Poker Tournaments On The iPoker Network

My Complete Guide To iPoker Network Poker Tournaments Big And Small!

iPoker Network Poker Tournaments It is no secret here at SNG Planet that the iPoker Network (and especially Titan Poker) is high on my list of favorite places to play. This network is a common poker software system shared by many of the biggest sports-betting brands including big names like Paddy Power, William Hill and Bet365 - who pool together their players to offer more games and tournaments than they would be able to alone. With peaks of 67,000 players there are plenty of games to choose from. The ‘recreational’ nature of the players who find their way to these games from the sportsbooks – you’ll find entertaining and profitable tournaments running with buy-ins from just $1 right up to $525.

This guide to poker tournaments on the iPoker Network gives you valuable insights into what to expect. I’ll go through the types of tournament you'll find there first, in quick-fire format. Then the showcase games will be covered including the iPoker ‘Sunday Major’ and regular big buy-in events. Finally you will find some information on the Sit and Goes and Satellite qualifier tournaments.

Before we get going – I have a special deal for readers wanting to check out the iPoker Network at the biggest single site, Titan Poker. This is an extra $20 free cash on top of your 200% welcome bonus. All you need to do is register with bonus code SNGPLANET and I will ensure that the extra money is in your player account within 48 hours (usually sooner). A nice boost to your bankroll while you check out the cool tournaments at Titan Poker for yourself!

Poker Tournaments On The iPoker Network – Quick Overview

Here is what to expect from the tournaments at iPoker.

- Inexperienced Opponents, A LOT of Inexperienced Opponents! Not only at the lowest buy-ins either… You’ll find plenty of people who ‘obviously’ do not understand poker strategy very well at the mid-stakes and even some at the highest buy-ins. This makes the games profitable for those who do know the strategy, though you’ll need to be prepared for a lot of strange plays!

- Huge Choice At Lower Limits: Especially up to $20 buy-ins, and in the evenings / weekends. There is a ton of choice at iPoker – focused on No Limit Holdem and Omaha. Turbos and rebuys are the main variations – many of the smaller games come with guarantees too.

- iPoker Online Poker Series (iPOPS): This is the big tournament event on this network, and comes around every 3 to 4 months. You’ll find a week+ of guaranteed prize tournaments, with a $500,000 ‘Main Event’ to top it off. What I like about this one is that the satellite qualifiers ensure that a lot of smaller bankroll players get to take a shot.

- Bigger Buy-ins: The $200,000 Guaranteed Sunday game is the regular showcase event, though there are several others in the schedule. If you are a big buy-in tournament fan these are probably too spread out to form a complete schedule. Though the inexperienced nature of the opponents you’ll find at the tables mean it is worth playing them alongside some other sites as part of your bigger buy-in schedule.

I should note that Titan Poker have a couple of cool promotions which directly benefit tourney fans. These include the awesome ‘Tournament Super Sale’ which chops up to 70% off of the buy-in for the guaranteed tournaments, the sales come around regularly, so keep an eye on the Titan website. The other scheme is the ‘Titan Treasures’ system, which gives you gold coins for completing certain challenges – you then swap the coins for more bonuses. There are always several challenges involving tournaments, and if you are going to play them anyway, why not pick up the extra money!

Poker Tournaments On The iPoker Network – The Big Prizes

Poker Tournaments on the iPoker NetworkBig buy in tournaments on this network come in 3 types. First the regular bigger events, including the big Sunday game. Next the events, currently in the form of the iPOPs. Finally the big event satellite qualifiers – for example to the World Series or Aussie Millions live events.

Sunday sees the $200,000 guarantee – which is a $215 buy-in – kicks off at 18:00 (GMT+1) each week and attracts big fields. There are qualifiers to this game running all week via iPoker’s 3-stage satellite system. Other bigger tourney guarantees include a $50k Friday Event, and $40k weekday tournaments too.

iPOPs ups the prizes for tournament fans, with this event getting bigger and better each time it is run. This online event mixes smaller and big buy ins (between $5.50c and $370) with a series of guaranteed games totaling $1,200,000 at the last running. The main event is a $215 game with $500,000 guaranteed – enough cash to make a big difference to the life of the winner! Again, a lot of smaller bankroll players get seats in the events via satellite qualifiers.

Satellite Qualifiers to big events make up the last category of big buy-in games on the iPoker Network. You can win prize packages which include travel, hotel, expenses and tournament buy-ins up to $10k for the premier events. There are also many smaller event qualifiers, for example for the Irish Open, which add up to around $4k.

IPoker Tournaments At The Excellent Titan Poker – Sit and Goes and Satellites

I have a dedicated SNG Review for Titan Poker, which goes into these smaller games in a lot of detail, so this is just a quick summary. The games are soft, again it is the recreational traffic via the big sports betting brands who keep the ‘fun’ players coming. Choices outside the usual 1 and 2 table games include Steps (great for winning tokens for bigger tournaments), the famous Jackpot SNGs (win 6 in a row for $50k) and turbo variations. The SNGs at Titan are a strong recommendation in their own right.

Satellites already got a mention in this article. Here I will just clarify the excellent 3-stage setup for these. Having tiers of sub-qualifiers allows you to get involved in the bigger games (either online or live) starting from less than $1. If you do not want to fight your way through the stages, then you can always buy-in direct to the stage 1 satellites. Where the tickets to the big events are awarded.

Poker Tournaments On The iPoker Network – Summary And Next Steps

Well, you can probably tell that I am a big fan of tournaments on the iPoker Network. The mid-level games are fantastic, though you’ll need to be capable of adjusting your play to people who are reluctant to fold!

Check out these games for yourself with the help of $20 extra cash on top of your 200% matched welcome bonus. All you need to do is register at iPoker’s biggest and best site – Titan Poker – with bonus code SNGPLANET and I will ensure that the extra is with you within 48 hours (usually much quicker). Check out Titan Poker for yourself now – I’ll see you at the tables!

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