Monopoly Slots - The Ultimate Guide

Monopoly Slots GuideI was happily surprised at just how many good monopoly slots are available online.

They have come a long way since those early mechanical-reel games. You’ll find MegaWays reels, progressive jackpots, interactive (and entertaining) board-game bonus rounds and even variations that take the idea of slots and go in completely new directions.

I have gone through the Monopoly-themed slot games one by one, with a summary and picture of each. At the end you’ll find my personal picks.

Here is what you’ll find:

  • Summary of the nine best Monopoly slots available online
  • How to get the best from Monopoly slots (bonuses and strategy)
  • Where to play Monopoly slots (and 3,050+ other games).


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Nine Fantastic Monopoly Slots: Summaries and Screenshots

Monopoly MegaWays Slots (BGT)

The infamous board is involved in the base game for Monopoly MegaWays.

Instead of waiting for a bonus or feature, the board sits underneath the reels. Hit a win and Uncle Moneybags moves along. Cascading reels (called ‘reactions’ in this slot), mean sequences of wins occur. Hit a property on the 3rd win in a row, and houses get added – you get free spins when you hit after the 5th house.

Add Chance and Community chests, a spin on ‘Max MegaWays’ when you hit the ‘Go’ (that’s 117,649 winning combinations) and extras for the utilities, and you’ll find this game is high-action and entertaining.

My one drawback is the same complexity that keeps it entertaining. With so much going on, Monopoly MegaWays can feel too hectic at times.

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Monopoly MegaWays Slots

Monopoly Utility Trails Slots

With a huge 8x7 reel grid, Utility Trails plays more like a mobile phone gems app than a regular slot.

You’ll find a lot of features hidden within the straightforward cluster-matching base game. Wins are triggered by hitting groups of five or more symbols within the grid. They explode, with a cascading wins system giving you up to ten wins. Wilds have special behaviour, with track wilds linking them, and carriage wilds if you get them in a square.

Things get exciting when you hit the Tap or Bulb bonuses. Collect 15 taps, and you get 10 free spins, where non-winning symbols explode. This allows you to collect big groups of winning ones. Light bulbs get the electric company bonus, which has properties, houses and hotels and community chest cards.

I like this game a lot – my one drawback is that it takes a while to collect enough taps or bulbs to trigger the bonus features.

Utility Trails Monopoly Slot Screenshot

Monopoly Lunar New Year Online Slots

This title brings an Asian flavour to the Monopoly slots line up.

You bet in multiples of 88 cents and will find classics like red envelopes – which appear randomly and award cash prizes. Lunar New year has pots filled with gold coins above the reels. Each spin sees them move to the left, and when you hit a crescent moon symbol on a reel with a pot – you win that prize.

Progressive jackpots are available via a picks game. This is triggered by lining up a moon with the jackpot pot. You choose properties, with a chance of upgrading the jackpots before they are won. This will double each. Add free spins, and regular small awards.

I’m a big fan of Asian slots, though my one drawback for this was that the match-up with Monopoly does feel a little forced at times.

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Monopoly Lunar New Year Slots Online

Monopoly Big Event Online Slot Game

This title comes from Barcrest, part of the Scientific Games group.

It is a simple setup, with a 5x3 reel set and 20 win-lines. Other than wilds and the ‘big bet’ option, the base game is solid though unremarkable.

Things get interesting with the bonus feature, which has a complex card picking game where you determine which variation you get. Triggering this bonus with four or five bonus symbols, instead of the minimum three gets you a ‘sneak peek’ of the cards. You can see where the hotels are hidden to maximise your wins.

After shuffling between Chance and Community Chest card picks, you’ll end up with cash, locking wild free spins or dancing (moving) wild free spins.

Despite the faff with picking multiple cards, Big Event is still an enjoyable Monopoly slot. My drawback for this one is that there is no board-game feature.

Monopoly Mega Movers

Unusual ‘ghost symbols’ make Mega Movers stand out from the other Monopoly slots.

They appear when you spin, and lining up 3, 4 or 5 on a row will trigger one of three wheels that sit above the reels. If you don’t get them lined up, the regular symbols showing game pieces appear. Wheels have three levels, with bigger prizes on each. They show wilds (which are added to the reels), free spins and jackpots (shown by coloured house symbols). You can upgrade via the wheels to the next level up too.

Wilds are interesting in Monopoly Mega Movers. They appear on the middle three reels only and have one or more arrows on them. This shows the direction that they expand. If you hit multiple wilds, either via the wheel or just by hitting them during a spin, you can easily trigger wins over multiple win lines.

While not as slick and smooth as the other games covered here, this is an enjoyable game with some unique gameplay.

