November 2013

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10 Things For Your Online Poker Bucket List

If you are not familiar with the term, a ‘Bucket List’ is a bunch of things you would like to do before you kick the bucket (die).

LOL Donkaments: The Art of Folding

Fold. Pass. Muck. Three little words that mean you have given up on your hand and have tossed it back to the dealer, either real or virtual.

3 Tricky Poker Concepts Which Are Actually Quite Simple!

Remembering back to when I first discovered the depth of strategy involved in poker – and things seemed quite complex.

Thanks Vladimir!

Some news came via Planet Greg yesterday that was a perfect example of ‘Bitter-Sweet’.

2 Cool December Promos For Sit n Go Fans

December is looking good for Sit N Go fans. Golden SNGs are back at PokerStars as part of their huge December Festival.

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