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A Fantastic Innovation From My Favorite Poker Tools People - The Super-HUD Combines The Already Powerful Poker Calculator Pro and Tournament Shark Tools With An Easy To Use Display!

Poker Pro Labs have been at the cutting edge of online poker tools for many years now. While they do not have the high profile of the likes of PokerTracker or Holdem Manager – those who know their products are enjoying some of the most innovative products around, products which are approved for use at the major rooms.

Below you will find a video which explains the latest creation – Super HUD, which combines two of the products I have been recommending for a couple of years now. I'll write a summary of what you can do with this tool and the key benefits underneath the video.

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Poker Pro Labs Super-HUD - What Makes This Tool Unique?

This HUD is different due to a powerful combination of data sources. First you get the advantage of the data from the Holdem Profiler and Top Shark Pro, which are massive databases of win / loss and ROI stats which are displayed in such a way as to be approved by PokerStars and the other major sites. Next you get to import your own hand histories, which grabs all the data from opponents you have tangled with in the past. Finally, if you have any Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker history data you can also import this into the Super-HUD. This unique combo of data-sources is just the first reason that this tool stands out...

Next, you get to configure profiles for using the tool. For example, most players do not want to mix tournament and cash game stats, which can lead seeing stats which might lead you to the wrong decision. I also like to keep SNG data separated, especially some of the niche games like Double-or-Nothing SNGs - where players are naturally super-tight.

Super-HUD gives you more than 70 on-screen statistics to select and allows you to configure how they are seen. I like the simple list setup of this tool. Just select and click arrows to add / remove a particular stat.

What I really like is that you can get a 'combo deal' from the Pro Poker Labs, with a subscription to one of the tracking services, access to their world-class poker calculator (see my Poker Calculator Pro review for more on this) + the Super-HUD in one package... If I know the labs you'll be in line for the latest innovations coming up as we go into 2015 too!

Check out the Poker Pro Labs website for yourself now!

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