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Epic Monopoly II Slots

The colossal reels system is used for Epic Monopoly II.

This sees one regular set of reels, then another larger set to the right of them with eight rows of symbols. You spin both, with wilds that cover entire reels on the smaller left-hand set moving over to the right. This is a popular setup, my favourite slot using it is ‘Lil Red,’ based on the story of Red Riding Hood.

There is a bonus wheel for three or more logo symbols. This awards a board bonus, cash prizes or free spins. You can get a multiplier for all feature wins too.

Board bonuses are narrated, you click to roll and then pick cards for properties. Extra rolls are awarded via community chest and station picks games. Some cards say, ‘win all,’ or give you a multiplier. Earn 200x your line bet by passing go. Free spins are not as involved as the board bonus, though wilds expand to cover entire reels – which can result in ‘epic’ wins.


Monopoly Grand Hotel

WMS gave Grand Hotel a polished look – and two different ways of triggering a bonus.

When I first played, the houses and hotels with cash amounts on them looked like they were for a hold and spin bonus. Instead, get six or more on a spin to trigger free spins with an excellent free parking bonus. The total cash awards are your free parking prize. Each time the free parking symbols appear during your free spins; you are awarded that prize.

The alternative way to get free spins is via three ‘Go’ symbols. This triggers a wheel game. You can win jackpots, cash awards or free spins.

I enjoyed this game, though other than card picks, there is no board-based bonus this time.

Monopoly 250k Slots

While the headline for this Monopoly slot is that you can win $250,000 on any spin, it is a lot more complex than it seems.

For my first few spins, the only interesting feature was the mystery symbols. They show question marks and reveal identical symbols when they appear. Get groups and lines of symbols on a 5x5 grid to trigger prizes.

A wheel bonus brings Monopoly 250k to life. You can win free spins with trains that add multipliers and cash awards, a free parking picks bonus which can unlock the jackpots or a bulb / utilities bonus where you get cash prizes for hitting a switch button on the bottom right.

Add the narration and classic design, and this is an enjoyable game with or without the Monopoly theme.

250k monopoly slot

Monopoly Mega Match

I was unsure of this Monopoly slot. A lot of dead spins, and a lot of underwhelming bonus features.

Of course, it is probably variance (I’ll certainly go back and try again).

All the wins in the base game come from scatters. You need six or more matches anywhere in view to trigger a win, with cascading wins making sequences possible. Under the reels is a Monopoly board, which spins sideways. Properties have a 2x+ multiplier, while chance / community chest squares trigger a small picks game.

Bonus symbols show ‘Go,’ and you need four or more to trigger a wheel. This awards jackpots or free spins. For the free spins, each cascade gives you a growing multiplier, which combines with the board under the reels. 10x wins is the max.

This game has potential, though I need to play more to give it a personal thumbs up!

Mega Match Monopoly


Strategy and Bonuses: Getting the Best from Monopoly Slots

I already know that Sit and Go Planet readers are smart enough to only gamble with money that they can afford to lose.

That said, what are some strategy ideas to make playing Monopoly slots more exciting?

Here are some ideas:

  • Make sure you are clearing a bonus or collecting loyalty rewards every time you spin. This might involve switching accounts between a few casinos – and waiting for promos or ‘come back soon’ email offers to appear.
  • Try different betting strategies. This won’t change the maths, but it will make sessions more varied. For example, if you normally bet $1, then try flipping between 50c and $2 instead (and hope to get the bonus on the higher amount!).
  • Monopoly slots with progressive jackpots can add that little bit of excitement, especially games which can pay the big one at any bet amount.
  • Experience MegaWays. For anyone that has not tried the random reel sizes of the MegaWays slots, then the Monopoly version of this is an amazing place to start.

You can’t beat maths over the long run – though you can easily make online slot sessions more fun!


My Pick: Which Monopoly Slots do I Personally Recommend?

My real favourite Monopoly slot is not (yet) online. This is Monopoly Cheaters Edition, and so far I have only played at casinos in Las Vegas.

Of the online ones, I like Monopoly MegaWays the best.

The board under the reels keeps the game on-theme for every spin, though it is the community chest ‘max megaways’ spins that tip the balance for me.

When you get this card, you know you’ll get 117,649 possible winning combinations on the next spin. No guarantees of a win of course, but if you do get lucky – this is the spin to do it on.


Wrapping Up: Unibet Casino is my Slots Go-to

I love Unibet for the game-selection (and 15+ years as a big, trusted brand). They have 3,050 games, including a long list of exclusives from major producers.

Search for ‘Monopoly Slots’ in their casino, and you get the best and newest games listed – plus some live dealer studio options I have not covered here.

The bonuses are easy to clear, and the promos change weekly.

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