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Depositing at US Poker Sites with Person to Person Transfer

person to person poker site depositsAfter credit cards, Person to Person transfers are the most popular way in which to deposit at offshore online poker sites these days.

This involves using well known money transfer companies, for example Western Union or MoneyGram, to wire cash to an individual who collects it on behalf of the poker site.

This does sound risky to many players, however it is not. In fact, this is the single most reliable way of getting your money on board – getting around the US banking restrictions every time. As long as you choose one of the biggest and most reputable poker sites accepting person-to-person transfers, then your money will be completely safe.

With the new SpeedPay system from Western Union, you now do not even need to go to a branch office.

This page explains how poker site payments with Western Union or MoneyGram works - and then shows you the sites which welcome this method and make it easy to get your money in (and if you are lucky, your winnings back out!).

How Does Person-to-Person Transfer Work?

There are 3 stages, all of which are very simple. These assume you have chosen a poker site (2 of the most reputable sites are outlined below if you have not yet done this).

Stage 1: Register your Player Account at the Poker Site

You’ll need this, as the money you wire has to be reconciled by your site and put into the right account. Remember that backup information is often requested (especially when you withdraw), so make sure that information is accurate. This is a very quick step, with only a simple e-mail verification step involved at most poker sites.

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Stage 2: Arrange your Payment

You should now call your site (reputable ones will have toll-free numbers for this purpose). You need to let them know you’d like to make a person-to-person transfer and ask them for instructions.

They will give you the following:

  • The company to work with (this is either Western Union or MoneyGram)
  • The name and location of an individual to wire the money to, along with any internal tracking number they might want to use.
  • Instructions for what information they’ll need when you have done this, and where to send it to.

Remember that some sites will refund the fees you incur if you deposit $300 or more. It cannot do any harm to ask about this or any other special bonuses that the support staff may be able to give while you are speaking with them.

Step 3: Physically Make your Payment (or use SpeedPay)

moneygram depositsThis is where things are a little more involved than with other payment options. You have to locate your closest branch (every town has one, most cities have many) and then take your cash to have it wired.  Websites for both the major companies include simple locations detectors.

Western Unioin now have SpeedPay, which is an online version of their regular offices. You can load up your speedpay account with your regular credit card and then wire the money you have on board. 

western union poker depositsYou’ll be given a routing number on your receipt. This is the key factor in closing the deposit. You will send this in an e-mail back to your site, who will be able to reconcile the payment and credit your account. This can be done in less than 1 hour during ‘business hours’ – though might be slower at off peak times.

Can I Withdraw Using Person to Person Transfer?

Yes you can. Not all sites allow this, however some do (again Bovada, the biggest US friendly offshore poker site will allow this).

You will again need to make the arrangements with the cashier staff in person. Where offered you will be able to get your money wired within 3 or so days, though you will be expected to swallow the fees to the transfer company. It can be a great feeling walking out of that Western Union office with a pocket full of cash! The alternative withdrawal method is to request a paper check. Banks will accept these, though this method is slower.

Poker Sites Which Accept Person to Person Transfers

Several sites accept this as a payment option for their US players. I recommend that you stick with the longest running, biggest and most reputable poker rooms before you commit any money. For me, BetOnline ticks all the right boxes. Person to Person Transfer

BetOnline has been welcoming sportsbook fans to their Panama based sportsbook for more than a decade. Over the last few years, they have expanded to offer casino and poker games - joining the Chico Network which helps to make sure that there are plenty of games running. Other than soft games (think of those sports bettors at the tables!) there are a ton of player promotions, including leader boards, one-off special tournaments and even tie-ins with live tournament events. BetOnline are really effective when it comes to getting your money in and out - with a support team which is constantly top-rated. In addition to money transfer services, they allow credit cards and Bitcoin payments. 

The poker games are soft, and friendly - and the promos list is always getting updated. Check out for yourself now!

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