Unibet Poker Sit N Go Tournaments


  • Long running brand who recently moved from MPN to become a stand-alone site
  • Poker pros actively discouraged (no HUD tools)
  • Amazing 3D graphics / avatars which are different to any other site around

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  • €10 No-Deposit Bonus
  • 100% Match if you do decide to make a deposit
  • Plenty of promotions and give-aways
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Sit N Go Tournaments at Unibet Poker – A Complete Guide

Planet Mark's Summary: Unibet poker is an ideal site for those who like to keep their sit n go play straightforward. The no frills approach to these games sees fast paced 5 player sit n goes as the only option alongside the heads up games. Yes, there is a lack of variety, but to counter this, you’ll rarely have a problem finding a table and the player pool is made up by many sportsbook and casino users. Some of these players are only skilled at one aspect of the game – hitting the all-in button! If you want to check out the games, take advantage of the free £10 no deposit offer and you’ll find out exactly how weak some of these players are.

Below is a detailed look at the Sit N Go tournaments at www.unibetpoker.com. I’ll start by covering the single table tournaments, before looking at heads up Sit N Go’s offered alongside. I then suggest my usual ‘5 Reasons’ to play before a finishing summary.


Unibet Poker Sit N Goes – 1 Table Sit N Goes

Unibet Poker do a very good job of keeping things simple, meaning if you want to play a single table sit n go, you’ll have one option only – a 5 player game. No, the site doesn’t have the variety offered at other poker sites, but on occasions you’ll find sites with so many options that actually filling a table can take forever. Here, the only variety is your stake, where you’ll find tables running for stakes of €1, €2, €4, €10, €25, €50 and €100. You won’t have to worry about table selection either, as hitting the ‘Join’ button will give you a seat at the next available table, meaning ‘bum hunters’ have no way of selecting weak tables.

The games all start with 2,000 chips and have 3 minute blind levels (which start at 15/30), which would put them somewhere between the turbo and super turbo sit and goes you’ll find at other sites. With 5 players at each table, the top two will always be paid, the winner receiving exactly double of the payout of the runner up.

Unibet Poker Sit and Go Tournaments

Unibet Poker Sit N Goes – Heads Up Sit N Goes

Alongside the 5 player games, you’ll also find a similar range of heads up sit and goes. These are available at all of the same stakes found when playing the single table games and each table will obviously fill when two players have registered by hitting the ‘Join’ button.

These heads up games have similar 3 minute blind levels, meaning once again that the games are quick playing. These games see the players start with 1,000 chip stacks, which only increases the speed and excitement of these two player events.

5 Great Reasons to Play SNG’s at Unibet Poker

#1 – Weak Player Pool - When playing poker you want to be up against weak players and at Unibet you’ll certainly find those players willing to go all in from the start. Don’t be surprised to see two or three players shove the first hand at smaller stakes (of course I’m going to shove, my 8 and 9 were suited!). These weaker players come from the very popular sportsbook and casino users at Unibet, who will habitually move over to try their hand at poker after a win on the slots or after a payout on the soccer.

#2 – Expertise - Some may say the lack of variety is a bad thing, but playing the same type of tournament again and again means you’ll be refining your skills every time you play. Becoming an expert at these 5 player games can be a great way to build that bankroll quickly.

#3 – Entertainment – Unibet poker has a big focus on fun. You can choose from an entertaining array of tables to play on, including on an air hockey table, a pool table, a railway track or even (shock, horror) a standard poker table. You’ll also be able to choose from a whole host of fun avatars. Even if this fun aspect doesn’t particularly appeal to you, it will for others, making those ‘fun’ games a little looser than usual.

#4 – Lack of Grinders – Since the new Unibet standalone poker launched just a couple of years ago, players using heads up displays have been banned, meaning the site is much less attractive to those grinders who play a great amount of tables at once (who are habitually found at sites such as PokerStars). Here you’re up against a much weaker player pool and a solid game will be a profitable one.

#5 – Promotions – At Unibet poker you’ll be given free money to play with before you even start with a £10 try before you buy no deposit bonus. Sit n go players have their own promotion too, where every time you cash you’ll earn a ticket to one of two ‘flip’ freerolls, with weekly prize pools of €400 and €600.

Yes, at first glance you might be a little surprised at the lack of variety on offer at Unibet Poker when it comes to Sit N Goes, but once you get into the swing of the site, you’ll realize that there is cash to be won here. The games are on the quicker side than usual, making them ideal for those players who want more tournaments per hour and you’ll be surprised at how weak some of the players actually are – never a bad thing!


Check out Unibet Poker for yourself now!

Unibet Poker Tournaments


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