Texas Tea Slots Review

Texas Tea is a Classic Video Slot Based on Black Gold

Texas Tea Slots ReviewTexas Tea is a fun live casino slot based around the oil industry in Texas. The game features two leading characters. First, a classic oil baron - Texas Ted - and his armadillo friend. If you win big, there’s every chance you get to see them dancing together. This slot revolves around the two bonus features. One involves prospecting for oil and the other sees Ted hand over a check for the oil. Land either feature and you might just strike (black) gold!

How Texas Tea Slots Work?

Like many of today’s video slots the classic Texas Tea features five reels. A map of Texas featuring the name of the state is the highest paying symbol. It is worth a giant 10,000 coins when you line up 5 in a row. This pay is 20x any other symbol in the base game, so you know from the start how important this symbol is.

The armadillo is next on the pay table and is joined by a plane, a bull and Texas Ted driving in his convertible car. A series of plants and flowers complete the low end of the pay table, including the Yellow Rose of Texas.

Slightly unusually, there is no wild symbol in Texas Tea, with the focus being on the two bonus features.

Texas Ted Cuts You a Check

The first of the features is all about Texas Ted himself. To trigger the feature, you need to land three or more of the second Ted symbol. This symbol features a closeup of his face, as he puffs on a cigar and wears his yellow ten-gallon hat.

Having activated the feature, you find yourself heading to a second screen after oil fills the screen as part of the transformation. A full screen image now shows Texas Ted lounging with his feet on the desk. Behind him is a full-size painting of himself, so he can’t be avoided. The armadillo sits in a cushion on a plinth behind, looking as content as Ted himself.

At this point the Texan decides to get his check book out and become generous. He writes out a check for a randomized number of credits. The bigger the amount on the check, the luckier you are. Both Ted’s and the armadillo’s image are on the check, and it is signed by Theodore R. Texas (possibly in a nod to the famous soap opera Dallas’s J. R. Ewing).

Texas Tea Slots

Texas Tea Slots: Oil Field Feature

The second main feature of the game is activated when you land three or more oil derricks anywhere on the reels. Once again, a second screen game appears. This time around you are met with a large map of Texas, which is divided into nine regions.

At the top of the screen are the oil derricks that activated the feature. Texas Ted now instructs you to place each into a different region, with each featuring an image appropriate to the area. For example, in the regions you find the Alamo, a whirlwind and cowboy boots.

Having place each of your derricks you now hope you strike oil. Now the derricks start their work one a time. Oil starts spurting from the derrick and all the while the oil keeps coming a counter ticks up quickly. The longer the oil keeps coming, the more money you make. After each of the derricks has eventually dried up, you’ll be awarded the total prize fund you have accumulated.

Oil Slick State – Texas Tea Design

IGT have come up with a fun game in Texas Tea. Each of the symbols has been designed in a cartoon style giving the game a humorous air. Ted and the armadillo especially lead the way in bringing a smile to your face. Enter either of the features and two leading characters bring the game further to life, with excellent animations. The soundtrack features a soap opera style theme tune every time the real spins in another nod to the famous Texas-based TV show.

Will Texas Tea have you Rushing to the Casino?

Texas Tea isn’t the greatest slot great graphically and the features aren’t as wide ranging or as complicated as some other games. However, the game brings it all together nicely to create an entertaining slot. With the two main characters running the show, there’s always a laugh to be had. There are also big wins to be had. Either of the features can see a whole load of cash bursting your way, as will lining up those five title symbols in a row. Prospecting has never been so good.


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