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PLO Sit n Goes Vary Massively Across The Different Poker Sites
– This Article Shows You Where To Find The Very Best Omaha Sit N Go Games

Omaha Sit N Go Sites ComparedI love Pot-Limit Omaha Sit N Goes. These are easy to beat at the lower to middle buy-ins, and fun to play at the same time. You will find huge variations in the skill level of opponents and the types of PLO Sit and Goes offered across different sites.  This article shows you what to expect, and highlights the ‘sweet spots’ where profitable games, cool software and decent bonus offers meet.

Before I get to the sites, the kinds of game available has really grown in the last few years. You can now play turbo, short-handed, heads-up, knockout and double-or-nothing SNGs in Omaha format. In addition to the PLO High (which this article will focus on), you can find PLO8, 5 Card Omaha, Mixed Games like HORSE, 8-game and 10-game which include Omaha rounds and even variations like Courchevel.

Omaha has been building in popularity recently, I hope that this will be the year when the humble Omaha Sit N Go finally gets the attention that this cool game deserves.

Planet Mark’s Rec: The Easiest Sit and Goes Online are Over at America’s Cardroom!

You can use them to grow a bankroll, qualify for online tournaments, or even to help you win a seat in the World Series.

Instead of tables full of ‘regulars’ who know the math, bubble strategy and hand ranges. ACR Poker is recreational. Compare the fields to the bigger sites, and you will quickly see how soft they are for yourself.

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ACR Poker Mark's Rec

Note: US Players only really have one choice for PLO Sit n Go action – BetOnline Poker. Luckily this site have a nice variety of games and action up to the mid (around $22) buy-ins. Check out my main US Poker Sites page here for more.

PLO Sit N Goes At 888 Poker

888 Pot Limit Omaha SNGsFor recreational / occasional players, it makes great sense to find the easiest games, and rewards which do not require you to play 1000’s of games to get some extra money.

888 make a great choice, in fact, they are so confident that new players will love their software and their games that they now offer up to $88 (in cash + tournament tokens) completely free with no deposit required to try out their games (terms apply).

Creating a poker site that appeals to recreational players is a win-win. Easy games (including a great selection of Omaha Sit N Goes) and big bonuses too.

You’ll find a wide selection of PLO and PLO8 SNGs, including 2, 6, 8 and 9 handed games (8 for the double-ups). There are standard and turbo speeds and plenty of action, especially at the lower buy-in levels.

If you are just starting out with Omaha Sit N Goes, then I recommend 888 as a place to build up your bankroll and your experience at the same time – and the software is pretty cool too!

Check out 888 Poker for yourself now, because there is up to $88 free bonus waiting for you to try out the games!

Best Site For Pot-Limit Omaha Sit n Goes –

In terms of the volume and choice of PLO Sit N Goes available – it is very difficult to get away from PokerStars. Their huge player pool makes it possible to have niche games that other sites simply could not support. Add to this the very smooth software and great loyalty bonuses, and the combo is impossible to beat.

Here is an idea of what to expect: PLO SNGs come in 2, 6 and 9 player tables, with turbo or standard blinds. You can find Super-Turbo (500 chips, 2 minute levels) games, Fifty50 (similar to Double or Nothing) and Knockout games which give a prize for each player you bust. You can find PLO8, NL08 Fixed-Limit O8, and 5-Card Omaha (both high and hi-lo). Mixed game Sit n goes include 8-game and HORSE. 2-table (18 player) Sit N Goes also run in PLO and PLO8 format.

You will never have to wait too long for a standard PLO or PLO8 Sit N Go to kick off. As you go up the buy-in levels you may need to wait for some of the more niche variations to fill up.

PokerStars Omaha Sit N Goes: Pros and Cons

While PokerStars have the smoothest software (great for multi-tabling) and biggest selection of games – they also tend to host better skilled players than some of the other poker sites. This is the home of many ‘Small Stakes Pros’ who make a living multi-tabling. The PLO SNGs are not their first choice of game, but the compromise you make by playing at this site is that you will have to learn how to beat more experienced players than at places like Titan Poker.

My view is that for PLO fans, the huge choice and generous player loyalty rewards more than make up for this.

You can claim up to 3 separate welcome bonuses at After you register (using Marketing Code PSPxxxx), you go to the cashier and deposit using bonus code STARS600. This is good for up to 3 deposits within 90 days and will award a 100% matched bonus on each deposit – up to a total of $600 max. Check out the awesome PLO Sit N Goes at for yourself now and see what you are missing out on.


PLO Sit N Goes At Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt are now owned by the Rational Group, who also own and run PokerStars. They have fantastic colorful software and are known for innovation for new games – being the first to make Rush Poker, have multi-entry tournaments and the crazy 6-card PLO games!

Some of the same concerns about small stakes pros at the tables that I have with PokerStars also apply to Full Tilt. What you will find at Full Tilt are ‘New To The Game’ tables (including Omaha Sit N Goes). You can access these for your first 30 days, which make them a safe place to figure out the strategy before you go to the public tables.

You’ll find the full compliment of game types in SNG format here, including PLO, PLO8, Courchevel, 5 and 6 card Omaha. There are Fixed Limit and No-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo games too. There are plenty of mixed game formats in Sit N Goes too including HOE, HEROS, HORSE, 7-8-9 and 10 even 10 game which includes one or more Omaha rounds. You can also find 2-table games and Steps (qualifiers) in Omaha format.

Every week you will get a cash bonus from Full Tilt, up to 25% of your fees back. This simple rewards system gives a regular welcome boost to your bankroll. You can earn even more by playing at ‘Happy Hour’ times, starting SNGs or playing the designated ‘game of the week’.

Full Tilt have improved significantly since PokerStars took them over – if you have not yet seen the changes for yourself then I recommend you check them out at now!

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