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I'm going to start this article with a warning – the Heads-Up SNGs at are full (and I really mean FULL!) of pro-grinders. These players know their hand ranges, the are competent post flop and will beat each game for a small percent... relying on the bonuses and large volume to scrape together a profit... Even if you can beat them, fighting competent opponents makes bankroll building a slow and painfull process!

If you take a look around some of the alternative sites, there are some huge profits to be made in heads-up poker SNGs. This article goes through some of the best sites for HU Sit N Goes and shows you exactly where the fishiest opponents, best bonuses and coolest promos combine – places you will be able to grow a big poker bankroll undisurbed by the hordes of grinders!

Planet Mark’s Rec: The Easiest Sit and Goes Online are Over at America’s Cardroom!

You can use them to grow a bankroll, qualify for online tournaments, or even to help you win a seat in the World Series.

Instead of tables full of ‘regulars’ who know the math, bubble strategy and hand ranges, ACR Poker is recreational. Compare the fields to the bigger sites, and you will quickly see how soft they are for yourself.

You can get your bankroll off to a flying start with a 100% matched bonus using referral code: SNGPLANET

Check out the latest promos and tournament events for yourself now, over at!

ACR Poker Mark's Rec

Best Site For Heads-Up SNG Tournaments - Top Pick - OnGame's Red Kings Poker

A quick thought that applies to all forms of online poker. If you want to make a bigger profit it is always good to have a lot of inexperienced 'fish' at your tables, rather than solid poker players. Now, by joining a network which has both poker and sports-betting (+casino) sections, you end up with a lot of crossover players who have no specific poker strategy knowledge. OnGame is a network which fits this model perfectly - with big names like Bwin and Betfair sending new players to the poker tables every day.

Once you locate the network, you need to find the best site on it – in my opinion this is Red Kings Poker by a long way!

Heads-Up Poker Matches there are super-soft compared to some other sites, they start at €1.2 (though I recommend you stick to the €3+ games, where the fees are smaller). These then go all the way up to €215. There are 3 speeds, normal, turbo and coin-flip + deepstack matches at the higher buy-ins.

Don't just take my word for it – Click this link now and check the HU matches for yourself at Red Kings Poker!

In addition to soft HU SNG matches, you'll find some very generous perks at this cool OnGame site. This starts with choice of 6 different signup bonuses, plus an extra €300 bonus the first time you are dealt the 2 red kings in a cash game. These are then followed by a huge line of perks and promos. If you know anywhere softer for heads-up poker sit and goes then I'd like to know about it. Otherwise get yourself over to RedKings Poker now!


Best Heads-Up Poker Matches – Very Soft Alternate Pick, Titan Poker.

Titan Poker are part of the awesome iPoker Network, which also includes a lot of those betting sites and casinos who help to keep the tables soft. As the 3rd largest poker site online (they are doing battle with Bodog for this spot), this is a great place to head for a high volume of heads-up SitnGo matches throughout the day. Again, if you compare these games to those on Pokerstars you will be cursing yourself for not making the move sooner – the difference is easily visible!

Titan feature lower fees in their heads-up games, which includes the lower buy-ins. Games start at just €0.05, feature turbo and super turbo variations as well as the standard speed and go all the way to €5000 for the high-rollers out there. You can find deep stacked and PLO (+ high-low) variations too.

You can claim $20 free cash at this excellent site, on top of the 100% to €1.5k max welcome bonus. Simply use my bonus code SNGPLANET, depositing €30 or more and I'll have the cash transferred to your account within 48 hours – easy! Click here to check out those visibly softer Heads-up SNGs at Titan Poker now!

US Player's Top Pick – Heads-Up SNGs At Carbon Poker

Not too many decent sites for US readers to choose from at the moment. Just as well that one of them – Carbon Poker – offer a nice choice of heads-up matches. Carbon are currently the biggest US-friendly site and are growing their selection of games and size of their promos fast.

Heads-up SNGs come in Holdem and Omaha format, starting at $2.10c and going all the way to $2k+. You'll be able to find games up to the $20 level throughout the day – with the higher buy-ins kicking off during the weekday evenings.

SNG Planet readers can claim a free state of the art poker calculator (with HUD) on top of a generous 100% welcome matched bonus with bonus code FREESNGPK. After that the great software, generous loyalty scheme and cool promos will keep you topped up.

Check out the Heads-up SNGs at the US-friendly Carbon Poker by clicking this link now!

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