Omaha Indicator Review

Omaha Indicator Is My Top Choice For PLO and PLO8 Players – By A Long Way!

Omaha Indicator ReviewI wish this tool had been around when I first made the transition from over to PLO, it would have saved a lot of time, pain and (most important of all) money!!

Omaha Indicator is a real-time odds calculator and virtual assistant which will quite literally transform your profits in PLO and PLO8 games. Approved by all the major poker sites, this cool Omaha tool profiles opponents and gives you accurate odds and outs information which includes those all important nut-outs... then advises you on the best play for the situation. Omaha Indicator also collects statistics on your opponents and even rates your starting hands.

It is easy to see how this tool can transform your profits whether you play Omaha cash games, SNGs or Omaha tournaments. For example, all the draws miss in a hand and you face a huge river bet – how would knowing how often this specific opponent bluffs their missed draws? Or exactlyy what kind of bets they make with a flopped set on a draw-free board ? How about those situations in big pots where you feel you are an underdog but are getting huge pot-odds to call, imagine how would real-time odds and outs calculations could instantly tell you whether your call is profitable over the long run based on your opponent’s stored tendencies??

Check Out Omaha Indicator Website and see a video of this cool tool in action + testimonials from players who have made a profitable transition to Omaha using this powerful software

Below is a list of features included in the package – as you read each one you should easily be able to come up with several situations where this could help you win more money or go deep in a tournament!

  • Fast Rating Of Starting Hands: Not only great for those new to Omaha, but allowing more experienced players to focus on the important hands fast and spot situations where a quality hand might actually get you in trouble!
  • 100% Accurate Odds And Outs: This is the ‘killer app’ part of the product in our opinion. With so many marginal and unclear situations where there is money in the pot against ranges of hands (even multi-way) that having this information can give you a profitable edge almost immediately.
  • Opponent Profiling: How about a tool which profiles your opponents – you’ll never accidentally try and push that calling station off of the 3rd nut low again!
  • Opponent Statistics: The great thing about opponent stats is that they get more useful as you use the tool more, how often will this opponent fold to continuation bets? How often will they steal? What range of hands will they open with? Serious decision making help in those tricky situations!
  • Nuts Alert! Ok, only a minor feature compared to some of the powerful help above – but when you are multi-tabling it can be easy to miss the nuts?

Check Out The Omaha Indicator Website Now!

Ok, I'm over the anger about not having this tool when I was making the transition myself. It should be clear that a small investment in this software will make a huge difference to your profits from the day you start using it. This is approved by all the poker sites, since it only offers advice and does not 'play for you'. Whether you want to add a couple of percentage points to an already solid Omaha game (whether high only or hi-lo) or are in the process of learning the nuances of this game then Omaha Indicator is a 'no brainer' as far as improving your profits goes.

If you needed any more reasons to check out Omaha Indicator for yourself there is even a free trial period. Check out Omaha Indicator now to see it transform your Omaha profits!

Omaha Indicator

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