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The Best Real Money Slot Games Online

You only have to compare a recent online slot release from a title just a few years old to see the amazing pace of innovation of these games. The combination of new technology, faster bandwidth and increased competition has created some amazing games that would not have been possible a few years ago…

The trigger for this has been browser-based gaming, which has freed online casinos from the old download model which meant the biggest software houses had a stranglehold on the games. Nowadays, smaller and innovative slots creators can complete with the bigger outfits and get their titles online – which has in turn forced the encumbents to innovate.

This page is your starting point for understanding the complex world of real money online slot games. Here you will find out about the software, casino operators, jackpots, best titles and bonus deals which give you a head-start when it comes from getting the most from these games. Bookmark this page now!

Most Popular Real Money Slot Games

The table below shows a selection of the most popular real money slot games in 2024. These represent some of the bigger software houses, and include some US friendly games.

US and Worldwide Online Slots

For US players, the real money casino operators are based either in the Caribbean or in Central America. These sites are legal in their own countries, and maintain the right to accept players from anywhere in the world. The slot software which they use comes from providers which allow US players. This includes some big names like RealTime Gaming, BetSoft and Rival Gaming.

Outside of the US, casinos are usually regulated and licensed in European jurisdictions like Malta or Gibraltar. The big publically listed companies like MicroGaming and PlayTech provide games to many of these – alongside a huge list of other companies. These games have the biggest jackpots. Being fully licensed, non-US casino software can include trademarked tie-ins with movies or TV programs – for example the famous PlayTech Marvel slots series with their linked jackpots.

Jackpot Slots – The Pros and Cons

Many online slots have large progressive jackpots. New players are often surprised to find jackpots of $5,000,000+ out there – along with many in the 6 figure range.

These jackpots are able to grow large by being linked between many different casinos using the same software. One example would be the IGT jackpots, which cover games including Monopoly and Cleopatra. Every time someone spins the reels on these games at any casino, the jackpot pool increases.

real money slots jackpot section

Jackpot slots add that chance of a huge win and certainly up the interest levels while you play. At the same time you should balance the fact that some money which could be paid out in smaller wins goes towards the jackpot pool.

You can find out more about the different online slot jackpots in this dedicated article.

Types of Slot Game

It used to be that you could split slots neatly into two types – 3 reel or traditional slots, and the 5 reel video slots.

Nowadays there are so many variations that this simple split does not really do the genre justice. For a start many video slots are no longer based on the 5x3 or 5x4 grid system. You can find games with diamond shaped setups, huge 12 symbol long reels on the right hand side, cone shapes and even games with more than one set of reels for each spin.

Another distinction comes with the bonus founds. The original video slots had free spins features and maybe the occasional ‘pick’em’ type game. New games have break out games which are often very entertaining. For example smashing cars as the incredible hulk, or zapping Kilingons in a Star-Trek game. Still others have progressive elements, with the Rival Gaming iSlots being a popular example of this. All-Ways Slots skip the win-line concept altogether, giving you 243 or 720+ ways to win from each spin.

Add to this the jackpot games, slots with movie, music star or TV tie-ins and even multi-player (live) games and you will see that 3 v 5 reel is no longer enough of an explanation! I have a dedicated article which goes into depth on the different types of online slot games, which includes examples of each type for you to try. You can find it here.

Bonuses and Promotions for Online Slot Fans

Some of the biggest and best casino bonuses are available for online slots fans. As long as you watch out for those tricky clauses and terms, this can make a big difference to your bankroll over time.

In my detailed Online Slot Bonus Guide I go into depth on how to avoid the traps and get the most from these deals. One thing which many players fail to understand is that the initial bonus offer should only be part of the picture when choosing an online casino. It is the ongoing rewards and offers which will have a much bigger impact on your bankroll.

My recommendation is to go with a casino that has a solid track record of looking after their loyal players with comp points, reloads, promotions and free spins (especially for the new games). The table below gives you 3 examples of casinos which do a great job in this area, as well as having a generous welcome offer!


Top 3 US Slot Software Producers

I have created a detailed guide to the slot software houses in this article. Here you will find a quick summary of the top 3 US friendly real money slot software providers, along with a link to find out more.

#1 – RealTime Gaming: RTG software makes up the backbone of the entire offshore US casino industry. They have 100’s of slots which are solid and playable. Don’t expect the latest innovations or complex video sequences - instead you’ll find solidly produced titles, many of which have big (randomly awarded) jackpots. Find out more in my RealTime Gaming Slots Overview article.

#2 – Rival Gaming: More than 150 titles ranging from very plain to very complicated! Rival are best known for their iSlots series, which have progressive bonus rounds. As you play you’ll go through a ‘map’ of different bonus games – some with storylines to match. Hugely innovative, and many colorful and entertaining titles to go alongside. Find out more in my Rival Gaming Slots Overview article.

#3 – BetSoft: Compared to other US slot software producers, the BetSoft titles will visually blow you away! These are 3D, animated and, well, amazing to play and look at. BetSoft also have a special mobile slots range which work great on smartphones. Find out more in my BetSoft Slot Software Overview here.

Top 3 Non-US Slot Software Producers

There are a huge number of software houses once you get outside of the US online casino restrictions. Here is a summary of 3 of the most popular.

#1 – MicroGaming: No other software house has more slots in their portfolio – with more than 450 at the last count (though to be fair, many of these are very old!). Famous titles include Mega Moolah (complete with multi-million jackpot) and ThunderStruck 2. MicroGaming were the first online casino games producer, and are still up there with the best. Check out my MicroGaming Slot Software Overview article for more.

#2 – PlayTech: Another giant in the world of online casino software. Their best known slots are the Marvel range, which include the Hulk, Ironman and more. These have a linked jackpot which reaches more than half a million dollars. PlayTech have over 300 titles, many of which have cutting edge game-play and big brand tie-ins. Check out my PlayTech Slot Software Overview for more.

#3 IGT: This software house are best known for their live casino slots. The move to browser based games allowed them to put their portfolio online. This includes million dollar+ jackpots, and a lot of movie / TV tie-ins too. These slots are distinctive in that they were made for live casinos first, then brought online. Many players feel this gives an edge over the online-only rivals. Find out more in my IGT Slot Software overview.

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