Tournament Shark Review

Both MTT And SNG Players Are Improving Their Reads And Their Profits
– With The Acclaimed Tournament Shark From The Poker Pro Labs

Approved by all the major poker sites, Tournament Shark provides data on the tournament or SNG histories of all of your opponents in a window which attaches to the bottom of the table as you play – data which updates for each new table or new opponent in the case of an empty seat being filled in an MTT and will allow you to make better decisions against each opponent, increasing your overall profits.

Stop and think for a moment, how much easier would it be to make profitable decisions in-game if you knew whether your opponent in the hand was a shark or a fish? How experienced they were? Whether this was their usual buy-in level, or are they taking a shot at a bigger game?

ournament Shark Review

As I are sure you will agree, this powerful information could see you making profitable decisions again and again – seeming to outplay new and experienced opponents alike, and most important of all watching your poker bankroll grow fast. Just simple things like avoiding playing weaker hands against the Sharks in each game, or betting bigger against players who call too often can make a huge difference - and can lead to a lot more deep runs.

Major Poker rooms supported include Poker Stars, Full Tilt, OnGame and iPoker Networks. What is more you’ll enjoy the acclaimed support which Poker Pro Labs have a deserved reputation for offering and access to many of their other tools including player-rating lookups (Top Shark) and the best poker calculator around in the form of Poker Calculator Pro too (oh, and don't forget to check out the Super-HUD!!)

Tournament Shark Review – Key Benefits Of Tournament Shark

Opponent Statistics Enable Your To Identify The Fish From The Profitable Regulars, Enabling You To Take Chips From The Fish And Avoid The Stronger Players Without A Good Hand Or Favorable Situation

Tournament Shark Automatically Detects And Attaches To Your Tables While You Play – No Manual Look-Ups And Very Easy To Use.

Works Great For Both Sit N Goes (including the many different variations) And Multi-Table Tournaments, In Fact Accurate Opponent Information Is So Valuable That It Will Pay For Itself In No Time – After That It Is Time For Pure Profits!

I strongly recommend Tournament Shark to tournament fans, this tool is approved by all the major poker sites and can transform your profits and how you think about playing specific opponents overnight. Poker Pro Labs acclaimed tool has a free trial, and you can even get the full license for free simply by playing at a new poker site. Check out Tournament Shark now and see how this tool can transform your poker profits!

Tournament Shark

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