July 2013

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My Collapsed Lung

A change from the usual gambling content today, instead I’ll share my story of the last 11 days.

Dates For Your Tournament Diary

Happy to report that I am now back at Planet HQ and back to writing again. One of my first tasks is to catch up with the goings on at the different poker sites.

Mini Planet Corp + Health Update

A short monthly business update this time, since a combo of medical leave and travel means that things are uncannily similar to where they were last month.

Thoughts And Insights From The MicroMillions

On Friday evening a rare conjunction occurred… I was feeling like a session of poker, my health was cooperating and the better half did not have any plans to get me out of my study for social...

Super Power Poker Tournaments

Poker can be repetitive after a while, and – let’s be honest – the innovations in the games have been few and far between over the years.Sure, poker has sped up, hyper-turbos and Rush / Zoom...

Quick Announcement – SNG Planet Spanish!

Some news, we just went live with the Spanish Version of SNG Planet! This is the end of several weeks of hard work for...

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