Online Super Series at America's Cardroom: The Complete Guide

OSS is a Regular Online Tournament Event from ACR Poker

OSS at ACR Poker the Complete GuideThe Online Super Series has grown to become the go-to poker tournament event for both US and international players.

Huge prize pools are accessible to players of all bankroll levels. There are tournaments with $1 million+ guaranteed, and an extensive list of smaller guarantees. Win your seat in a satellite qualifier and you will find yourself in main event!.

OSS events take place every few months. You can find the schedule and list of guaranteed prize pools over at

This page covers the Online Super Series events, satellites, and bonuses in depth. I have covered the three sub-levels of tournament, best ways to qualify and how to get the biggest and best ACR Poker bonus deal to get you off to a flying start. 

How Do the Online Super Series Poker Tournament Events Work?

This headline series from America’s Cardroom takes place over two to four weeks. The series has been run regularly for 8 years – and is scheduled every 3 months.

Every event in the series has a guaranteed prize pool. Events are split into three buy-in tiers. You get the mini, regular, and high-roller tournaments running consecutively. Guarantees are regularly beaten. Look out for the ‘Main Event’ each time – this will often come with a guarantee for first place. Venom headline events have a guaranteed million-dollar prize for first place.

Wide Range of Buy-in Levels and Tournament Variations

Buy-ins start as low as just $10. Guaranteed prize pools for these ‘mini’ events are substantial – ranging from $20,000 to $25,000. The biggest events in the series feature a buy-ins of around $625 to $1,000+. These are the games with six and seven figure prize pools. As the series has grown, the number of million-dollar prize pools is increasing. This has gone from one $1mm guaranteed event when the OSS started, to four separate million+ events in the most recent series.

Formats for the games have expanded too. There are 6-Max tournaments, games with mega (deep) stacks and hyper turbo events. You will also find multiple tournaments featuring the Progressive Knockout format. Here players have ever-increasing bounties on their heads. Events usually start at 1pm during the week. Earlier starts are scheduled at weekends. ACR recently scheduled a special OSS, which was only for Progressive Knockout tournaments. 

An example schedule is below. Check for the latest events:

Online Super Series Schedule Example

OSS Poker Tournament Events: Qualify Using Satellites

Satellite qualifiers start in the weeks leading up to each OSS. They start at $1.10. This allows you to qualify through tiers – giving access to the big guaranteed events for smaller stakes players.

These qualifiers are soft, even compared to the ‘recreational’ standard in tournaments at ACR Poker. They have a hidden benefit. As the number of people qualifying grows, the fields (all else being equal) get softer and softer. Those soft fields mean that players of all experience levels have a shot at building a chip stack and going deep… The virtuous circle is completed as this, in turn, attracts more amateurs to take a shot.

Online Super Series: Multi-Flight Tournaments

Larger tournaments now have multi-flight structures. The huge number of entries mean that the ‘day 1’ fields are split. This gives you options – you can find the flight that works best with your schedule.

Once the first series of flights are completed, the remaining players are combined to complete the tournament. This set up ensures that you do not have to sit playing for many hours in a row. Depending on your time-zone, it can avoid the need for all-nighters.

For the biggest events you can play the first flight on day one of the series, and then come back on the final day to play out the remainder.

Million Dollar Guarantees at the OSS

You Can Stake Other Players in OSS Events

You can also get involved in the Online Super Series without even playing. America’s Cardroom allows staking. This means you buy a piece of the action of your favorite player and sit back and enjoy watching them play.

If they hit a big score, you get paid in proportion to the percentage of their action you bought. The better the player, the bigger the mark-up percentage they will charge.

Equally, you can sell a piece of your own action if you want to limit the amount you spend buying in.

America’s Cardroom: Online Super Series Cubed

A popular way of scheduling this event is the ‘Cubed’ format. The ‘Cubed’ points to the fact that there are three concurrent events taking place. This is how it works:

  • Mini Online Super Series – This event that features low to medium buy-ins, suitable for small stakes players. Like the main series, this can run as a standalone event, as well as the first section of the Cubed event.
  • Online Super Series – The flagship event detailed above, which can run on its own, or as part of the cubed event.
  • Bigger Online Super Series – This final series usually lasts for a week and is ideal for those players who want to play big money, small field events. Guarantees usually run into $3 million or more and around 25 tournaments are involved.

OSS Satellite Qualifiers Schedule

America’s Cardroom Poker Bonuses and Promotions

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The regular deposit bonus is 100% up to $2,000. This is doubled if you deposit using Bitcoin or crypto.

To clear the bonus, you simply play poker! Every time you earn 27.5 player points, you will be awarded $1. This means you will not lose out like you do at other sites if you do not clear the entire bonus in a set time.

Once you are a regular, the benefits of the ACR loyalty scheme kick in. This is a tiered scheme, which awards bonus cash, accelerated point accumulation and entry to loyalty reward tournaments.

When the OSS comes around, you can use your points to win a seat in the big money events for free.

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ACR Bonus End Banner OSS Page

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