BetSoft Slots Guide

Complete Guide to BetSoft Slots Online

BetSoft launched as recently as 2005 and in the decade since they began, they have made quite an impact already. The company strives to produce an engaging, memorable experience at their slots, while developing the best 3D, true cinematic slots in the industry. They also aim for a high level of humor in their games too, introducing characters which bring the slots to life, these accompanied by the generous helping of bonus features which make each game stand out.

When playing at a BetSoft powered casino, you’ll find two ranges of games. Firstly there are the classic slots, with twenty one games in the range. These are a mix of 3 and 5 reel games, which encompass the more standard slots produced by the company, although the use of the word ‘standard’ does perhaps do BetSoft a disservice here. Then you have the 3D slots range. There are 55 in total and each of these games take slots to a whole new level. These are not 3D slots in the sense that you’ll wear 3D glasses and the slots jump at you, but in terms of slot gaming they offer a great amount of depth and it’s difficult not to be impressed.

BetSoft Jackpot Slots

 BetSoft have a slightly different approach to their progressive Jackpot slots to other developers. You’ll find these Jackpot games will offer several coin denominations when playing, which is not unusual, but what is different is that each of the coin denominations will have its own Jackpot pool. Each of these Jackpot pool is also confined to individual casinos. Overall, this means that the Jackpot win amounts are not generally in the six or even seven figure range you might find at some other slots, but at the larger online casino sites like Bovada you might find some eye catching sums available. Greedy Goblins is perhaps the highest paying game, with 5 of the top 8 prizes offered by BetSoft available at this game at time of writing.

BetSoft Themed Slots

A number of slots developers hook up with TV or film companies and offer a range of games based on the series or particular franchises. BetSoft take a different approach, producing a range of very original games. However, you will find games inspired by films and TV series, such as Weekend in Vegas (The Hangover), Under the Bed (Monsters Inc) and Barbary Coast (Pirates of the Caribbean). Original games based upon the stories of Pinocchio and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde can also be found in the 3D slots range.

BetSoft 3D Slot Formats

The BetSoft 3D range generally has a fixed format of 5 reels with between 20 and 30 pay lines. You’ll usually have the opportunity of changing the number of win lines, while you’ll also have a wide variety of coin values open to you. The games mostly have at least one feature, with either a second screen game or free spins added, but in many cases you’ll find much more than just the single feature. A number of games are accompanied by the central character standing next to the reels, giving the slots a particularly effective look, while also adding much humor.

Recommended BetSoft Slots

Greedy Goblins

When you enter Greedy Goblins you are met by a bushy eyed green goblin. He’s not the most handsome chap you’ll ever encounter and this is not helped by him wearing just a pair of shorts, whilst he regularly scratches his backside. This slot is full of features including the ‘book bonus’ where you’ll guide the goblins around the screen stealing prizes from the elves and a free spins round with added multipliers. A particular standout feature is the ‘coin drop’ where goblins will come along and grab coins from the reels, these being replaced by the symbols from above, potentially giving added wins on top of the prizes for each gold coin. Don’t forget the progressive Jackpot too, which will certainly put a smile on your face – a nicer smile than the goblin might give you!

True Sheriff

As you might imagine, this is a slot that transports you back to the days of the Wild West. The sheriff is the central character and stands to the right of the reels throughout, either smoking, spinning his gun, spitting tobacco or pulling his hat down and having a snooze. Features include the gun symbol appearing on the middle reel which sees the sheriff shoot a number of symbols wild and the more usual free spins round. The highlight of the slot is the ‘Showdown’ feature where you’ll shoot it out with the villain, the toss of a coin deciding the outcome. Get it right and you’ll progress through each of the six levels.

Mr. Vegas

This slot begins with a Limousine pulling up outside of a casino and Mr. Vegas appearing from inside the car with a girl on each arm. Mr. Vegas is one of the cheesiest characters you’ll ever find at a slot, complete with gleaming teeth, giving the slot a high dose of humor. Graphically, the slot is excellent throughout, the reels featuring a good mix of characters and casino games. This is a feature rich slot where you’ll find mini slots, a money wheel jackpot round where you can win free spins, cash prizes or even the progressive Jackpot and the roulette bonus round where you’ll play the famed game with Mr. Vegas himself.

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