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Sit N Go Tournaments at BetSafe Poker – A Complete Guide

Quick Summary: One of the key benefits of playing SNGs at BetSafe Poker is that you’ll come across a large amount of recreational players at the tables. Sportsbook and casino users will regularly migrate to the poker tables with their winnings, meaning players with even a basic knowledge of sit and go strategy could literally clean up.

You’ll find double the choice at BetSafe as you can choose to play at either the BetSafe Black poker site on the MicroGaming network, or the BetSafe Red site on the OnGame network. The range of games include turbo, super turbo, double or nothing, 5 or 6 handed games, heads up games or even the all-in every hand variety for some explosive action. To set you on your way you’ll also find a range of welcome bonuses, choosing the one that suits you!

In this guide to BetSafe Sit N Go tournaments below, I’ll delve into each of the two sites at BetSafe independently, before detailing which of the two might be better for your Sit N Go play. I’ll finish as usual with my ‘5 reasons’ to play at BetSafe, as well as a summary of my findings.


BetSafe Black Sit N Goes

By far the vast majority of games at this site are of the single table variety, in fact the only multi table games I found were the 12 player tiny stakes flip games, these all-in every hand games designed for players with a very small bankroll. The single table no limit hold’em games are a mixture of nine player tournaments, 6 seat tournaments and heads up games. Within these you’ll find a nice range of game types including double up games alongside the more traditional ones, the standard games moving up in blinds every 10 minutes, the turbos every 5 minutes, while you’ll just have to wait a couple of minutes for the super turbos to move up. These games, especially at the smaller stakes, fill up quickly. The max buy-ins for the 6 and 9 seater games are $100, while you can play heads up for up to $1,000. You’ll also find a nice range of other games available including variations of Omaha, Razz and Stud poker.

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BetSafe Red Sit N Goes

Of the two sites, you’ll find a greater variety of games, but they are slightly more pointed to the player who wants a quick fix, with a number of coin flip games, where you’ll go all-in every hand, or Mad Tilt games where you start with 60 chips and the blinds are 10/20. The no limit hold’em turbos and the standard games offer a more usual sit and go experience, with full tables of 10 players and shorthanded games with 5 (the double or nothing games have 6 players). You will also find a handful of multi-table sit n goes, as well as Omaha, 5 Card Draw and 7 Card Stud variations. The traffic at this site is slower, so you may have to wait for a table to fill, perhaps a very long while when playing a multi table sit and go.

BetSafe – Black or Red?

If your aim, like me, is to make money when playing poker (who doesn’t want to make money?!), I’d have no hesitation in recommending Poker Black as your site of choice. Being part of the larger MicroGaming network, the games will fill up quicker and there is less emphasis on the ‘speed’ games at this site, where the skill edge can be lower. With such a prominence given to the ‘all-in’ every hand games at the Red site, you might find the recreational players migrating to these games, where the half decent player will have no edge at all! The software at the Black site is also easier on the eye and a little smoother making it a clear choice.

BetSafe Poker Games

BetSafe Poker Sit And Goes – Planet Mark’s Summary and 5 Reasons to Play

Betsafe is an ideal location for your sit and goes. Recreational players who are happy to pull the trigger far too often will help you improve that bankroll, while decent bonuses and good software certainly help too – what’s stopping you?

5 Great Reasons to Play SNGs at BetSafe Poker

#1 Recreational Players – Nothing beats sitting at a table next to that person who has just had a big win at the casino or the sportsbook. These ‘players’ might be in the money – but most of them sure as hell can’t play poker!

#2 Sign Up Bonuses – There are no one size fits all bonuses at BetSafe poker. You’ll choose from five different levels of bonuses ranging from €25 through to €1,000, these paid out in handy chunks.

#3 Variety – You want to sit at a 10 seat table? How about 9? Does 5 or 6 seats suit? How about a heads up game? You want to play Standard games, turbo or even super-turbo? You want it, they got it!

#4 Software – Play at BetSafe Black and you’ll find a smooth, fast, user friendly game. You’ll also find a number of different tables to play at – the fun table putting a smile on your face, while the classic option is for when you get serious!

#5 Trust – BetSafe are one of the most trusted sites in the industry being backed by the Scandinavian gambling giants Betsson, who have a distinguished history that stretches back over 50 years.

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