Ignition Poker Deposit Methods - How to Fund Your Ignition Poker Account

How to Deposit at the Biggest (and Newest) US Poker Site – Ignition Casino

Ignition Poker and Casino Deposit OptionsAfter buying the poker room from Bovada, Ignition Casino has become both the biggest and the newest US poker site overnight. This is page covers the all-important deposit methods, taking you step-by-step through how to get your money on board at Ignition Poker quickly and safely. 

If you are thinking about trying Ignition Poker, and have not yet decided then I recommend you take advantage of their super-fast bonus soon. In my experience, this is too good an offer to last long. Sure, its only 100% to $100- though requiring only 400 poker points to clear puts it firmly in the ‘very easy’ category. Note that there is another $1000 bonus available – though this is for casino games.

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Overview of the Ignition Poker Deposit Methods Available

Before I get to the details, here is a quick overview of what your options are. The method that Ignition push hardest is Bitcoin. While this has a feeling of the ‘great unknown’ for many players, it really is very easy these days – and I recommend you take a look. The other main types of payment method are Credit Cards (with MasterCard, Amex and Visa all accepted). You could also buy a prepaid Visa card – though see my note below first. Finally, money transfer services are also possible, though for reasons you’ll see below these are not openly advertised.

Note that the first step to using any of these methods is to register a player account at Ignition Casino (this allows you to access the poker room as well as the casino games)… sounds obvious, though you’d be surprised how many people miss it!

Bitcoin Deposits at Ignition Poker

It is time to stop thinking of Bitcoin as some techy solution and start treating it just like any other eWallet.

Setting up a Bitcoin wallet is no more difficult than registering a PayPal account. There are several services which offer online wallets (you only really need a downloadable one if you are a high-roller). I use blockchain.info for my own transactions, though coinbase.com is also a popular choice. You then fund the wallet from your bank account.

Here is a screenshot (a demo wallet view from blockchain.info) – you’ll see the different options on the left hand side next to the wallet home button.

Deposit at Ignition Poker with Bitcoin - Blockchain.info wallet view


When you choose Bitcoin from the cashier at Ignition, this will generate a string off letters and numbers known as a receiving address or id. Here is an example:

Receiving Id for Ignition Bitcoin deposits

You then go back to your wallet, and choose to send Bitcoins. A field appears for you to put in the receivers id, and the amount of BTC (or dollars) to send… this will be slightly different for each wallet, though as a core function it is always very straightforward.

Once you click ok the Bitcoin (or more likely mBTC (micro Bitcoin or 1/1000th of a Bitcoin units) are sent. You do not need to worry about the Blockchain part, all that is handled for you. For small amounts you’ll have the cash to use immediately at the tables… and start enjoying that bonus.

After you have made a deposit with Bitcoin, you can withdraw using this method too. The difference here is that you will be creating the string, and giving it to Ignition as your receivers Id. There are also tools that you can use to query the blockchain, this shows a permanent record of your transactions. 

Really, stop thinking of Bitcoin as ‘too technincal’, grab a wallet, and you’ll be free to make gambling transactions whenever you want from then on.

Ignition Poker Credit Card Deposits

Credit Card Deposits at Ignition Poker

If your credit card works for international purchases (most will), then you should be able to get your money into Ignition Poker. There is still a cat-and-mouse type game with the financial authorities going on. They try to block US poker deposits, while the sites stay one step ahead of them! What you’ll find is that Visa, MasterCard and Amex all get through first time a lot of the time.

When they do get blocked, the transaction is not completed – you will not lose any money or need to reclaim anything (it never leaves your account).

Sometimes, the same card which got blocked once will work fine next time around. This is the payment gateway 'games' that the sites are playing. I always recommend that you speak with the support staff at Ignition Poker if your transaction does get blocked – they are 100% in the best position to advise.

Prepaid Visa cards (or sometimes prepaid MasterCard brands) can be bought at gas stations etc. These will often work for gambling payments, though you have to be careful to buy the right brand. Again, speaking with the support staff is important – they should be able to advise you on which brands are currently going through.

Money Transfer Deposits at Ignition Poker

While Western Union and MoneyGram transfers work great for poker site deposits, a work-around of a person-to-person transfer has to be used to get around the financial controls. Neither company would be able to directly transfer to a poker site, sportsbook or casino.

This explains why you do not see the brands advertised, with ‘money transfer’ or ‘person to person transfer’ used instead.

After you have created an account at Ignition, you’ll need to speak with support (see a pattern here?!). They will give you the name and address of an individual outside of the US to wire money too – along with which service to use.

You then have a choice (with WU at least) of using the online ‘SpeedPay’ or physically going to one of their branches with the cash. You will wire this to the named beneficiary, and then shoot a mail to Ignition with the details and tracking number. As long as you are not doing it in the early hours of the morning or on a holiday, Ignition will reconcile and you’ll have the money to play with in between 1 and 3 hours.

Summing Up

Ignition Poker have a very easy bonus offer at the moment, and I recommend you grab it before the generous terms start to ‘slip’… The easiest method of getting money on board is your credit card, though if you enjoy poker and want a robust solution that is completely outside of the jurisdiction of the US financial authorities – then Bitcoin is much easier than you think.

Whatever method you choose, you can enjoy the super-quick clearing bonus + biggest range of poker games and tournaments for US players right now over at www.ignitoncasino.eu!


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