Ultra Turbo SNGs Review

Ultra or Super Turbo Sit N Go Tournaments Are An Entertaining Form Of Poker – We Look At Differences Between The Major Sites Super / Ultra Turbo SNGs.

While Turbo SNGs are the home of multi-tabling grinders, there are some with even faster blind levels or shallower stacks. The Ultra Turbo SNGs are the usually the home of leisure players who enjoy this fast and furious pace of game – though with some common sense poker strategy it is certainly possible to make a profit from these tables.

There are substantial differences in the Ultra-Turbo Sit N Goes available at the various rooms. This article is designed to give you a brief overview of the main offerings, and to compliment the more detailed SNG reviews for each of the sites – a link will be provided to each of these as we go through he article.

Note: This is another article which has aged like milk.... I have it on my updates list, in the meantime, I'm a big fan of the soft SNGs at America's Cardroom - see below!

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You can use them to grow a bankroll, qualify for online tournaments, or even to help you win a seat in the World Series.

Instead of tables full of ‘regulars’ who know the math, bubble strategy and hand ranges, ACR Poker is recreational. Compare the fields to the bigger sites, and you will quickly see how soft they are for yourself.

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ACR Poker Mark's Rec

Best Ultra Turbo SNGs - Candidate #1 – Titan Poker

Titan are the 3rd largest online poker site and as part of the iPoker network are not currently available to US Players. This site really know how to make their Ultra Turbo SNGs fast and furious – with 1500 starting stacks and eye-watering 1 minute blind levels. There are both multi-table SNGs and 1-table versions available with buy-in levels starting at just $1 and going up to $200+$15. For those who have a little ‘gamble’ in them Titan Poker also run satellite SNGs where players start with just 1 chip – and are all-in first hand due to the antes – now what is what we call fast!

If you have not already checked out Titan Poker then it is time to find out for yourself why this is known as the fishiest poker site online. With our exclusive sign-up bonus of 200% to $2000 plus $20 in cash when you start playing for real money (use bonus code SNGPLANET to ensure you claim this), your bankroll will be off to a good start. Once you see how easy it is to profit from the huge amounts of fish at this site you will start to wonder how and why you ever played anywhere else – check out Titan Poker for yourself today.

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Best Ultra Turbo SNGs - Candidate #2 – 

In addition to the normal and ‘speed’ SNGs, Party Poker also run a popular range of ‘Turbo’ 1-table tournaments. These have 3 minute blind levels and 2000 chip starting stacks – making them more like a standard ‘fast’ SNG for the first few levels and then an ultra-turbo as the blinds go up super-fast in the later stages. Turbo SNGs can be found at the lower buy-in levels starting from $1 up to $11… for those players looking for a real adrenaline buzz we recommend checking out the 5 minute long timed ‘Hellkat’ SNGs too!

Party Poker may not accept US Players – they are now the 2rd largest site in the world and attracting new players from Europe, Asia, South America and beyond. With regular bonuses for their loyal players in addition to the $500 / 100% sign up bonus with our exclusive bonus code SNGPLANET. Still a fishy place to play poker after all these years – and in our opinion Party Poker is more than worth a look if you have not seen the tables for yourself recently.

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Best Ultra Turbo SNGs - Candidate #3 – Pokerstars

Pokerstars were a little late on the scene for Hyper Turbo SNGs, and have now made up for it by hosting more of these games than anywhere else online. While theor old 'standard' turbos were a nice balance between the slower games and the super-fast variety - the aptly named 'Hyper Turbos' are very fast indeed, with 2 minute blinds levels and 500 chip starting stacks. These are available in PLO and NL Holdem format, up to $30 buy-in levels and in 2, 6 and 9 player formats. A great choice, I'd probably make them number #1, only Pokerstars do attract a lot of small stakes grinders... if you are prepared to indentify and avoid playing too many of them - then these are fantastic games!

For readers who have not yet played at Pokerstars, they are the giant of the online poker world, with 3 times as much traffic as their closest rivals. There are many good reasons for this including awesome software, the game selection (the high volume means more choice!) and some of the best loyalty rewards of any online poker site. New players can claim up to 3 'first deposit' matched bonuses at 100% (max $600 in total), simply use Pokerstars Affiliate Marketing Code PSPXXXX when you check out Pokerstars.com for yourself today!

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