Top Dollar Slots Review

Classic Live Casino Gaming Action with IGT Top Dollar Slots

Top Dollar Slot Review LogoTop Dollar slots are an enduring classic. These three-reel games are popular decades after the first ones appeared. Who can resist that decision of whether to take the offer of a big win, or ‘try again’ for a bigger score?

The classic Top Dollar has now been joined by a ‘Double Top Dollar’ (win multipliers) and five-reel versions. These games have mechanical reels and single win-line. They are classic games alongside titles including Pinball and the original Wheel of Fortune.

You can’t yet play Top Dollar online – though there are recreations of classic slots with wheel spin and picks bonuses (as well as giant jackpots). For me, have the best selection and some epic bonuses – an unmissable combination – see for the latest promos now!

Top Dollar Slots Review

Basics: How Top Dollar Slots Work

For the base-game these IGT slots are classic all the way. They have three reels and a single win-line. You bet three credits. 25c denomination is the smallest (75c per spin), with $1, $2, and up widely available. There are higher denomination Top Dollar slots in high-limit rooms.

Within the format there are a variety of small variations. I will focus on the popular Triple Diamond version here. The Top Dollar bonus feature is identical for each variation in the symbols.

Triple Diamond Wilds on Top Dollar Slots

On the Triple Diamond version of Top Dollar, the diamond symbol acts as the wild. When playing for the maximum three credits you pick up a 4,000-coin win when lining up three wilds. A single wild on the win-line on any winning spin will triple the usual prize. Line up two wilds on the win line and your win will be multiplied by nine. Any non-winning spins with one or two wilds will also ensure you are paid.

Alongside the triple diamond you find classic slot symbols on the reels. The red sevens are the highest paying, worth 100 coins for three in a row. Lower down the pay table are the triple, double and single bars. In addition, three mixed bars on a win line will also pay you a 5-coin win.

Reels View Top Dollar IGT

The Top Dollar Bonus Game

To enter the bonus feature you simply need to land the top dollar symbol on the win-line on reel 3.

This is where the game is at its most exciting – and the reason for its enduring popularity.

Action now moves to the stop section of the cabinet. The money amounts light up. Each pile of dollars is worth a different amount. 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 credits are available, as well as a 1,000-credit top prize. You get four shots at combining lit up win amounts for a big win.

Each round is called an ‘offer’.

You get to choose whether to take your offer, or to try again. If you keep trying again, you get whatever amount appears the fourth time. Each time the lights stop, you choose to push ‘take offer’ or ‘try again’. When you hit ‘take offer’ the game says ‘you’re a winner’ in classic game-show style. The electronic display tells you the best strategy. Note that this is only tells you whether you will win more over the long run. It could say ‘best strategy = try again’ and you still win a smaller amount.

Some people have a set number of credits they like to take. For example, you could choose to always take 45 credits and up, and always try again below this. Your number will depend on how much of a gamble you want to take!

IGT Top Dollar Slots

Double Top Dollar Slots

If you’re playing the Double Top Dollar game, there is a bonus feature which works the same way. However, multipliers come into the mix to add further to the excitement levels.

These multipliers are found on the upper screen with the piles of cash. Occasionally, the 2x multiplier will light up and double your offer. If you get both multipliers, the offer is doubled once again. With even further strategy added to the game, those offers will certainly have you thinking.

Classic Cash: Design of Top Dollar Slots

The Top Dollar games have been around for a while, although they have been given a revamp in recent years. This brings them into line with more modern casino games. In many ways, the simple 3-reel format is something of a throwback to earlier machines.

The white reels and the classic symbols only add to the traditional feel of the game, as do the beeps and buzzes as the reels spin. However, some of the newer machines have animation with a gameshow host coming on to the screen to talk you through those offers.

Does Top Dollar Live up to its Name?

Top Dollar is an engaging game with a clear lasting appeal. The game can be played at a series of denominations which $1 ($3 per spin) the most common.

Wins in the base game can make for serious prizes, especially on those triple diamond wilds. However, it’s the bonus feature that makes this game a classic. Hit that Top Dollar symbol on reel three and you get four offers of cash prizes. Now the game is in your hands. Do you take the offer, or do you wait for a better one? The choice is yours.

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Top Dollar Slots Review

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