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You Can Gain A Profitable Edge In Poker Tournaments Fast
With These Picks Of The Best MTT Poker Tools

Lets face it, it can be tough to get an edge in online poker games these days. Not only do you have to navigate the MTT minefields of 1000's of donks with little respect for anything resembling poker strategy – you have to know who the pro grinders are too.

You can gain an immediate advantage over any poker tournament field using the best (approved) MTT tools. The ones I list below are all ok to use at the bigger poker sites, who do ban unsuitable tools or those which go too far in automating play.  Instead of seeing the cost of these tools as an expense, I like to look on this in an investment – after all, you only need to reach 1 more final table and you will have paid for the software many times over!

There are 2 key tools I will feature below, the first one is ideal for beginning players and the 2nd one for intermediate to experienced poker tournament fans.

Best MTT Poker Tools #1 – Beginners Pick – Tournament Indicator

Beginners Pick – Tournament IndicatorThis tool is part advisor and part calculator, with a powerful algorithm which is based on 'M', the ratio of stacks to blinds made famous by pro Dan Harrington. What Tournament indicator does is watch you and your opponents play, and give you accurate pot-odds and outs information in any situation. Not only will you be able to avoid mathematical mistakes, you will also receive advice on the best play based on the style of your opponent. Since Tournament Indicator watches every hand it has a good idea of each players starting hand range and likely holdings based on their post flop behavior.

Approved by Pokerstars, Party, iPoker and the other major poker sites – this tool is like having a pro advising you while you play. By the time you have 'outgrown' the math advice you should have won many times the cost of this excellent MTT poker tool in tournament winnings.

>>Check out the full specification and features for this tool at the Tournament Indictor Website now! <<

Best MTT Poker Tool #2 – More Experienced Players – Tournament Shark

Experienced Poker Players – Tournament SharkIf you already have some tournament experience, the chances are that you are playing several tables at once. While the basic math and odds is easy after a lot of games – there is always a benefit to understanding which of your opponents are sharks and which are fish. This is one of the key strengths of Tournament Shark, which comes from the acclaimed Poker Pro Labs.

This tool attaches to the bottom of each table and gives you win / loss ability and style information for each of the players. This information is presented in a way that is approved by Pokerstars (and the other big sites), yet gives you everything you need to see who is a regular and who is a fish at a quick glance.

Pro Poker Labs have now integrated this tool into their 'Super-HUD' which is a configurable heads-up display, calculator and opponent database all in one. In fact the calculator is the most powerful on the market – the awesome Poker Calculator Pro.

Pro Poker Labs continue to innovate year-after-year. I recommend that any experienced player check out their offerings, the positive effect on your profits will be almost instant!

>>Check out the Pro Poker Labs Website for a full spec and video. <<

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