount you have in your wallet – not your entire bank balance!

There is an app which works on all the major phone formats, and a web-based version too. Think of this like a separate bank account. You register, load it up with some money (either via your bank or a prepaid voucher) and then you can spend the balance at any site which accepts this method.

The EcoCard (MasterCard)

You can also apply for a card which goes alongside your EcoAccount. This is a MasterCard, and you can either have a physical one sent to you, or a virtual one which only exists online. You can use these cards to spend the money in your account – so they are more of a debit card than a credit card.

What this does is expand the number of ways you can use your eWallet account dramatically. Instead of being limited to merchants which accept transactions from EcoAccounts, you can spend your money anywhere that accepts MasterCard.#

When you win, you can pay the money back into your account as long as the poker site or casino displays the ‘Eco’ sign for their payment methods.

Practical Steps – Using Your EcoAccount and EcoCard for Poker Deposits

There are two steps required to get your deposit fulfilled, first you’ll need a player account – and then you’ll need to make your deposit. Most poker sites display their payment methods prominently from their homepage. You are looking for the Eco sign for the eWallet, or else the MasterCard sign for the cards which go with it.

Registering is usually very quick and easy, you’ll enter some personal information, verify your e-mail by clicking a link and you are good to go. Remember that you’ll be asked for backup documents by many sites when you withdraw those poker winnings – so keeping the information accurate from the start is worthwhile.

Next find the cashier.

Poker sites accepting EcoCardIf you pay with your account a new tab or window will open for you to log in to this account once you specify the amount to deposit. You can log on securely from all the major poker site brands, confirm your deposit, and return to the cashier with your account funded.

If you are using the card version, then click on MasterCard, and full out your information as if you were making any other online purchase.

Bonus codes are sometimes used at this stage, though many sites instead use these during the initial sign up process these days.

All being well, your funds will be online instantly, and you’ll be ready to hit the tables.

EcoCard and EcoPayz Poker Site Offers

Below are two great offers for non-US players using their EcoCard or EcoAccount to deposit for the first time:

Eco Offer #1: $20 Extra + 200% deposit match at Titan Poker, with bonus code SNGPLANET. All you need to do is register with bonus code SNGPLANET, deposit with EcoCard or EcoAccount, and I will ensure that $20 additional cash is placed into your account within 48 hours (usually sooner!). There are also tournament tokens, and the amazing Titan Treasures scheme to keep you topped up. More details at

Eco Offer #2: $88 Free upfront to try the games over at 888 Poker. This site is on a real tear recently, and has become the 2nd largest online. You can use the MasterCard payment option via EcoPayz here. The $88 is in 11 increments (points needed to release each one), and starts with $8 with no strings, no deposit and no card info needed – a great opportunity to find out what all the fuss is about at

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