Americas Cardroom - Winning Poker Network Deposit Methods 2019

How To Deposit And Withdraw From America’s Cardroom On The Winning Poker Network (WPN)

Americas Cardroom Deposit MethodsAs we go into 2020, deposits onto US networks are getting somewhat easier – and the Winning Poker Network are leading the way by making this process very smooth and easy. This article will focus on the oldest member of this network, the rock-solid America’s Cardroom. It will show you the different options available for getting your money on-board, and then show you the important info on how to get your profits out again.

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Americas Cardroom / WPN Deposit Methods

You have 5 methods to choose from inside the US, with many more for worldwide players (which I will cover at the end). These are Credit Cards, Pre-Paid Cards, Money Transfer Services, Player-To-Player Transfer and Bitcoins. Unless otherwise stated the minimum deposit on the Winning Poker Network is $50.

Credit Card Deposits At America’s Cardroom

The easiest way is your credit card, with Visa being the top choice for going through first time. This will be processed using an international purchase code, so you will need to ensure that your card is authorized for these (most are by default). If your main card does get declined then give your backup card a try, you never know.

Just because a card gets declined first time does not mean it will never work for poker deposits on the Winning Poker Network. The sites pay a cat and mouse game with the banks via their payment processors – and you will often find your card works now and again. I recommend you chat with ACR support with any issues, they are used to these questions and their jobs depend on getting your deposits on-board (a great way to keep people motivated!).

Pre-Paid Visa Card Deposits At America’s Cardroom

You need to mail or speak to ACR support before you head out and get a pre-paid Visa. They will tell you which brand to get and which chain of convenience store stocks them. Once you know what to get, this is an easy method – you just top up your card (there will be a small charge at the point of purchase) and then you are good to deposit in the same way as with a normal Visa.

Money Transfer Deposits At America’s Cardroom

Western Union’s ‘Rapid Transfer’ is a way of wiring money between individuals and businesses across the world, and the poker sites have found a way of using this as a reliable deposit method. Again you need to get in touch with support, who will give you tracking numbers and the name of an individual to wire the money to. You then find your local branch and hand over the cash in person – the reconciliation at the other end should be done in a few hours. MoneyGram works in the same way for many poker sites – since this is an ever-changing situation, you’ll need to ask.

Update: With SpeedPay becoming available, this method got even easier for WU users, you do not even need to visit a branch office. 

Player-To-Player Transfer At America’s Cardroom

If you have a buddy with a balance, then you can always ask for a transfer inside the system on the Winning Poker Network. This saves a lot of trouble with finding a card that works. Note that your account needs to be verified by security before you can transfer.

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Bitcoin Deposits At America’s Cardroom

America's Cardroom were a fairly early adopter of Bitcoin payments - and can this method is now established and reliable. While many people think of this as something for the geeks, Bitcoin is very much a mainstream option these days. All you need to get started is a Bitcoin wallet (think of this like a PayPal account!), and an id from the poker site to send money to. You can then get money on board instantly. 

Keep in mind that this is one payment option which is well and truly outside the jurisdiction of the US financial services!

Withdrawing From America’s Card Room And The Winning Poker Network

WPN Winning Poker Network Deposit MethodsBefore you can withdraw you will need to verify your account. This is a simple process and involves sending copies of your driver’s license and some other documents to security. Do make sure your details are correct when you sign-up, otherwise you’ll need to explain any differences at cash out time.

The main withdrawals method are paper check or withdrawing back to your credit card (including some pre-paid),

Paper checks are super-reliable, though do take a while to get cut and mailed to you. The good news is that banks usually accept these with no questions, and will clear them into your account in 5+ days.

With verification you can withdraw back to many cards, you’ll need to speak with support (as for most things on this page!). When these requests can be handled, they are very fast – within 3 days on some occasions.

Alternative methods vary and it is definitely worth speaking to support to find out whether they can use money transfer or bank-wires to get your winnings to you.

America’s Cardroom Deposit Methods – Worldwide Players

Players outside of the US should take a moment to appreciate how easy they have things when it comes to making poker site deposits and withdrawals.

Recommended methods include eWallet services – which act as a buffer between your bank and the poker sites.  Keeping part of your money on brands like Skrill (MoneyBookers) or Neteller will also mean you have it available to deposit when sites offer bonuses or promotions too – which can be great for your bottom line.

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