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The iPoker Online Poker Series Is THE Softest Tournament Event Online

iPoker Online Poker SeriesEvery time that the iPoker Online Poker Series (iPOPs) schedule is released my eyes scroll nervously through my calendar... Am I in town for the best events? Will my other-half let me skip that social engagement to play the games? 

Yep, it is that good.

What is different about this series of higher buy-in tournaments is the type of players involved. While at PokerStars and Full Tilt you'll find dedicated poker fans and pro-grinders - iPoker is different. Their poker site is a shared back-end between many of the biggest sports betting brands out there. This means that the people coming over to the poker room are just regular players out to have some fun. Sure, some of them will know poker strategy - though the majority will not. 

In other words, the iPOPs is a goldmine for anyone who is up to date on tournament strategy.

What is more, you can qualify for the big buy-in events cheaply too.

If that were not enough of a win-win, I can also offer you $20 extra cash on top of your deposit bonus of 200% at the leading site on iPoker - Titan Poker. All you need to do is register with bonus code SNGPLANET, make your first deposit and I will ensure that you get the extra $20 direct to your player account within 48 hours (usually sooner). Check out the iPOPs schedule at www.titanpoker.com.

iPOPs VI - The Schedule And Practical Information

The next event is split into a high and a low buy-in list of games. With the low running April 13th through 20th and the High running May 4th through to the 11th.

There is a total of €1,000,000 in guaranteed prizes, including a €300,000 Main Event on May the 11th with a €100 entry. If some fo the high buy-ins are above your current bankroll then scoll down for information on the satellite qualifiers.

iPOPs Low Schedule:

Event #1 Low – 13th April, 19:00 GMT+1. €1 Rebuy (Multi-Entry) - €10,000 Guaranteed

Event #2 Low – 14th April, 19:00 GMT+1. €75 Freezeout (Multi-Entry) - €40,000 Guaranteed

Event #3 Low – 15th April, 19:00 GMT+1. €10 Rebuy (Multi-Entry) - €30,000 Guaranteed

Event #4 Low – 16th April, 19:00 GMT+1. €3 Speed Rebuy (Multi-Entry) - €10,000 Guaranteed

Event #5 Low – 17th April, 19:00 GMT+1. €6 6-Max Rebuy (Multi-Entry),- €15,000 Guaranteed

Event #6 Low – 18th April, 19:00 GMT+1. €10 Freezeout (Multi-Entry) - €15,000 Guaranteed

Event #7 Low – 19th April, 19:00 GMT+1. €10 Rebuy - €15,000 Guaranteed

Event #8 Low – 20th April, 19:00 GMT+1. €40 Lower Main Event - Freezeout (Multi-Entry) - €40,000 Guaranteed

iPOPs High Schedule:

Event #1 High – 4th May 19:00 GMT+1. €75 Freezeout (Multi-Entry) - €200,000 Guaranteed

Event #2 High – 5th May, 19:00 GMT+1. €250 Freezeout (Multi-Entry) - €100,000 Guaranteed

Event #3 High – 6th May, 19:00 GMT+1. €50 Rebuy (Multi-Entry) - €50,000 Guaranteed

Event #4 High – 7th May, 19:00 GMT+1. €40 Rebuy - €40,000 Guaranteed

Event #5 High – 8th May, 19:00 GMT+1. €25 6-Max Rebuy (Multi-Entry),- €30,000 Guaranteed

Event #6 High – 9th May, 19:00 GMT+1. €75 (1 Rebuy / 1 Add-On) - €75,000 Guaranteed

Event #7 High – 10th May, 19:00 GMT+1. €40 Freezeout (Re-Entry) - €30,000 Guaranteed

Event #8 HIgh – 11th May, 18:00 GMT+1. €100 High Main Event - Freezeout (Multi-Entry) - €300,000 Guaranteed

iPoker iPOPS tournament previewTitan do have synchronized breaks and late entry, so you might well find a couple more tournaments to build an evening of entertainment around. Once again, if you have not discovered for yourself how crazy those iPoker games are, then the upcoming iPOPs is the perfect opportunity to do so.

iPOPS  – How To Win A Seat In An Online Satellite

Finding the satellite qualifiers got easier this time around, both the low and the high events have a tab in the lobby (on the left hand side), when you click this you'll find a list of the events, then for each one a list of the main satellite qualifiers. What you will not see here is that even the satellite qualifiers have their own satellites. Titan / iPoker have an established 3-tier system, which is designed to allow smaller bankroll players a legitimate shot at the bigger events. You can enjoy these for live event qualifiers, regular events like the Sunday €150k and of course specials like the iPOPs.

You really can grab a seat in the €300,000 guaranteed Main Event for €2 - many of the field will have done exactly that.

It is hard to describe the soft fields in words, you'll need to see Titan for yourself to understand exactly what I mean, When half of your opponents think any two suited is a good starting hand and will go to showdown for 100 big-blinds with top-pair then anyone with a little strategy knowledge and the smarts to adjust will be able to crush these games.

 Check out the iPOPs satellites and generally super-fishy games at Titan Poker for yourself today. Remember that new players can claim an extra $20 cash on top of your 200% matched welcome bonus with our bonus code SNGPLANET. 

iPOPs 2016 satellites

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