May 2011

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Quick General Update From The World Of Poker

Wanted to update readers on some significant happenings in the world of poker, without becoming just another one of the 1000’s of ‘clones’ re-writing each others poker news! So, I’ll summarize in...

Pokerstars New SNG Levels – Farewell $16’s!

As anticipated, the new Pokerstars SNG setups have been implemented. This post will cover the main changes. First though, there does seem to be some upset among grinders out there in poker-forum...

Pokerstars SNG Changes Part 2

Continuing from yesterday, here I’ll list changes to heads-up, multi-table and 180s at Pokerstars… I’ll also address the storm in a teacup a just a little more.

Pokerstars SNG Updates, Some Amendments + Some Alternatives

It seems like Pokerstars are listening, and making some adjustments to their recent SNG structure / buy-in changes related to feedback from players. I’ll cover this + a (quick) look at some of the...

One More Post On The Pokerstars SNG Changes

Time for one more (and I really really hope the last!) post on SNG Changes at Pokerstars. Many of the changes introduced in early May have been revised, with the structures returning to close to...

Miscellaneous Monday

In a blogging mood this morning, so May will draw to a close with some bits and pieces about projects and poker news.

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