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Yggdrasil Dark Joker Rizes Slot ReviewBrilliant Mobile Slot Game-Play in a Dark, Brooding Setting

The Dark Joker Rizes is one of the earlier slots from Yggdrasil Gaming. It is quirky, fun and dark (in a comedy kind of way!). What I like about it is that you can spend just as much time in the feature than the base game. This is called ‘Jokerizer Mode’.

Here is a list of the key reasons to join the Joker:

  • Both Direction Wins: You’ll be paid from right to left, as well as left to right
  • Jokerizer Mode: After you win, you enter a special mode, with bigger mystery wins
  • Mystery Wins: These pay up to 6000 coins, and happen when you get Joker symbols in play
  • Random Respins: After a mystery win, you’ll sometimes respin – with the Jokers held in place

Mystery Wins with the Joker Symbols

Jokers are the star of this slot. This evil chap will laugh in a high-pitched tone when it hits the reels. The remaining reels then get surrounded by sinister green glowing smoke while you wait and see if you get any more.

If you get 3 jokers, you’ll receive a mystery prize. A gravestone appears in front of the reels, with the joker at the bottom and flames around it. The prize then appears on this. The amount you can win depends on how many jokers are on the reels. If you get all 5, then you’ll get 6000 coins (600x your total bet).

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Random Respins with Held Jokers

After each mystery win, you have a shot at a special respin. When this happens you’ll see a message, and then the reels containing joker symbols lock into place. This will give you a shot at adding more joker symbols to those that you have already collected.

You will get another mystery win whether more are added or not – though of course, you’ll be hoping for more jokers as this can trigger a bigger prize.

Jokerizer Mode Reels

Jokerizer Mode After Wins

After any win, you’ll go into ‘Jokerizer Mode’ by default. If you are using the free spins, this happens automatically – if not then the spin button becomes a joker. You can click the ‘collect’ button instead, and bank those wins. If you are using auto-spin, simply stop this – and you’ll then be able to hit the collect button.

There is a benefit of spinning your coins in Jokerizer mode. Here you only need 2 of the joker symbols to trigger a mystery win. Even better, that win for just 2 jokers can go all the way to the maximum 6000 coins.

If you prefer to gamble, you can pick the 10x option. Here you can spin 10x your usual bet – and will get one joker added to the reels. This does increase your shot at those mystery wins, though at the cost of 10 regular spins.

Jokerizer mode will end if you get a mystery win of more than 500 coins. Otherwise it ends when the line hit money which enabled it runs to zero.

Respins can happen in Jokerizer mode.

Win from Both Directions

This slot has 10 win-lines, a smaller number than usual over a 5-reel game. When you check the setup info, you’ll only see 5 lines. These are the 3 diagonals, plus two lines starting in the corners. This is doubled by the fact that you win from either direction. If you miss lining up symbols from the left, then you can also win from the right. Note that if you get a 5 of a kind win, it only pays once!

There is a max bet and auto-play option – plus a wide range of coin sizes to suit all bankrolls.

Mystery Win Dark Joker Rizes

Twisted Winning Symbols

I like the way that traditional slot symbols have been given a dark edge for the Dark Joker Rizes. These include lemons which are stitched together, Frankenstein style, and cherries with eerie faces on them.

Higher paying symbols include flaming stars in circles (300 coins for 5), 7’s containing blue smoke (200 coins) and flaming gold bells (100 coins).

Symbols come stacked on the reels. This makes it possible to cover the entire 5x3 grid in the same symbol, triggering all the lines at once.

Spooky Yet Amusing Design

The Dark Joker Rizes is more comedy horror than truly sinister! There is classical music, featuring brooding tunes with plinking overtones which certainly helps add to the overall atmosphere.

Around the reels is dungeon style stonework. There are pillars on the sides, which have grinning skulls on top. Their eyes will light up with an eerie glow while you spin. Reels have opacity, which works very well.  When you win, symbols are connected by glowing boxes.

I love the evil laugh when the Dark Joker appears on the reels. He tries his best to be evil, though ends up sounding a little daft.

Gravestone animations for the mystery wins are effective. This will rise from the bottom of your screen, completely covering the reels. It will also explode when you hit a big win, sending chunks of stone flying in all directions.

Will the Dark Joker Slot Leave You Laughing?

As a taste of things to come from Yggdrasil gaming, The Dark Joker Rizes really sets the scene. In terms of design it is brilliant, and the symbols are clear enough to work well on mobile devices.

You will spend a lot of time in the Jokerizer Mode. This adds to the intensity and gives you opportunities for those bigger mystery wins with just 2 of the joker symbols. Respins with held jokers add to the excitement, though were not that frequent.

Check this slot out soon – it is a great example of the innovative games that Yggdrasil are bringing to the table.

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