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£ Poker Sites Which Accept Deposits In British Pounds

play in pounds at online poker sitesWhat you'll find is a gradual move away from US Dollars as the primary currency for online poker games. While the $ still dominates, there are now multiple places where you can play in pounds, and even more where you can deposit using this currency. This article is your complete guide to online poker deposits in pounds - remember to bookmark it now.

First of all below I have outlined the different ways that GBP is handled by the poker rooms, including how exchange-rate fluctuations are accounted for. After that you will find my top picks for poker sites which accept pound deposits - before a quick overview of the best methods of getting your money in and out of online poker rooms - fast.

Ways Which Poker Sites Work With Pounds

This can be split into two main categories:

- Sites which accept pound deposits and also let you play games in GBP.

- Sites which accept the deposits, though have games in other currencies.

Games played in sterling are a minority at the moment, and you'll need to play at the biggest poker sites to find them. They include Cash Games and Sit N Goes, tournaments are less common - and will usually take the form of satellites to UK live events. If you have your balance in dollars (which is the normal system at most sites) and click on a £ game, PokerStars will prompt you to convert - giving you the opportunity to convert some or all of your bankroll and hold it in pounds. Since most of the games are in dollars, some in Euros and just a minority in pounds - I recommend you just click the box for this to happen automatically on a game-by-game basis. At the very least this will save you the trouble of having to reconvert the other way if you choose to go back to dollar games.

pokerstars currency pound poker table

Deposits In Pounds - Balance in Dollars

One concern I hear from players is whether they will be affected by currency market fluctuations if their balance is held in dollars.

The answer is that you could be, though the moves are usually so tiny (and for non-experts unpredictable) that this not something worth worrying about. It makes headline news in the finance pages when there are 1% changes in a day, and swings are rarely more than a few percentage points either way over weeks without some major external event. Unless you are a high roller this is no more than a few pounds, with an equal chance you might gain!

When you play the games themselves in a different currency, for example at Titan Poker you can have USD and play in Euros, then the exchange rate is fixed at the moment you sit down. You play for an hour (for example) and then when you stand up the money is returned at the same rate you sat down with. 

Banks are always happy to shaft us on things like exchange rates - fortunately poker sites just want to get us playing, and do not take an extra slice of the pie on this front!

Below are my picks for players wanting to deposit in pounds.

Best Poker Site Deposits In Pounds –

GGPoker are crushing it at the moment. They caught the old sites sleeping and overtook them with a solid combination of innovative formats that appeal to amateur players, and high stakes cash games for the pros. 

All the games are in dollars - though you can deposit in GBP, using your bank cards or electronic wallets. 

Bonuses are generous. When you deposit just £20 you get $100 in tokens / buy-ins. I recommend also checking out the 'Honeymoon' promo. This awards up to $350 more for completing simple missions (tasks). If you prefer, there is a matched deposit bonus option too. Generous cashback rewards and fresh promos seemingly every week will keep your bankroll topped up. 

There are a ton of reasons to check out the tables at GG - most importantly the games are super-soft. Novel formats include Rush and Cash, Battle Royale and Flip and Go tournaments. Tournament events often overlap, with 'Millions', masters and zodiac themed tournaments regular fixtures on top of which qualifiers, festivals and Omaha specials are scheduled.

Check out the easy GBP deposits and super-soft games for yourself now, over at!

Poker Site deposits in Pounds – America's Cardroom Poker (Winning Poker Network)

When it comes to poker events, the WPN site America's Cardroom crushes the opposition. You can deposit with your regular bank cards here, with the games and bonuses in USD.

Top of the list for reasons to play are the 'Venom' tournaments. These come with a stunning $10 million guarantee, with the winner guaranteed a cool million. Add to this the 'Online Super Series', PKO events, qualifiers to live tournaments and Sit n Crush progressive leader boards. The big events keep recreational players interested, meaning the standard of play here is decidedly recreational compared to the bigger sites.

Your bonus depends on your deposit method. With UK bank cards or electronic wallets, you get a $1000 bonus, with bitcoin / altcoins you get $2000. There is a decent (tiered) loyalty program to keep you topped up.

Use referral code SNGPLANET to get the best available bonus.

Check out those super-soft games for yourself now over at!

GBP Deposit Options 2022

Best Deposit Methods For British Pound Poker Sites

There are 3 main categories of payment options for poker sites. These are cards, eWallets and wire type services. Each have pros and cons - which I have outlined below.

deposit methods for poker in poundsCredit and Debit Cards: This is the quickest and easiest way to deposit. Debit cards are great, while credit cards will charge you 'cash advance' interest rates if you do not clear your balance, though are fine if you do clear this. The key advantage here is speed, with the money ready to go almost instantly. You'll need to cash out back to the same card in many cases, at least up to the amount you deposited (this makes sense from a security viewpoint, though can be an annoyance). 

eWallet Systems: There are many services which act like a virtual wallet, allowing you to transfer money and buy things online without having to take money from your main bank account each time. The best known is PayPal (which works great for poker), with Skrill and Neteller being other notable systems. The advantage here is that you are not giving your bank or card details to the poker sites, instead going via your eWallet. This gives you an extra layer of security and stops any gambling transactions appearing on your bank statement. The downside is that you'll have to set up an account and verify it, for me this is worth the effort for the security alone.

Wires / Bank Transfers: For larger deposits you can always use a bank-wire. I recommend this as a withdrawal method too, with the money becoming available within a few days. Speak to your poker site and get the details from them, then simply wire it over!

You can find many more articles covering these systems in detail in my main Poker Payments section.

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