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This Pro Level Poker Calculator Software Will Seriously Increase Your Profits…

Poker Pro Labs are at the cutting edge of poker software tools design – and their flagship tool Poker Calculator Pro shows exactly why this group are so widely acclaimed by professional online poker players around the word… While I recommend many of their specific tools (particularly Tournament Shark) the Poker Calculator pro is a fantastic all-rounder, which is approved by all of the major poker sites – and will boost your bankroll by giving you new insights into equity calculations, odds and outs which even hardened pros need to stay on top of. If you want to stay ahead of the competition online, whether in SNGs, cash games or tournaments - then I recommend you get the best calculator available - from the team at the cutting edge of poker tools development.

Poker Calculator Pro works by reading the cards from the table, you are then presented with mathematically perfect advice in terms of winning chances, pot odds and the long term expected value of each move – but this is just the start.

The real power of Poker Calculator Pro comes from the ability to determine the style and betting tendencies of the opponents you are facing, detect patterns in their play and then give you the best course of action to outplay them at the tables again and again! This kind of edge is huge, and as 1000’s of satisfied users can attest – a significant boost to your poker bankroll right from day 1.

Poker Calculator Pro Review – Summary Of Key Benefits:

Your Opponents Are Labeled Based On Play History, Allowing You To Quickly Identify (And Profit From!) The Fish!

Accurate Odds And Outs Data In Real Time Means That You Can Immediately Spot If A Situation Will Make You Money Or Lose It In The Long Run

Suggested Actions Based On A Combination Of Your Style, Odds / Outs + The Style Of Opponents Still In The Hand, A Huge Help In Tricky Spots

Poker Calculator Pro - How Does This Compare To Similar Tools

There are plenty of tools out there which do roughly the same tasks, acting as 'advice engines' and calculating your equity for different play options. Here is how I see this pro-level tool in comparison to some of the others:

Holdem Indicator: For me this is the beginner version of Poker Calculator Pro. While Holdem Indicator guides newer players through the basic math, positional play and bet sizing (allowing them to learn the game while making a profit), Poker Calculator Pro is the tool which takes you to the next level of understanding. While Indicator gives you the nuts and bolts, Calc Pro fine-tunes your poker decisions and teaches you to exploit each opponent and specific situation for that extra bit of ROI which keeps your profits growing.

Holdem Manager 1 / 2: While Holdem Manager (either version) collects a giant database of stats based on hands which you play with different opponents, you need to work out for yourself how to use those stats to choose how to play. While you will learn these skills as you go along, there are always hidden leaks inherent in this kind of approach. With integration into the Poker Pro Labs 'Super-HUD' you get a lot of insights into opponents from Poker Calculator Pro. While I still recommend Holdem Indicator for cash game grinders above the lowest levels, Calc Pro can add valuable insights into your game by offering advice on lines to take against different players. When you reach the point of going to 'stats only' (whether with Holdem Manager or Super-HUD) then you will have a lot more insights and creative betting lines to draw from.

Poker Calc Pro Review - Summing It Up + Next Steps

Poker Calculator Pro is the best software in its category and is ideal for both beginning and intermediate level players looking to improve their game and grow their bankrolls. Poker Pro Labs have some fantastic tools, they keep creating and innovating and have now been at the cutting edge of poker software creation for several years. If you have not yet discovered their range then what are you waiting for - some of your opponents are already making money out of you by using them!!

I strongly recommend Poker Pro Labs Poker Calculator Pro, check out how this tool could transform your profits today!

Poker Calculator Pro

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