Tournament Indicator Review

Tournament Indicator Review Covering
What This Powerful Tournament Poker Calculator Can Do To Transform Your Profits

While both cash game and SNG fans have benefited from poker software which is specifically tailored to their games – tournaments have until now proven tricky to create the 'perfect tool' for. Since there are many stages of tournaments requiring different skills and calculations, any ‘one-size-fits-all’ software solution would not really fit. I'm very pleased to announce that I have found a tool which can not only cope with the changing pressures of tournaments, but can help newer players learn tournament strategy while beating the games!

Tournament Indicator Review

Tournament Indicator has literally come along and changed the game – this tournament poker tool which assists during deep-stacked early play, those tricky middle stages and the all-in or fold portion of the game too… what is more, this is approved for use at all of the major poker sites – here I show you how Tournament Indicator can transform your long-term profits, and may even help you take down that big score you have been dreaming of!!

I will look at the features of Tournament Indicator one-by-one and show you how these directly translate into benefits for tournament fans:

  • “M” Calculations, Made famous by Dan Harrington, the ‘M’ score is a ratio of your stack to the blinds and antes and dramatically affects your starting hand selection and strategy. Tournament Indicator calculates everyone at your table’s M-score, giving you a huge advantage when it comes to exploiting those opponent’s mistakes. I should note that you do not have to read Harrington to know what to do with the 'M', this is part of the advice-engine inside this tool - so the mathematically 'correct' action will be suggested by the tool for you!

  • Opponent Profiling, See how often your opponents raise, fold to bets after the flop and whether they always go to showdown once entering a pot… to name just 3 uses of the statistics this tool collects on your opponents. You’ll know which opponents to bluff, who to extract value out of and stop wasting chips trying to push calling stations off of hands – serious information which can help you go deep again and again.

Tournament Indicator Review 2014

  • All-In Situations, Tournament Indicator has a ‘MatchCard’ feature which is used to assess situations late in a tournament where you (and / or an opponent) might be all-in. Together with profiling the type of hands a individual opponent might call or shove with this is very powerful information… no more guessing about whether an all-in or call is profitable, you get the math and make a great decision every time.

  • Odds, Tilt Factor and Customization, I'll group the last 3 features together – though this does not mean they are not powerful! Odds calculations help you in the early stages, the unique ‘Tilt Factor’ software looks at patterns in play to assess the likelihood of an opponent going on Tilt! Customization is for the interface, which does not dominate your screen like many other poker software tools and simply tags to the bottom of your table and offers profitable advice.

Well, I know that most beginning tournament players can improve their profits significantly with this kind of information. Imagine what that big score could do for your online poker career! I also believe that experienced players might learn a thing or two from Tournament Indicator. To put this in perspective it would only take fixing one or two small leaks in the mid-game or an error in your push-fold game to help you convert those deep runs into more final tables. You can even check out Tournament Indicator for 7 days with their free trial.

I recommend this tool highly – check out Tournament Indicator Website for yourself now!

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