Best Beginners Poker Tool – Holdem Indicator

Beginning Online Texas Holdem Fans Should Definitely Check Out Holdem Indicator
– For Learning + Profit All In One

After reviewing Holdem Indicator, all I will say is that I wish that this poker tool had been around for me when I was first learning the online game. What we have here is a powerful combination of features in a tool which will make it's users a lot of money – and at the same time let them easily learn about the best way to handle the betting action at the table in different situations. When I was first learning the game it cost money to 'learn from mistakes'. With Holdem Indicator the powerful advice-engine, reads on opponents and perfect mathematical play combine to ensure that you are never making the same mistakes that most people make while building experience and a bankroll... This is one powerful tool, and one which you can be sure is being used against you!

What I like best about this tool is that it is approved for use at all the major poker sites, you will not fall foul of any rules while you are building up a nice pile of cash.

Best Beginners Holdem Cash Games Tool - Holdem Indicator Review

This poker software works by attaching to the bottom of you table and electronically reading your cards, the bets, pot-size, the board cards (flop, turn and river) and also and how often people bet and raise (including re-raise) + cards shown down by your opponents from previous hands.

First, Holdem Indicator does all the mathematical calculations for you. This includes some key poker numbers, like equity, pot odds, outs (including backdoor or hidden outs) and so on. Having these numbers 100% right will stop you making simple mistakes, it is easy to miss some outs, or make a bad assumption on your hand equity based on the betting action – especially while playing a busy session. Think for a moment how having this information in real-time can both make you money and save you some too!

You will also receive advice on Sklansky hand rankings and position at the table (both relative and absolute position are important factors). This system from the author of the ‘theory Of Poker’ is widely respected by professionals and amateurs alike – once you get used to it you will never select an incorrect hand again.

Best Beginners Texas Holdem Tool – Holdem Indicator Also Reads Your Opponents

For me the math and equity advice makes this tool worth the price over and again, however I have yet to get to the real killer function – the ability to read opponents based on their betting and previously shown down hands!

Holdem Indicator will watch how your opponents play, how often they enter the pot, how aggressive or passive they are and also look at their shown-down cards to reverse-engineer their thought processes. It will then combine this information with the math part we already discussed – and highlight the most profitable move for you. For example, the chances of opponents having the nuts will be affected by how their hand selections change with position, their bet sizing and the 'texture' of the flop. The powerful advice enging inside Holdem Indicator will take all of these factors into account - and advise you on a best action. This tool will even be able to tell the difference between a 'value' bet (with a monster hand) and a bluff representing a value bet a large percentage of the time, imagine how much money this knowledge alone could save you!!

I’ll repeat, you are learning the game by using this tool – you can also make money, in some cases a hell of a lot of money. Compare this to the 'old days' of trial and error and you quickly see why this tool is worth an investment.

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Holdem Indicator – Is It Legal To Use At Major Poker Sites?

Easy answer here, yes, Holdem Indicator is approved by the major poker sites – you can see the full list on their website. This advice engine only highlights the best move, it does not actually play for you – and therefore stays within the rules.

Don’t put up with guesswork any longer – read the testimonials from real players just like you - then grab your trial copy of this amazing beginners poker tool over at the Holdem Indicator website!

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