Flip and Go Tournaments at GGPoker

Miss the Boring Grind and Get Straight to the Money Paying Spots with GGPoker’s Flip and Go Tournaments

GGPoker have broken the mold of traditional poker sites with a range of innovative games including Flip N Go, Battle Royale and Rush and Cash. While you can still enjoy the usual cash game and tournament mix – the fresh new games are well worth checking out.

Flip and Go tournaments solve a major headache for MTT players. It can take ages in tournaments to get to the money paying places. Sometimes, you will grind away for hours, only to bust with a minimum cash.

With Flip and Go events, you play a single hand and then you are either eliminated or you are immediately in the money.

There is some strategy too.

Read on to find out all about how these games work and the skills you can employ to make the most of them.

Flip and Go Strategy GGPoker

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How Do GGPoker Flip and Go Tournaments Work?

Everyone gets three hole cards in Flip and Go tournaments. The strategy element is that you get to choose which of them to discard before everyone goes all-in. Sure, there is a huge element of chance here – though that selection does make a big difference over time.

Once a winner is decided, they go into the next round – right into the money paying places. The games then play through to a final table. Depending on the field size and buy-in, those last few spots are worth fighting for!

Buy-In Levels and Number of Buy-Ins for Round 1

There are four buy-in levels for Flip and Go tournaments. Micro stakes players will enjoy the 5c and 50c buy-in levels. There is a $3 buy-in level. And then there are the $20 events, which will appeal to those wanting to win bigger prizes.

Having chosen your buy-in, you then get to choose how many buy-ins you want to start the tournament with. This determines your starting stack. Most players go for maximum of five; this means a single all-in win gets you to the money spots with a big stack of chips. If you buy-in once or twice, you need to win more than one flip to reach round two.

You can choose to enter round 1 games up to 8 times.

Each stack you win from the round 1’s will be added together for the scheduled in the money tournament round.

If you win more than one preliminary round, especially with a 5x buy-in, you will be looking at a giant stack for the second part.

GGPoker Register for Flip and Go up to Five Times

Skill Based All-Ins? Flip and Go Game Play

The tournaments start with a bang with the skill-based flip out. This is a single hand, where you will battle it out at a table of players for the one place ‘in the money.’ This hand sees every player go all-in pre-flop and the best hand at the end of it wins.

Each player is dealt three hole cards and gets to choose one of the three to discard. This is where the skill factor comes in. Choose wisely and then keep everything crossed that your hand holds up.

Flip Bonus for Straights or Flushes

Interestingly, you can now gain a ‘flip bonus’ to your starting stack. If your winning hand is a straight or a flush, the size of your starting stack is doubled. Three of a kind trebles your starting stack. Land a straight flush and the size of your stack is now multiplied by four.

If you are still in at this point, this is where things go back to normal. The end of the tournament plays out as normal, the only difference being that all the remaining players are guaranteed to be in the money. At this point the field is much reduced, so every player has a shot.

Strategy for GGPoker Flip and Go Tournaments

The start of the tournaments offers a big risk/reward decision. If you opt for the single buy-in, you have as much chance of anyone to progress to the money stages. However, when you get there, you will have the smallest stack (unless you get the Flip bonus, which could see you improve).

With a single buy-in, you could in theory be facing stacks that are 32x the size of yours, so it will be likely that you will struggle to make the big cash. However, if you like being the underdog and are aiming to create a Cinderella story, this can be a good tactic. This strategy also allows you to play more tournaments.

Stage Lobby for Flip and Go

Buying in for the Max

Conversely buying in for the maximum 8x gives you the best shot at winning the tournament if you survive the flip out. Gain the flip bonus and you could find yourself in incredible shape as you enter the final stages. With prize funds at tournaments geared towards the upper ends, you are giving yourself the best shot at those big prizes and the biggest returns on investment by playing this way. The downside is that by playing 8 buy-ins, you get to play fewer tournaments.

It is important to realize that while the flip out is effectively a crap shoot, the final stages are not.

This can be difficult to handle mentally, as many players will still be in all-in and fold mode. However, you are now playing a standard tournament effectively. It is time to get your ‘A’ game in place.

Play solid poker and do not make any rash decisions – there will be plenty of bad play at this point, just do not get involved yourself. With mistakes being made left, right and center, there is a real opportunity to make these games profitable. Make those times when you are in the money, count.

About GGPoker

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